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Playtime is over: Nokia tells business why they need Windows Phone 8

If there were one area where Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices should be doing well it is within business. Nokia have just posted a new video extolling the headline features of Windows Phone 8 to the corporate crowd.

Even though Windows Phone has a whole feature set designed to be consumer friendly, it also has arguably the best office friendly apps too, mobile office anyone?

Microsoft has definitely taken the right angle with how they have chosen to pitch their Windows Phone OS primarily at consumers. With the rise in ‘bring your own devices’ in the workplace many people buy based on what the phone can do for them rather than their work needs. The really cool thing is that Windows Phone also has the all the business credentials to be a big hit in the corporate world.  It has the best version of mobile Office baked in, with apps for SharePoint and Lync filling out the offering even further.

Windows Phone 8 introduces the ability to deliver corporate apps to devices as well as better device security. Even without Office, the OS would still have deeply integrated LinkedIn abilities and an email client that works great with Exchange. Should be mention the now-native Skype integration and ability to hook up other VoIP apps if needed?

Nokia have chosen to highlight, in good straight talking business speak the advantages of Windows Phone. They highlight one key fact, if your business is running Microsoft it’s time to switch the phone where Microsoft comes as standard. They go on to fully explain that Excel, Word, Exchange and PowerPoint are all present and correct. It’s a neat video and they do a quick job and efficient job of explaining in no uncertain terms why their Lumia’s are good for the workplace.

Playtime is over: Nokia tells business why they need Windows Phone 8

Serious business - Lumia 920 Office built in

The highly amusing part of this whole thing is that neither Android nor Apple currently has a native Office experience. Apple looks now to be keen to get their hands on a whopping 30% of revenue from a future Office app on their iOS platform which may put the release on hold permanently. While many reviewers and pundits continue to bleat on about the apps that don’t exist on Windows Phone (a Starbucks app, really??!), the platform continues to be the only one with Office. For document fidelity and compatibility there is simply no better alternative as much as they would like you to believe otherwise. Oh, and generally you’ll need to pay for a decent Office-like substitute, its free over here folks!

If Office were to appear in any form on Android or iOS we all know this would be the biggest tech news of the year, although some may disagree with that. Windows Phone has Office now; it has bit locker encryption and should be a no-brainer in the workplace. Nokia are already seeing a new way to push their devices, it is high time Microsoft started to push this message too. While many have been quick to count Blackberry out of the running they are about to unleash a new version of their mobile OS. It will do much to bring them back on form and as they already have many business connections it could mean Windows Phone will fail to get the look in it deserves. That is still some way off; in the meantime we’re glad that Nokia are engaging the business crowd with their ads.

Are you working in an IT department, we’d like to hear from you. Is Blackberry on the decline, has Windows Phone 8 got the business excited? Please sound off in the comments below.

  • Got to the Starbucks part of the story had to tell you about the Starbux App (SBUX Card is what it is called in the marketplace) . I know it's third party but does everything I need. I'm reading on. Great article, we have for the most part, a Windows infrastructure, AD, Exchange, SharePoint, etc., which makes it nice to be a WP8 user. The problem I've seen/noticed while speaking with my colleagues, they want a way to centrally manage devices, all devices, using the same product. Many companies use MobileIron to manage their devices. WP is a great business device out of the box, it just needs the same management apps utilized on ios and android to really compete.
  • Ahh, I will check it out. Some folks have cited it being missing as a reason they cannot switch. Its sad, but its true. Think you added more here, yes agreed a way to manage all would be ideal but MS are making an effort to do that with EAS etc.
  • SCCM 2012 and InTune will sort device management out
  • I do remember there is a setting section called "Company Apps". Sounds useful. 
  •   Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)
  • Couple items here....   basically WP support managment via EAS (you know the protocol Google is dropping) so the pressing point with respect to EAS is which of the many policies are supported by the OS.   We havent really seen which policies are enabled to my knowledge and more importantly what version of Exchange will be required to support them.
    Much of the management conundrum is now solved..  System Center Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 was RTM'd on Thursday and includes management facilities for WP 7 ,WP 8 and RT.  Until the documentation is released we wont know to what extent.
