Lighten up your day with Perfect 9Gag

Perfect 9Gag is a third party client app for the popular social media website 9Gag. The app delivers a ton of funny Memes, GIFs and videos from 9Gag contributors to your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device.

The app itself is from the Perfect Thumb developers group and represents the clean looking, easy to use design their apps are known for. Along with being able to view content from 9Gag, you can also log into your 9Gag account where you can comment on posts, upload new content and manage your profile.

If 9Gag is your cup of tea or just in the mood to find some funny Memes, Perfect 9Gag is a free Windows 10 app worth trying.

Perfect 9Gag

The layout for Perfect 9Gag is simply laid out with Hot, Trending and Fresh categories of content available from the home screen. Side swiping at the screen transitions between each category and the listings can be scanned by swiping up or down at the screen.

A menu button rests in the upper left corner of the home page that provides you access to the various groupings or genres of content that includes Movies & TV, GIF, Anime & Manga, Food and more. Each grouping will be displayed with Hot and Fresh categories.

The menu button also gives you access to the app's settings, a keyword search field, 9Gag account login, and access to The settings for Perfect 9Gag are limited to choosing a color theme.

Pulling up an individual 9Gag post reveals any comments made by other members, up or down vote controls, and the option to leave your own comment. There is a menu button next to the image/GIF/video that leads to sharing tools, link copying, and full content copying. You can also download content directly from the main feed of Perfect 9Gag.

Perfect 9Gag

One nice feature with Perfect 9Gag is when you begin viewing a video or GIF and move to another area of the app, a thumbnail of that video is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. The playback continues to roll while minimized and if you don't have the need to revisit the playback, you have the option to close out the thumbnail.

9Gag is an interesting social media website that is full of humorous content. Think of it as a more visual version of Twitter. While the website is something new for me, Perfect 9Gag does a very nice job of delivering the website's content to Windows 10. It is really hard to find any issues with Perfect 9Gag, other than a few Memes that weren't that funny but we cannot hold that against Perfect Thumb.

Download Perfect 9Gag from the Windows Store

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