Perfectly divided: Half of Windows Central readers like the name Windows 11, half don't

Windows 11 Tease
Windows 11 Tease (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The future of Windows will be unveiled in the next few weeks.
  • We ran a poll gauging people's interest in a potential Windows 11 namedrop.
  • It was a clean 50-50 split between those for and against it.

The next generation of Windows will be revealed to the public on June 24, whether people like it or not. With the winds of change in the air, it seemed like a good time to ask how people feel about the potential debut of the "Windows 11" name, so we ran a poll on Saturday, June 5. As of right now, the poll's results show that half of Windows Central readers don't like the idea of the Windows 11 name.

Based on the results present during the writing of this poll analysis, 49.91% (1,092 votes) of readers gave the Windows 11 name a hearty endorsement. In comparison, 50.09% (1,096 votes) declared they were not excited by the prospect of the theorized name becoming a reality on June 24. However, those results are changing every few seconds, so even a handful of new votes could tip the scales. The poll's still open if you want to make your voice heard.

Lots of readers have elaborated on their Windows 11-related thoughts in the poll's comments section. Some are excited by the idea of Windows 11 providing a clean break from the wild ride that is (was?) Windows 10, others don't dig it, and one cheeky commenter has even nominated Windows 9 as the true name possibility to be excited over.

Many commenters have pointed out the obvious: At the end of the day, a name's just a name; what matters is what the next generation of Windows actually does. There are also those championing the ultimate solution to name problems: Drop the numbers and keep it to "Windows." That idea sprung up in one of our previous polls as well, with the minimalist approach winning the day.

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  • This site is writing a crazy amount of articles specifically related to the naming of Windows.
  • I mean there's a good reason as to why.
  • Is there, really
  • Getting indexed into Google first more than likely. Keywords and all the rest of it. Every website has to please the Google SEO lords.
  • It's amazing how much focus they are putting on it; its wishful thinking for unexplainable reasons, even though there is no chance the name will actually change.
  • I hear you. I didn't know it mattered that much. I guess that just shows how much news is on the non-gaming side the company.
  • Thats why Microsoft is changing the name. The benefits translates to the entire chain... Manufacturing>OEM>Reseller>Distribution>Marketing>Media>Social Media>……..Wallets 🤑
  • Windows 10-X for consumers would be a great name. Lets face it no normal consumer will have ever heard of 10X and what has been going on for the last year or so. Microsoft could easily get away with it.
  • I can see why this may be considered. When features are added to Windows there are postivies to a clear distinction versions. I.e. version x has features x, y, z. As long as Windows 11 is not paid upgrade and will be like Android 10 to 11 or Mojave to Catalina for MacOS The average person doesn't really care about Windows 10 20H1 but Windows 11 might get some headlines and interest. I mean look at the MacOS announcement today for Monterey. Clear feature additions and device support
  • Personally, I couldn't care less what they name it. Through having 11 at the end will make it easier to search for fixes down the track when you get errors... I just hope they dedicate more resources to a fully optimised gaming mode that drops most background processes.
  • Windows 10 is the last version of Windows. World, be prepared to meet Azure Desktop OS!
    It could happen.
  • Just like having "MacOS 11 Big Sur"
    We should have "Windows 11 Sun Valley" IT SOUNDS BEAUTIFUL XD
  • Just call it Windows and move on. This senseless hand-wringing over whether to add an "11" to a fricking OS is just stupid. It's really this simple: Do you use Windows, Mac or Linux? That's how people talk about it. That's all that really matters.
  • Either there aren't many readers on Windows Central or the subject is boring as less than 2200 participated