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What do you think of the new Microsoft Edge logo? (poll)

Microsoft Edge logo
Microsoft Edge logo (Image credit: Microsoft)

This week, Microsoft debuted a new logo for Microsoft Edge, which has been rebuilt from the ground up to use Chromium for greater compatibility with the modern web.

The new Edge logo will debut when the browser goes public in early 2020 and was discovered through a series of puzzles in the Insider builds.

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The new Edge logo has shades of the Internet Explorer blue of yesteryear but ditches the "E" that has become synonymous with Internet Explorer, which was left in the dust by the modern web. The "E" carries a huge amount of negative stigma, and the new logo gives Microsoft a chance to turn the page and build something fresh for the modern era. However, reactions to the logo itself seem to have been a bit mixed so far.

So ultimately, we'd like to ask you, faithful readers, what you think of the new Microsoft Edge logo. How would you change or improve it, or is it perfect as is? Hit the comments, vote in our poll, and let us know!

Jez Corden
Jez Corden

Jez Corden is a Senior Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • It's... just a logo... 😶. For me functionality of the browser is more important than the logo lol. Some will like the logo and some won't - it is what it is.
  • Unfortunately, for most users, having the same logo as Edge or *almost* IE makes the browser seem as bad as IE's reputation. So having a new logo might make people get an interest, like it's something brand new and different.
  • That would be some weak-minded people, then.
  • So being weak minded means learning from previous experience? Really? Internet Explorer/Edge has been terrible for decades now. It is totally understandable if you should away from that logo.
  • I think you read that wrong, he was saying that people that think a change in logo equals a better product were weak minded.
  • ...And the weak minded have spoken! (yeah, I mean you, Bleached)
  • Attacks. Your only choice when you can't argue anything else.
  • A logo it's more important than you think. (not me), but I know many people who want to have a phone just because it have an 'apple' logo behind. They dont care about a $1000 mid range phone, but they love to pay for the little apple.
  • They should have made this the logo back in 2014 when we were testing Project Spartan!
  • It doesn't look bad, but I am not sure it fits with Windows 10 at all.
  • Just wait. I'm sure there will be a lot more fluffy candy coming to continue adorning Windows and other MS products. Seems to be all they're good at, lately. If you call this good.
  • Yeah, this is probably the start to some new icon designs.
  • Mixed fillings, looks modern, also looks like a copy from firefox!
  • I like it. Definitely better. But, yeah, first thing I thought was that it looks like the Firefox logo.
  • I could never see the spartan helmet shape in the old logo.
  • I don't either. I do see a water faucet and sink though. Maybe Kohler would be interested in the old logo?
  • Definitely better . Doesn't matter that it looks like waterfox . Noone knows waterfox anyway .
  • Am I the only one who sees its still an 'e'?
  • I see that too, but it is not at all like the IE logo so less confusing I think
  • Yes, it's an e gone surfing
  • I don't like how there is an entire chunk of empty space in the icon. The drop shadow depth seems like a step back. The color is okay, but could be better.
  • I'd prefer something simpler, like the old logo (although the old logo itself was really ugly)...
  • So... you'd prefer something really ugly?
  • It looks good I think
  • Logo is ok but still calling it Edge is confusing
  • I don't like the logo. It doesn't fit with the windows 10 design. Makes all the other native windows 10 and office Apo logos old and out of date. Windows 10 looks a mess like this.
  • It fits perfect with the new office logos it's the same language (fluent design) and I think its gorgeous! normally not really moved by such unimportant stuff but this is a work of art
  • what are you saying have you see the logo side by side with other fluent design logos
  • It looks fine to me. I'm happy its not some dull monochrome icon.
  • the problem is not monochrome itself. The problem is the design of it. You can have a good designed monochrome logo/icon. The same applies to a colored one. There're thousands of horrible designed colorfull icons/logos. ;)
  • Just don't like the green end of the wave. Prefer it stayed blue; or maybe a different shade/tint of green.
