Phil Harrison reportedly planning to depart Microsoft

Microsoft's Phil Harrison is looking to leave the company, according to a report. The publication, citing multiple sources, reported that Harrison became frustrated with his position at Microsoft by not moving up the ladder once Don Mattrick departed. Microsoft has declined to comment on the report of Harrison's departure.

Harrison's role at Microsoft sees him head up Microsoft Studios Europe, managing UK-based developers such as Lionhead Studios and Soho Productions. notes that Harrison has offered the company an ultimatum, stating that he would depart should they fail to provide him with a better position.

News of the senior Microsoft executive leaving the company coincides "with the proposed merger of Lift London, which Harrison was instrumental in founding, with Microsoft's multimedia-focused Soho Productions." Several redundancies are understood to have taken place as part of that move. We'll update you all once we learn more.


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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  • I never felt better than I do with Spencer on the helm. This guy can go if he wants. He should appreciate his job more.
  • Just because no promotion???
  • He must be a important person for microsoft....that's why WC central is giving a news
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    There are serious politics in the workplace skill alone isn't a necessary criteria. Steve Jobs can't code as much as the other Steve guy but how many people know that? How many people even know there are/were 2-Steve's at Apple Inc.?
  • You mean Steve Wozniak? He's pretty famous.
  • Woz isn't famous amongst Apple's core user base
  • That's because the current user base is largely ignorant of any history not appearing in their Facebook or Instagram apps. (Also true of most users of other smartphones.)
  • Which is sad, If I'm using something (Mostly technology related) I like to know the story behind it, how they made it.
    The story of Apple and Microsoft is really interesting. How they became the huge companies that they are today, their relationship, their different views about the market.
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  • well its everyones life. some dont get promotion as soon as they wont. this is corporate life. everyone wants higher designation and or else more money.
  • I never heard of him, but I wish him luck if he left
  • I've been passed up for promotions in the past too. A couple jobs, including most recent, I left because of it. Sometimes it's not arrogance as not being on the same page with leadership. Sometimes the leadership is blind to issues or playing politics, as with my last job. Sometimes the employee is just not right for promotion and simply missed out to a better pick. Regardless of what the reason is, he's not likely going to Sony again. I'd guess he'll try Google or Apple, assuming they don't look at his past and draw conclusions that he's not right for the job.
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  • No logic. He wants a higher position so he threatens to quit, which would put him in a lower position. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • He have nothing to say to RARE or LION HEAD , lion head is making FREE fable and rare is rarely there , he must go
  • Incredible business insights there. Do tell us more.   That free Fable game is pretty massive. A huge milestone for Xbox anyway, seeing as it's going to be one of the first cross-buy and cross xbox-pc play games since shadowrun on the 360 many years ago. Rare are working on thier own projects too, but as always, they have been a very secretive company, but there has been hints that they are working on something huge (likley a well known Rare IP)
  • Wasn't impressed with his record at Xbox. Can you say that his divisions performed well under his tenure? No. Lionhead has dipped in quality since he took over. He was a fixture for many years at PlayStation but if I remember correctly he left because he pushed hard for @Home which was a flop.
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  • You don't get anywhere these days in a company like Microsoft through hard work and loyalty. Seems you have to be headhunted from somewhere else.
  • He just got the Job at MS a few years ago and wants to run it? I've seen him before and he seems to be what MS is trying to rid of out the company and that's being a suit. I respect Phil and Satya too much both have been with the company for over 20yrs. I know Satya is the CEO but Phil Spencer is perfect for the job. I'm sure this guy has done some stuff with Lionhead and Soho, but I don't think he would of turned Xbox's outlook around. I feel like if he was head, MS would of Sold it. MS has made a great choice for Phil!
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