PointUI Home 2 released

Chances are if you've been using Windows Mobile for more than a week, you're ever searching for a better user interface. Options like SPB Mobile Shell and SBH's iLauncher are excellent but leave a small hole in your wallet. That left a pretty big door for PointUI to saunter through, and for the most part it impress us when we did a full review a year ago.

Now released is a beta version of PointUI Home 2. It's still free, though there will be a "Pro" version coming later with more features. There are cabs available for QVGA and WQVGA (320x240); VGA and WVGA (640x480); and a panel for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Get the whole lowdown from the PointUI Web site.

(Thanks, Chris at Mobile Tech Addicts and everyone else who sent this in)

Phil Nickinson

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