Microsoft Edge gets a new logo that looks less like Internet Explorer's

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft revealed a new logo for Microsoft Edge.
  • The new logo looks less like Internet Explorer's logo than the old Microsoft Edge logo.
  • Microsoft revealed the new logo as part of a puzzle for fans.

Updated November 4, 2019: Microsoft announced that the new Microsoft Edge launches for Windows an macOS on January 15, 2020.

People will confuse Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer less frequently thanks to a new Microsoft Edge logo. Microsoft revealed a new logo for the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge over the weekend through a fun puzzle for fans (via The Verge). The new logo features Fluent Design elements and looks less like the logo for Internet Explorer.

Microsoft's Edge team spread a puzzle out for fans over the second half of last week. Fans around the web uncovered the secret meanings of pictograms, numerical codes, and other hints to find the new Microsoft Edge logo. One of the puzzles included rendering an Edge icon from OBJ model code. The end of the puzzle is a secret surfing game, surf being a pun because the new logo looks like a wave.

William Devereux, senior project manager of Microsoft Edge, shared how to unlock edge://surf on Twitter.

To unlock edge://surf, create a Collection named "Microsoft Edge" and add four items that spell "S.U.R.F." This currently only works in the Canary channel.

The new Microsoft Edge logo looks less like the logo of Internet Explorer. Some people confuse Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer due to the apps' similar icons. This icon refresh will likely distinguish the browsers a bit more for people.

The Chromium version of Microsoft Edge has been in testing for several months, including Canary, Dev, and Beta versions of the browser. There is no release date for the new version of Microsoft Edge, but the new logo suggests that a public release could arrive in the near future.

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  • It looks more like a 'C' than an 'E' imho. Maybe it will be called Chromium Edge.
  • I think this new icon looks really cool, Reminds me of the movie Moana :)
  • I'm not a fan, to be honest. No big deal though. I'm not really bothered what the icon is, as long as it's not really ugly.
  • At least its a change I remember reading about Microsoft spent 1millon dallers on the edge logo which to me was the ie logo without the gold in the middle.
  • Looks a bit like Firefox's cousin.
  • That was my first thought. And it looks even more like the icon they use for their Nightly branch:
  • I think the new logo is okay. Nothing that would make me go "wow". I personally care more about the browser's performance and battery-friendliness.
  • I like the fact that there is a new logo for this. It's not a big deal, and by nobody really giving a rodent's lower part means that they did a good job. Other wise there'd be riot by now.
  • Weird how this hasn't shown up on the Canary builds.