    Somebody below mentioned needing VPN ...  Uh.. that is insanity ..!!!!!   As an IT manager I'm not letting a mobile device that has NO true protection (IDS, Firewall, change log, malware detection) to VPN to my internal network..  PERIOD.  So IMO VPN is a non-issue it aint gonna happen and any CISSP that allows it should give back their certification !
    Some functions that third party management tools can provide (good tech) that would be handy are sand boxing data..  Meaning the separation of business data from personal data (specifically exchange, sharepoint, lync).  It will be interesting to see if MS can address this as well..
    Good luck with it...
  • Google is dropping EAS for Gmail connectivity, not dropping EAS from Android. However I agree with everything you say, we don't allow VPN connectivity from devices either.
  • I agree with you here. I don't see VPN as anything but a need for environments where they have lax requirements for connection. RB
  • The problem is that while some IT companies/business may have moved to something beyond a VPN connection, a large part of companies haven't.
    Until that happens (and I know in my company it won't anytime soon) VPN remains the only available option to network in for some of us.  For me, not having it isn't a dealbreaker, as I love my 920 too much. Eventually there will be another solution, so I'm ok for now.
    Saying that its "insanity" or "lax security requirements" is a bit much though.  Not everyone is on the cutting edge.
  • No they are right. Just because some enterprises haven't brough in other solutions doesn't mean it's not any less secure. I would agree that it shouldn't be allowed in most situations as well.
    I work at a small/medium sized manufacturing company. We create products and there is no way that I would allow an upprotected mobile device... especially running Android on my network over a VPN. 
    It's fine if others trust it and like it but some people might think it's a bit much for you to say that it isn't "insanity" or "Lax security requirments". This isn't about being on the cutting edge it's about protecting valuable assets. 
  • VPN using android is 'INSANITY' but when you have a phone that has all apps reviewed by microsoft to ensure no malware or virus', why not VPN?  It's the same as your laptop... isn't your laptop a 'mobile' version of a desktop PC?  You mentioned Malware detection... WP8 isnt open-source, so no apps will have malware installed because microsoft looks for unsecure content!  You mention IDS (intrusion detection)... shouldnt you mention IPS (intrusion PREVENTION), since youre trying to PREVENT and not only DETECT??? And shouldnt your firewall at your work have IPS running?  i think as an IT manager, you're just a manager, and also an alarmist!  
  • The next release of Mobile iron VSP will support WP8.
    Think it will be released later this month or next.
  • where can you find this Starbux app? It is not showing in the market??
  • SBUX Card is the actual name of the app by Denham
  • I love my Lumia 920, but you can't talk about how great windows phones are for business and not mention the one glaring omission. VPN support. Until this offered, (hopefully soon!!!) my 920 still doesn't quite meet my office (or in this case, out of the office) needs.
  • There is one mention reg vpn here.
  • Right, can you explain why vpn is so key to you? Does SharePoint not cover most needs? Just trying to understand what you need. RB
  • This is not what you choose - even SharePoint can be hidden from external network, and this is totally understandable from a security prospect. VPN is a key to work with my office as well, very very 100 times very looking forward to its appearing.
  • SharePoint can be accessed through a Forefront UAG configuration for security, so again why the need for VPN on a phone?
  • I need it for shell access to "my" *nix servers.
  • Money, money, and once again money. VPN is free and simple. And besides, I am a user, not a network administrator :)
  • Well that's why you think VPN is free, there is cost to putting up the infrastructure to support VPN connectivity.
  • Most companies already have that set up. Requiring something new for a new platform that no one has right now is a tough sell
  • With UAG, you can access a heck of a lot more than just SharePoint...
  • Isn't UAG a dead platform?
  • My buddy across the hall can VPN to our network and Remote Desktop to our servers. He recently had an outage with his Time-Warner Cable connection at home. He used his iPhone to connect to our server via VPN and Remote Desktop to his server.
    When, oh when, will we get this capability with WP8?
    BTW - I'm an ardent 1st gen Samsung Focus owner. I like Microsoft! I manage multiple MS servers from 2003 through 2012. Seems like I should at least be able to reboot these servers from my Windows Phone 8 (or WP7.5).
  • I use Citrix Receiver on my Blackberry tablet to manage computers within my org.  We also use a Citrix VPN, although it's experimental currently.  Is there a Citrix option for WP8?  I am on WP7 but I might upgrade for that.