  • I'm sure there is some hidden meaning to the colors like water, sky, earth... Lol... Who knows with abstract art these days. Overall I like it. The modern edge!
  • Too colorful, too messy and way too much out of touch with Windows 10 and Microsoft office apps logo design. It makes me which to keep on using Chrome and Firefox. One just do not wish to see that weird oil painting spot on the desktop. Period. I love the current Edge logo.
  • Should call it " surf " now instead of edge
  • "Surf" the net.. I like that hehe :D and it kinda does look like a wave now you have mentioned it.
  • I don't get why people are being so picky, its just a logo.. If it helps small minded people think its a different application (which it is) to old Edge and IE then great maybe more people will use it but the people complaining about it are the kind of people who will find a fault regardless. Me, I would be happy with a any logo as long as I can click and get a good net access app then Im happy.
  • I think they simply need to drop Microsoft edge and simply call it edge. They also need to make some new edgy commercials highlighting feature and the ability to earn points that can be used to enter drawings to win prizes, purchase gift cards/items, as well as pay for xbox live, etc. I use them for starbucks, xbox live, and more.
  • Looks too much like the Firefox Logo. Same shape, slightly rotated right, different color. But, who cares about the logo. How well does it WORK? and, importantly for the Enterprise Crowd: How good is the IE tab function?
  • It's still the shape of an E with a blue color scheme. It's definitely better than the old logo. Time to leave IE behind.
  • Mixed feelings. I like the colors, but not much the design or originality of it.
    The problem here is the design. Could be better and not so "cheap"
  • It still is an e. It's just a bit more stylized to look like a wave. What are you talking about?
  • It's not about whether it's better or worse than the previous one. The biggest problem it's that it imitates the Firefox logo!
  • Its an icon, folks. Nothing to get excited about. The fact that its not buried inside a big blue square IS an improvement. Next, dump the "edge" name. It is connected with the past, which is failure. This thing needs a new icon AND a new name.
  • The icon looks good. It still reminiscent of "e" and it also shows off the new design language of windows. It shows "depth" and "motion".
  • Some would argue that names, logos, and branding are irrelevant. They’re wrong. Ask Apple if that stuff is irrelevant. Microsoft will spend BILLIONS on marketing. They need to get this right.
  • Why would anyone spend "BILLIONS on marketing" for a web browser? What's next? Billions for Notepad? Calculator? A million at most. OTOH, maybe nothing at all. Billions? No way. Its just not that important. This is 2020, not 2003.
  • Cool logo, but no one will use it, just like Groove and Cortana...and Windows phones....
  • "Cool logo, but no one will use it,"
    Ehh... Just proved wrong, I am rocking it.
  • To me, they nailed it. Completely. They made it consistent with the last 6 months worth of new art assets across Microsoft product lines, which is better than Microsoft has ever been able to fathom since the Windows 7 days. A return to consistency, in any measurable form or just the start of a trend, is more than enough to get me back on the Windows hype train. And that's just the visual direction because as far as the application itself goes they knocked it out of the park there, taking a much superior open source browser and ripped out all the Google cruft that browser is usually associated with. Microsoft is in rare form, their power meter is over 9000 these days and I'm crazy excited for the future. I'm not even immediately rejecting the idea of Windows on ARM anymore, because there's tangible and real world benefits with it and not just a lock down experiment with no apps. My main hope is that the crew behind the new Edge browser isn't immediately absorbed into Azure, but left with Windows to continue to shape it up like it should have been in 2015.
  • The new logo is just as good as the old logo (I think), but the browser is still as snappy before logo change. I kept praying afraid the logo might bring down the browser's performance.
  • I like it. Windows needs to seduce more Mac users like myself fed up with Tim Crook's silly pricing. You won't get many this way, however, if the OS looks 10 years old. When China's Deepin looks better than Windows it's a very sad day indeed. So not only do I like this logo but the FEEL that goes along with it. I'd switch the Windows logo from it's monochrome crooked BLEH to this --
  • Still an 'e' though. An ocean wave made to look like an e.