Play God with The Sims Medieval for Windows Phone, now available on Nokia hardware

Remember when it was teased that The Sims Medieval will be available on Windows Phone for Nokia hardware? It appears the time has come as the app is now presently listed on the store. So what's The Sims Medieval all about? If you're not familiar with the video game series, players are tasked with entering a virtual world and controlling "sims" as they go about their daily lives. It's an incredibly popular brand on mutiple platforms.

The name also sounds vaguely familiar on Windows Phone, right? It should, as The Sims 3 is already available on the Windows Phone store, and has been for some time. With The Sims Medieval players are thrown back in time to when castles, kinds, jesters and knights were making their way in the world. Ever thought "what if I could travel back in time?" while playing Sims 3? Here's your answer.

Players are able to take on the roles of a lady and lord, vampires or even a squire. It's easy to immerse oneself in the gameplay. While the gameplay follows that of Sims 3 (and previous generations of the title), the graphics have been improved and the overall visual experience is actually really good. The Sims Medieval is also an Xbox Live-enabled Windows Phone title, so expect to get involved in some achievement unlocking.

There's a large emphasis on quests and completing goals throughout the game, but there's the sweet charm and humorous dialogue that everyone has come to enjoy and love about The Sims. If you're a fan of the series, or the genre in general, you will need to get this game.

The Sims Medieval

Even though the video teaser revealing The Sims Medieval was published early 2012, it's good to see the game arrive thanks to Nokia and EA's close partnership with Windows Phone. Fear not if you don't own a Nokia Windows Phone, we're sure the game will be made available for all in the future.