    I think a 4-5" screen is too small for all but command line management tasks.  
  • Robert - even good old XP can VPN and Remote Desktop, as can an iPhone 4. Many of us admins depend on both VPN and Remote Desktop for after hours support. My company is an industrial construction company with crews out in the field sometimes 24/7. We often work holidays when factorys are shut down. If there is a quick way to fix a network/server problem with a smartphone I certainly prefer that over my laptop...which I don't carry into restaurants or to ball games, etc.
  • Vpn is so old school. Get up to date and use cloud services
  • There are and always will be a lot of businesses where the cloud just isn't the right approach. It will also take a long time for the other businesses to move to the cloud. meanwhile, if your company uses VPN, WP8 is not an option
  • Office is going to come to iOS sooner or later. iOS is far too big of an eco-system for Microsoft to ignore. Unfortunately for Windows Phone it keeps coming back to apps again. You're pitching the OS to businesses. Most businesses don't even have their apps on this platform which includes financial institutions etc. That needs to change for this to be a viable business oriented OS. Let's hope that happens soon.
  • Actually... don't know if you saw the news this week, but with Apple taking such a hard line on in-app purchases, Office may not be coming as soon as people might like. Microsoft isn't going to give up 30% of revenues in perpetuity to Apple.
  • What apps do you think are needed? I wouldn't count on MS giving up 30% profits to make mobile apps for IOS, no matter how big. RB
  • Either of two things are going to happen: a negotiation or Microsoft giving up 30%. Like I said we're talking hundreds of millions of potential customers here.
  • Won't happen
  • You meant NEITHER, not EITHER, right??
  • Hey. It cost 99$ to edit Office documents so that's 300$ for an 16GB iPhone with Office. Lumia can cost you 0$ with Office included. Just saying.
  • Also, Nokia needs to improve their supply. I don't remember the last time it was this difficult to get hold of a phone. Huge demand or not, the end consumer won't care about that, all he will see is a phone that is never in stock.
  • +1
    I am still waiting to get mine
  • I'm still waiting on my blue 920 since 11/10/12
  • Really? I have purchased 3 since launch. Here's a tip, call the cancellations dept and your phone will appear sooner.
  • +100000000
  • I believe they have some technical difficulties aka product issues. I received my Yellow phone, but had to return it for bad speakerphone. Then I got a red one that had rattling sound with vibration. Returned that one as well. The one I am using now is my third 920. Now I have one phone and two (yellow & red) chargers. I have been given back about $102 for my troubles.
  • Rattling with vibration? I thought that was just part of the unibody design...oh Nokia...still love the 920 though :D
  • Can they tell us when they're going to squash all those bugs. - battery drainage (with Location on. This shouldn't have to happen).
    - Store updates not showing (have to go into each app i have now to see if there's an update)
    - skype (too many)
    - Facebook Chat not showing in the Messenger hub. 
    - Rooms not connecting sometimes.
    - My MICROSOFT ACCOUNT (and other accounts) kept syncing and syncing until I uninstalled Skype and did a soft reset. This shouldn't be happening.
    - Skydrive Photos are not showing. (Won't display image, not even thumbnails. However it shows correctly in Pictures hub. But not in the Skydrive app, which makes it worthless). I'm pretty sure there's more. But all these at once really takes a way the experience.
  • --Battery drain is NOT caused by Location or any other individual cause claimed. It's an OS radio power management bug (the same one that causes the reboots, I suspect).
    --Store updates checks are done once per day. It would be nice to have a manual check, but until then, it's not like they're hiding them from you.
    --Skype ... no, really, be specific.
    --Facebook ... mine works just fine. Verify your Microsoft/Facebook connections via
    -- Haven't had any issues with rooms, but I don't use them often.
    -- Skype bug for Microsoft Account sync is known, legitimate issue... but what does it have to do with Nokia?
    -- I've not had issues with SkyDrive either EXCEPT in folders with TONS of pictures... it takes a long time to download the thumbnails. Maybe try organizing things a little better.
    Anyway, don't know what any of these have to do with Nokia... they're all Microsoft bugs.
