Police officer avoids bullet thanks to the Windows Phone in his pocket

Nokia’s handsets are known for being quite indestructible. There’s a certain level of lore that surrounds a Nokia phone and how nothing can dent it. Which is why we’re not too surprised that a Nokia Lumia 520 helped a police officer in Brazil avoid a bullet.

An off-duty cop went to visit his parents and found the house was in the process of being robbed. The two crooks had taken the parents hostage and were gathering up items in the household. The off-duty cop was fired at twice before the crooks took off. One bullet missed the officer completely, while the other hit his Lumia 520 that was in his back pocket.

Lumia 520 Brazil Police

The officer (thanks Lumia 520) and his family are safe, but the criminals took off with items and have yet to be found. Of course most any other phone would have saved him from the bullet, but Windows Phone is the second-most popular OS in Brazil.

Source: Globo

Thanks for the tip everyone!

Sam Sabri