Pig Jump, simple and challenging endless runner game with potential

Pig Jump is yet another endless runner styled Windows Phone game that has you jumping a pig across a river that is full of hungry crocodiles, dangerous buzzards and other perils.

To help with the chances of survival, the pig is armed with a bazooka, with an unlimited supply of ammo, that he can use to blast away the dangers the river may offer. Graphics are decent, game controls simple and Pigs Jump is available for low-memory devices. While Pig Jump isn't a terrible game to pass the time with and has slight potential. I'm just not sure it is strong enough to be a "go to" game.

Okay, your main menu for Pig Jump is brief with options to mute the sound and music, visit the developer's Facebook and Twitter page, view the About scree and jump into game play.

The goal of Pig Jump is to guide your pig across a river by jumping from stepping-stone, floating boulder and other platforms. You have coins to collect along the way and dangers to avoid.

Game controls are simple. Tap the screen to fire your bazooka and with your pig already jumping when you launch the game, you use your tilt controls to move your pig forward. While you do have an unlimited supply of rockets to shoot, be careful not to shoot too wildly. Your shot accuracy will effect your final score.

Dangers include crocodiles and piranhas that jump up from the water and buzzards in the air. Your pig is armed with a rocket-firing bazooka to help take out the buzzards and you will have to rely on the timing of your jump to avoid the water dangers. You can also blast the fish out of the sky as they jump out of the water as well. Miss a jump and hit the water, get hit by a buzzard or let a croc or fish take a bite out of you and the game ends.

Overall Impression

Pig Jump has decent graphics and game play will challenge your skills of timing and patience. It's one of those games that are nice to have in your gaming library to play every once in a while. I just don't see the game pulling you in as a daily gaming staple.

Coins are only used to determine your final score along with your distance and shot accuracy. The game could use a few power-ups that can be collected or bought using the coins collected. A few more enemies wouldn't hurt either.

Pig Jump knocks down a 4 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store that we think is slightly on the high side. The game has potential but just needs a little more gusto to become more appealing.

  • Pig Jump - Windows Phone 8.x - 16MB - Free - Store Link

George Ponder

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