  • By "they" i meant both. Lumia 920 is a colaborate fuse of both Nokia and MS. (yes this is a Nokia article but it's still running WP8). - Location IS a source. For some, if not all. Locations On --> Drain.     Off --> Lasts whole day like others. - Store updates is a known issue now too, check the forums. I've had the Lumia 920 for a week. Zero update notifications until I actually search for them. - Skype is in beta version and the bugs are really common if you check out the forums. Main bug is causing battery drainage through a infinte sync loop.  - Rooms, sometimes. Not as much now but it's a nit-pick thing ;-) - Again Nokia and MS are both in this. Afterall we're using a Nokia device with MS problems. As you can see in the vid above, it's Nokia hardware selling MS features. But Nokia claiming themselves it's business also.  - Skydrive. There are many with this problem, again check the forums. Hard reset, delete - reinstall, all doesn't fix the issue. But this seems to be for some only. Nothing to do with organizing anything. And plus, you don't need to organize anything at all just to have the photos show up on a thumbnail, no?
  • - My L920 has 90%+ battery at the end of each workday (with location on). Just be smart about how you use your phone. Done with your lunch break, won't be using it for a bit? Hit the back button a bunch to close unneeded apps.
    - My store home screen live tile always tells me there's new updates. I have 3 updates to be installed right now for example. So, hard to repro bugs are, well, hard to repro bugs. I'm sure they're working on it (there is a scheduled update for 13Q1 after all.)
    - Haven't used Skype on it yet (have it installed, but haven't had the opportunity to try it out). Note that installing it and lunching the app didn't screw anything on my phone up.
    - FB chat works just fine for me.
    - Haven't used rooms.
    - Pictures in Skydrive show up quickly for me.
  • +1
  • My Lumia 920 lasts me all day, check background tasks under applications in settings if your having excessive battery drain. I get store updates on WP8 & on my wife's WP7.5, it's just that the great team at WP Central writes about them first. I get my FB chat messages just fine. I'm the only WP8 in the house, so we don't use rooms so can't comment on that. No problem with sync and don't use Skype other than one test run with the Surface and the Windows Phone and it worked fine. Use SkyDrive extensively though and no problems.
  • You can use rooms (but not chat) with phones that have 7.5 version. The 7.5 phones can access your room/folder from their SkyDrive app.
  • Can you take this question to the forums. Best dealt with outside comments. RB
  • I have, except the one here ;-) I will though, and I've been searching around with no solutions. Thought I'd give a shot here too! But yes I'll keep myself in line next time.
  • Make sure you don't have apps running in background for battery drains.  Also, run the charge out completely then recharge. My phone goes a day and a half easily.  It's awesome.
    Facebook? Not sure how that ties into business use
    I've yet to have issues with skydrive
    Skype works fine for me
    Haven't had syncing issues either
    Updates to apps would be nice and a changelog even better.  Haven't used rooms yet.
  • Apple is just to greedy they can't have it all 30%! it would be foolish for Microsoft to except that and not business smart... If apple is such a beast let theme make there own office app...
  • I agree. Apple and Google are in trouble. General public dosen't know it, but they do.
  • Lumia 920 is a great phone, but for me its to large, not heavy. I'll stick to my 800 :)
  • Check out the 820. :)
  • ATIV S is now rolling too. RB
  • IT manager here for a municipality. For now we continue to support blackberry as the only device purchased with city funds. We are aggressively encouraging employees to byod but only allow Windows Phone or iPhone. Supporting the BB infrastructure is arduous to say the least.
  • Yes, can appreciate the angst with managing the Blackberry infra. How is uptake of Windows Phone? RB
  • Blackberry is absolutely HORRIFIC. Frankly, I never understood how it became popular, and as an IT guy, I've always banned them from my organizations because of a lack of ActiveSync support. My justification was always the cost of BB Server... would have cost my business an additional $10,000+ to implement plus the headaches of administration. Business leaders didn't want to buy into it, thankfully. In recent years, I've been lucky that BB is dying so nobody cares about them anymore.
    Anyway, Windows Phone and iPhone are at least easily supported devices. Android is like the Frankenstein's Monster of OS's. Too hard to support every version and variance, and it's NOT a secure environment. I swear Google is stuck in Microsoft's 1995 playbook right now.
  • Ditto. None of our clients were ever allowed to even consider BB for the reasons you mention and because we knew Microsoft wad bringing a monster platform for business centered on Office 365.