You can download The Sims Medieval for $4.99 (£3.99) from the Windows Phone store (it's not currently showing in the Nokia Collection). Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Awsome Sims
  • Fantastic, an Xbox live game exclusive from Nokia and EA! Wednesday came early today.
  • Nokia can publish games whenever they want. They are not under the strict release schedule MS has for other XBL games. So expect a normal release tomorrow
  • Even better then that we might get two Xbox Live titles like last week!
  • Try three this week. Hint hint. :)
  • Yep!
  • Awesome. Bought!
  • Insta buy!
  • Awesome! They need to make ambitions
  • ); Tmobile User of 8X very sad.
  • Bless ya time to go Lumia ;).
  • I just built a PC for my TV, and used my Logitech Revue for the remote. I was considering waiting for the new 360, but decided I didnt need it since I dont play many games. The Windows 8 App Market is really what sold me on it though. Has all the apps at my fingure tips for what I need.
  • Yay, some more love for 512 MB devices, Happy :)
  • Sweet... Rich do you know if we are getting and xbox wednesday game as well this week?.
  • I'll double check with our Paul for you :-)
  • Cheers matey.
  • Yes we will.
  • Thanks Paul.
  • Xbox Live required so no chance here in the Philippines. :'(
  • there is a way... :)
  • Xbox Live is Available in the Philippines!!
    Just create a Outlook account.  
  • Just create a US account and then you'll get all the xbl games. Are there any Pilipino only apps?
  • Just few ones at the moment. Some traffic update apps, news reader..
  • Oh yes there is. I've even bought the newer ones such as Amazing Spider-Man and Shark Dash. I'm using the Philippines Marketplace/Store so I would be able to purchase apps and games to help the Windows Phone community grow in PHL. Though not all Xbox games are available like in the US Marketplace, a lot that's available will do for me.. The newer announced ones such as Gameloft's releases are available right now.. I'm wishing more and more developers and more consumers give chances for WP community to grow as well.. Add me up: kirklyt
  • I just updated to WP 7.8 and it does show Xbox Live. Yippee!
  • Or you can use US Marketplace, and purchase apps/games through Globe Telecom Virtual Credit Card. Go Bing it up.!
  • Another Nokia only game -_- 8x gets no love
  • Becuase HTC gives no love. They suck as a support team.
  • It's Microsoft's fault in my opinion that they let these kind of differences exist on WP8 platform!
  • But if they didn't allow this manufactures would have little to no incentive to fund game and app creation, leaving all the work on Microsoft's shoulders.
  • As a 920 owner, I have to say I can't agree.  First party created apps, sure (like Nokia Drive or the HTC Beats options, something like that).  But outside of that, it really should be the hardware that differentiates.  I didn't choose a 920 over an 8X because of Sims and Nokia Drive... I chose it because of the hardware. 
    I don't believe that locking up "triple A" (for lack of a better description) titles to a specific OEM is a good thing for WP8 in general.
  • Just because you might not be swayed into buying a phone based on what's games are available doesn't mean others wouldn't you can agree if your interest is aimed there it would play a role in your purchase. i didn't say i agree with this practice i would prefer all games where available to everyone, i do however see Nokia"s motivation here.
  • I agree. I even have (and love) a Lumia 920, but I think these exclusives hurt the platform.
  • I own 2 900's and 2 920's. Reason being Nokia support and exclusive apps. I bought my wife an 8x and she hates the missing apps, such as Ringtone Maker. If HTC would like to invest in app development this wouldn't be an issue. MS does not grant Nokia exclusive apps, Nokia either pays for the port or creates their own app. You all sound lame and slow. Do you expect the same luxury from a BMW in a Kia? Its similar to an employee working hard and getting promoted on that merit versus the slacker who does nothing but still complains about the lack of career progress.
  • I agree with you. There is only the software that differs between manufactures. If it is Nokia who bring a title to the platform, so it's just alright for them to have the exclusive right, other wise it might not come at all. Not to mention if the software is produced in house. The general user will have it after the period of exclusivity end.
  • "It's Microsoft's fault in my opinion that they let these kind of differences exist on WP8 platform!" So Microsoft should call up Nokia and say, "Since Samusing and HTC are putting all their effort towards exclusive apps into Android instead of Windows we need you to stop trying so hard Nokia because you're making HTC and Samsung look bad". You can whine about it or you can buy a Lumia. Which do you think is better?
  • Congrats Microsoft!! Just let Nokia bring all exclusive games! Don't bother yourself with other WP8 users! We are not counting! Never mind!
    And shame on you HTC that you let Nokia and Microsoft do this!
    I wish my HTC 8X could be a Nokia brand... :( And no, I won't buy a NL920, because it's bulky, I don't like it!
  • Exactly how is this Microsoft's fault?
    WP is already pretty locked down in terms of OEM customization. You want them to go a step further and say no one's allowed to even have exclusive apps?
    HTC is the one you should be blaming. And you only have yourself to blame for getting an 8x when there's a pretty awesome 820 out for almost the same price! ;)
  • Of course Nokia can make their own developed apps as Nokia exclusive apps. But seriously why do Microsoft let 3rd party apps be only Lumia exclusive?
    I blame HTC too, that they let this thing happen week after week.
    NL820's hardware is far-far away from 8X's hardware... NL920 is bulky, I don't like it.
  • It ain't Microsoft ,Nokia has a contract with EA that's why they get exclusives. The 820 has same hardware as 8x just in case u didn't now only difference is front camera and screen resolution.
  • Exactly if htc want to compete and promote their platform they need to put in some work and spend some money.
  • For example this game was not developed by Nokia, right? It was developed by EA Games. Then why is it a Nokia exclusive? Because they made a contract?
    If we talking about City lens for example, then Nokia can make it exclusive. We HTC users won't compalin about. But third party apps shouldn't be exclusive. That's my opinion...
  • Because EA will need resources to bring the title to WP. And without contract with Nokia, they might not justify the expense, because of the small market share. That's where Nokia step in. They fund EA to develop the this game for WP, in return they gain exclusivity of the title for some period of time. Thus, this indeed bring advantage to the whole platform as a whole.
    HTC and Samsung don't want to spend money for this, so blame them.
  • Apparently the "bulk" is required because it's constantly filled with so much goodness. ;) I wouldn't blame Microsoft; I'd aim my frustration right at HTC. They are the ones putting no investment into supporting WinPhone.
  • This! +1
  • It's bulk, because they needed some space for optical image stabilization.
  • You know there is all of .5mm difference in the thickness of the 920 vs 8x?  The big difference is the weight of course, and the 8x is more tapered on the edges making it "feel" thinner.
    But seriously, do you even lift bro? ;)
  • I don't wanna sound like I work for Nokia or anything, but the 820 is an incredibly awesome phone. Hardware and stuff aside, the best thing I love is the interchangeable back panels. You don't need to put a case on it and increase thickness when you can throw away your scratches and get a new panel. Maybe a new color even.
  • good to see Nokia did not left wp7.x behind! and the sims is my favourite! big thanks to nokia!!
  • Nokia is clearly making some great strides in trying to make the WP a viable platform. The fact that there are people complaining about Nokia getting EA exclusive titles for several months is fairly pathetic when the end outcome is more apps for the WP ecosystem. In my own opinion, HTC is too concerned with going bankrupt to offer any incentives to a company like EA to publish apps exclusively to their devices. The HTC 8x was a flawed device from HTC and was plagued from the beginning because HTC never backs their devices, I  had an HTC HD7 and HTC dropped support on that within months. Now that Nokia is putting forth some effort in getting better apps and games, Microsoft needs to release some better games like Gears of War and Halo!
  • This is precisely why I got rid of my 8x simply because no matter how nice the device is HTC deserves no support from customers simply because they do nothing for their products. Anyone complaining about Nokia exclusivity on apps should simply blame HTC. Why blame the one manufacturer actually doing something for this os? This is not the same fragmentation one finds on android. Its differentiation.
  • Yeah and honestly in the long term this kind of thing will get less and less as WP becomes stronger in the market, devs will have less reason to side with an OEM with a deal, rather than just release direct to store.
  • If only Verizon had the 920 or some variant when my contract expired last year...
  • Has anyone tried this game? From what I've seen of the screenshots it looks like it's not HD, and in fact is running the same outdated resolution as The Sims 3.  
    That said, it looks interesting, but I'm very reluctant to support EA. Judging from reviews in iOS, it looks like standard fare for EA. Not particularly bad in any way, but far from being great. And given EA's tendencies, uninspired port or not, it will never be updated either.
  • Just a heads up a few games have received a price drop, ie: plants vs zombies now £2:29.  Mirrors edge £1:49 and a few others...
  • If they want to see WP succeed, they can't do this bull crap and make exclusive's. Maybe some of us don't have at&t and maybe we don't have a say in our carrier. Sure Verizon has the 820, but I would never buy it. Disappointed Nokia well played. Said no one ever
  • These aren't tied down Nokia exclusives. ALL games will eventually come to all Windows Phones. Stop your moaning.
  • Without this exclusivity, the app might need longer time to come to WP or not at all. So I really can't understand all the whining.