In pictures: Halo 5 launch live in London

If anyone were ever to doubt the importance of Halo still to Microsoft today's launch activities should serve as a stiff reminder. After 67 million copies sold to date, Halo 5: Guardians is upon us and the Xbox team has certainly welcomed it in some style.

Ahead of the big event in New York City, over in London things got underway a few hours earlier at the city's iconic Roundhouse in Camden. We had Master Chief, Spartan Locke, competitive gaming and more during the event that was also streamed live on YouTube Gaming.

If you missed that or just can't get enough, we've got a selection of snaps from London in the galleries below!

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  • Here at the Halo launch in Cincinnati. No raffle,no freebies. You can sign up for a sweepstakes, and they do have food.
  • Nice to cover the London Launch, it was pretty good watching it on YouTube gaming, they gave away some nice things and the matches were intense to watch but very interesting!!!! Watching the USA one now, covering a lot more things and giving away codes, not that anyone can get them because Phil Spencer himself said they have found out a way to pull the code from the screen and enter it straight away, so even if I typed 100 words per second, there is no chance!!!! Still good to watch though!!!! Because I love me some Halo!!!! :p
  • Reporting in from Dothan, Alabama. Maybe 60 people are gonna be at Gamestop for launch. Still awesome though to see this many other fans.
  • Alabama actually has 60 people?
  • Reporting here live from my house in Connecticut. Just me and the two cats, no freebies or raffles but I've got chips with deans dip and pigs in a blanket and pop. Wait, what?
  • No chance you'll give away some of those pigs and/or blankets? The media announced today that hot dogs = cancer, so good luck with your tiny cancer in the future.
  • Eh what doesn't kill you nowadays.
  • IDK, but I'm sure it'll kill me in a week anyway.
  • Is no one caring that he confessed a crime? Clearly he's a cannibal He's eating his dean.
  • Greetings from South Korea. It's KST 11:29 a.m. here. I am watching the live event and sneaking around with my boss :P
  • Do you live in London Richard?? Haha xD
  • Nope. But the fact I'm in the UK has never been a secret ;-)
  • Those life-size models are epic!
  • The local launch events were pathetic. Except for those in London and NY. Destiny was tons better. Everyone got a goodie bag and they had a raffle. Tonight, they had snacks. That was it. They didn't even have the Surface Book out to play with. Management was embarrassed with the lack of bling.
  • The Launch Party in MS Store Houston was a Blast, no raffle though Lots of tasty food, drinks & awesome fans.
    The game is freaking fantastic so far! P.S. the Surface Book was freaking Jaw Dropping!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good to see them using YouTube Gaming over Twitch. Halo though is the reason I bought into the original Xbox and ever since then I've been hooked. Hoping this is worth the wait.
  • Yeah.. Thankfully they use a google service.. google is just to nice to microsoft so no wonder they support them whenever they can :) 
  • Except when it comes to supporting Windows Phone :)
  • It would've been better if they used Twitch. If Google doesn't want to play nice then Microsoft should just block all Google's services by default.
  • Screw youtube gaming. Twitch is better. Especially as its intergrated into xbox one. At 1080p 60fps to.
  • With digital delivery and preloading, I'm surprised that launch events are still big. It's good that they are, I'm just surprised. Having played a couple of hours already this morning, I'm hooked on Halo 5 already!    
  • This was a lot about the fans, the Xbox community.
  • Unlike other companies, I am just REALLY surprised that there is no "real" exclusive Halo app timed with the launch of the Lumia phone.
  • Halo Channel exists already. And if you're talking a companion app that would be silly because there are probably more non Lumia owning Xbox One gamers. What else would you want?
  • Wonder what the chances are that Tesco still have this in stock ;) Probably slim
  • Why don't they make it available for PC anymore?
  • Because it sells Xbox consoles.
  • Awesome night :) You can see me in the picture playing the campaign with my friend :D