  •   I work at a Ford site but I am not IT I can tell you this our supervision and maintenance are currently just using the simple clam shell Verizon phone for their Enterprise through the local and outside connections... Some of them are allowed to use the wireless intranet on their smart phones here but it requires the ability to mainually enter almost every little detail of the hidden SSID which the current version of Windows Phone 8 it isn't possible...
      iOS devices seem to easily be connected and so far the only handset I have seen people using to connect using their intranet accounts... Not even Android devices can connect... Now the older Windows 6.0 phones you could because they had a lot more settings you could add the name and password and Prox but for whatever reason Microsoft left all that out with Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8... 
    Also on our site we are completely switched over to Windows 7 and Office 2010... We use all the Office products and I sync my Calender to my phone through gmail atm...
    I would love to see Ford get talked into using the Nokia Lumia handsets... I think the Blackberrys might still be used in the corporate level like at the Glass House/World Headquarters... I know they said something like they have to Load something on devices prior to using it on the main system so am thinking that is where Nokia wants to be with their phones...
  • Sounds like your plant uses certificates for wireless connections. Smart move in terms of security, and yes, Microsoft is really lagging behind on support for that. It's a shame.
  • I bought the L920 this week..,battery just last till 3pm with average use..,at work we use BB and lasts days...couldn't use L920 as work phone...would probably last half day...cannot be recharging all the time (travelling).
    Also it has freezed once already...from what I've read in forums, its a constant problem....that can't be accepted in business environment.
    If both problems are fixed maybe then I can consider it for work...
  • Yes, they do have some kinks to work out, but most of them are Microsoft's to fix. For battery life, there are mitigating factors... drain your battery completely then charge overnight. It will probably be fine after that. Portico update coming this month should take care of the issues.
  • No business I've worked for wants to buy into a system that has links to iron out that might be fixed in a future update. Deliver the update first, prove to me that it works, and then we will consider it.
  • Make sure NFC is off Tap+Send that should save you some battery big time
  • I have off everything you can think of, from NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi (when not required), background apps, etc etc. All off and still lasting half a day approx...
  • As far as the Blackberry must not be using a current Blackberry. My 9900 battery life wasn't worth a hoot, and well documented. I will put my Lumia 920's battey up against anything that isn't a Razr MAXX. When I carry my Galaxy S3, I make it a point to have a spare battery in my pocket (though I have to admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the option of replaceable batteries) becuase Android battery life is so piss poor.
    I have to give Windows Phone credit. I consider their battery life a strength, not a weakness.
  • So, I absolutely LOVE the video, and the use of Office and SharePoint is fantastic to be certain. However, the problem many users face is that their business doesn't use SharePoint, which means that VPN/REAP and file management options are required in the OS to let users access their information on a corporate network.
    In my case, I'm hoping to rollout SharePoint next year to finally eliminate the need for VPN, but for now, it's email or bust. I hope that Microsoft will bring these improvements based on feedback, because so far they've expressed little interest in VPN.
  • If VPN removes another barrier to business adoption they should endeavour to slot that in right away. RB
  • I work in IT and the blackberry users are dwindling. The company I work for is moving to byod (bring your own device). I try to get the users to give wp a chance, but they always go with android or iOS.
  • I am looking to get the yellow NL920. So, I wait. :-/
  • Business phone without VPN support? Are you kidding?
  • Think you need to read the first part of comments.
  • I agree about VPN support.  Needs to happen.  NO reason for it not to exist anyway.  
  • Yes. Windows Mobile had it moons ago. If customers are asking for it then they should deliver it. Plain and simple. Everyone that says "you don't need it" are freaking retarded. Yes, there are alternatives to VPN. However, if VPN is what's in place, what has been invested in, no one is going to rip and replace it because Microsoft's also-ran mobile OS doesn't support it. Totally failed thinking by what must be mostly non-IT people here.
  • UAG/DirectAccess....what else do you need?
  • So, without any knowledge of this guy's current network, budget and time constraints, and business requirements you make a recommendation? You're fired.
