The recently announced HTC 8X is a colourful Windows Phone from HTC, which is a step in a new direction compared to what we're seen from the company in the past with its aluminium and dark plastic builds. Providing consumers more choice in terms of colour and design is definitely what we need to make Windows Phone stand out against competitors.

That being said, it's always a pickle when it comes to actually deciding on what colour you'd like to own. Are you white, blue, green, red, or even magnolia? Smartphone looks can be a personal preference when multiple variants of a single device are available.

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Is blue more your theme?

The HTC 8X comes in a variety of colours. Consumers will be able to select from the choice of California Blue, Graphite, Black, Flame Red and Limelight Yellow.

So, which colour say you?

Voting closes in 3-days and you can vote on your phone by going to