Phil Harrison reportedly planning to depart Microsoft

Microsoft's Phil Harrison is looking to leave the company, according to a report. The publication, citing multiple sources, reported that Harrison became frustrated with his position at Microsoft by not moving up the ladder once Don Mattrick departed. Microsoft has declined to comment on the report of Harrison's departure.

Harrison's role at Microsoft sees him head up Microsoft Studios Europe, managing UK-based developers such as Lionhead Studios and Soho Productions. notes that Harrison has offered the company an ultimatum, stating that he would depart should they fail to provide him with a better position.

News of the senior Microsoft executive leaving the company coincides "with the proposed merger of Lift London, which Harrison was instrumental in founding, with Microsoft's multimedia-focused Soho Productions." Several redundancies are understood to have taken place as part of that move. We'll update you all once we learn more.


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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