  • I work in the IT Deptment for a small municiple government.  Last year we upgraded all of our smartphones away from Blackberry.  We gave our smartphone users (Department Heads, City Council, City Administrator, etc)  the option of going with a Trophy or a Thunderbolt.  (my Boss's decision to offer the Thunderbolt)  Right off the bat we had ~15 of the people pick the Trophy.  Those that didn't largely picked the Thunderbolt because it was 4G and they assumed that made it better.   Since that time, we have had all but 2 or 3 of the Thunderbolt users switch over to Windows Phone (Trophy, 8x or Nokia 822) because they either had so many problems with the Thunderbolt or just didn't like it.   Everyone of our employees who has switched loves their Windows Phone in comparison.  Going forward that is all we will be offering because when it comes down to it, it's easier to use for many of our users, they have been rock solid and they just work seamlessly with our environment.
  • Enterprise generally moves slowly and they really need to standardize where possible. The big issue with Windows phone is that they have shown up after the war has been lost to Apple, at least where I work.
    It took a long time to work out how to support Apple devices; the investments have now been made to support those devices and now Windows Phone comes along and of course is different to both Blackberry and IOS. It doesn't help that there are still features missing and still promises that are yet to be fulfilled.
    IOS devices aren't necessarily better, but regular people love them because they use them personally. BB10 has the same issue as Windows phone because it requires investment in an unproven platform that's not in high demand.
    Being too late means that Microsoft are going to need to improve on execution in several areas or just keep moving forward slowly while your partners bear the brunt of your failure (HTC / Nokia); all the while perfecting making your own devices. The latter is the most likely outcome in my mind.
  • I dont use office... Starbucks!!! Really????I dont know anything about business but im sure WP will get better utilizing this.. The only reason why android is in this conversation is because msft was asleep for a long ass time.. Thank you..
  • A keyboard opton would be nice.
  • Blackberry never even made a ripple in our workplace because of one thing. Exchange mail. I see colleagues now at least taking a second look at windows phone but I think in order for it to snatch up more users and converts, they need to push tools and adverts on how easy it is to switch. Most folks think they will lose their iTunes, which is totally false. It's things like this that Microsoft needs to change. Get them in peoples hands and show them Office. Hand the out to people on the street or demo them there. Ben the PC guy needs an entourage. I'll volunteer.
  • Can I ask a slight off-topic question? I notice a few of WPC's writers do this frequently: "Nokia have posted...". It should be Nokia HAS posted... So is that an international variation or something? Seriously not trying to be the grammar police, but have seen it so often here that I'm wondering if I'm missing something.
  • This is the way they talk in the UK (and possibly elsewhere). They see the company (or other organization) as a group of people.
  • Thanks, I wondered.
  • This is true, whereas in the US a company is an individual entity, which is what makes all the difference in context and mentality of grammar use.
  • I would love the day when I can walk around do my job and not have to sit at my Mind sucking Cube for any longer then I have too... Acutally I don't really mind sitting at my Cube would just like to see my phone be able to connect to the system and use my work email but have it set to show only when I am at work!
    I hate having work crap on my phone when I am not working cause it makes me want to jump out of my skin when I look at it and see Apointments and Photo's for my job... I think the group thing is amazing concept but Microsoft needs to find a way to completely load another profile for work along with a way to take pictures and have them separate for work photo's...
    I am thinking a completely extra session on the phone that we can switch out too... And a way to drag drop cut and paste stuff back and forth!
    Would be even neat if the phone would use GPS or network  to recognize when we were ariving to work or a site and say would you like to switch over to your other account now? :)
  • I think the first major update next year will include alot of corporate features to complete with BB10.
  • No point in dreaming. Until Microsoft makes an announcement business customers don't care. It is clear that WP is still consumer first and business second.
  • We are looking for a new mobile solution. We currently have 200 BlackBerry devices deployed which are managed by BES 5. BES is by far the best MDM solution. Except it's missing the ability to manage other mobile operating systems. We've tested quite a few of them and we continously look back on BES.
    We originally thought Mobile Fusion would answer all of our concerns. But we later realized that Mobile Fusion is nothing but a green MDM solution. The worst part? BES 10 won't be available when BB 10 devices are released. THis means the #1 feature we rely on, which is access to our internal network, will not be available. BES allows all of our current devices to tunnel through our network. We don't have to expose any of our applications to the world or rely on a pricey complicated VPN solution.
