Microsoft has announced that Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) on PC will be available to play at the Halo Outpost Discovery events headed to various North American cities this summer. Alongside the MCC on PC, attendees will also be able to play competitive virtual reality matches, Halo-themed laser tag, and a training simulation program for the franchise's iconic dropship, the Pelican.

Considering everything we know about the way MCC is being developed on PC, it's unclear how many of the Halo entries fans can play when Halo Outpost Discovery rolls around. Hopefully, 343 Industries will allow people to try some unfinished builds of the games, even if not officially released already.

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The rest of Halo Outpost Discovery looks like it will be an amazing experience for any Halo fan, too. Aside from the aforementioned activities, attendees can explore a Halo ring, try to break out of a Covenant-themed escape room, explore an exhibit that covers the entire history of the Halo series, and more. For information about where and when the Outpost Discovery events are, as well as how to get tickets, make sure to check out the official website.

Of course, if you simply can't wait to get in on some Halo action, the MCC is fully available on Xbox One as well.

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