    But this is all going to change. I've emailed a few people at Microsoft to further clarify whether VPN or Direct Access will be available on WP8 in the near future. It means a lot to us to have this ability. If not, we will be foreced to implement a VPNsolution which works with all mobile operating systems. I don't know of one... And the MDM solution we choose (Mobile Fusion, AirWatch, MobileIron, etc etc) will depend on this as well.
    If Microsoft will support Direct Access, then I think our choice is quite simple. We will simply keep our existing BES server around for another year and implement a Direct Access server. Then any new devices will be Windows Phones.
    Let's hope it works out that way.
  • In my experience, running a bes server its been a source of pain. Buggy software, outages in Vodafone on multiple occasions while my wp7 device has been flawless. I'll be glad when its gone, ActiveSync does everything we need
  • some people are off the subject, off the topic..........
  • One can burst the bubble of the commercial by simply pointing to the fact that WP8 is still lacking a working pdf reader app. As much as I like my Lumia 920 and WP8, but seriously, a business phone without the ability to open pdf documents?!
  • Your not aware of this? You are welcome. :)
  • I am painfully aware of this, therefore my reference to a WORKING pdf reader app. That Microsoft app has failed to open 9 out of 10 pdf documents I threw at it, even the user manual of my Lumia could not be opened (!).
    The fact that users have given that app so many one-star ratings shows that this is a widespread problem with WP8.
    I stand by my original comment until MS fixes this beta version of an application or Adobe provides a working solution.
    Edit: Thanks for the suggestion, anyway. :-)
  • There are pdf reader apps for WP8.
  • Such as?
    Again, please note that I am talking about WORKING pdf reader apps for WP8.
  • I agree. The current PDF Reader app is non- functional for a business user. Doesn't support password access, editing, etc. I kind of laughed when I saw this video because support for business users is half-assed or incomplete in virtually every instance.
  • How about citrix? This phone would be perfect if I could get on citrix and use my work applications
  • I think, there's still a big issue for IT-business MS should care about: 85010013
    Have a look:
  • This might not be the best avenue to ask this question, but it is related to the Lumia 920 being a business smartphone. Does anyone know if WP8 allows an IT manager to remote wipe the contents of the phone?
  • My company is headed towards requiring a VPN connection to access almost everything. Unfortunately iPhone and Apple can do it but sadly my Windows Phone cannot.
  • I lead the design and setup for IT for a large private equity company and we have seen a massive decline in blackberry usage. Unfortunately they are moving to iPhones because they don't know any better and I jump through hoops day after day getting stuff to work. On wp8 its out of the box.
    We did get 2 people buy a surface and they are loving it, we also plan to roll out hybrid touch devices for mobile users next year and distance ourselves from the awful apple experience for business.
  • As a consultant who specializes in SCCM and endpoint systems management, I am exposed to IT firms across the country. Three of the last four clients that I worked with were using MobileIron for mobile device management. All three of them discouraged Android, preferred iOS and had zero interest in Blackberry. All of them were interested in Windows 8 and all of them were interested in using SCCM 2012 SP1 for MDM. With that said, they were happy with MobileIron particularly for BYOD. I know of other clients that have put their plans for internal iOS device issuance on hold because of Windows 8, WinRT, and WP8. Considering the built-in support for a virtual TPM, full application isolation and the enhanced capabilities for development between each form factor, I have to say that I agree with them.
  • I was hoping for s/mime support. It is definitely needed for business users.
  • Anyone else see the dark red Lumia 920 towards the end? Definitely looked like a different shade than the current red one...
  • Oh and don't forget about support for two factor authentication. These days, VPN connectivity through a mobile device is rarely used. If you aren't using ISA or TMG to proxy MAPI over SSL, you are either way behind the curve or you are an SMB that has never heard of Office 365. Built-in support for DirectAccess without using TMG for 6to4 NAT is a HUGE advantage for Windows 8 with Server 2012. Offline provisioning using a Kerberos proxy using DirectAccess is just mind boggling. It is only a matter of time until that is extended to the WP8 platform for high security environments that require two factor authentication for tunneling.
  • Finchee, Yes, WP8 supports remote device wipe using the Exchange ActiveSync connector but it is capable of much more granular forms of management as well. IMO, Microsoft System Center