PSA: Bill Gates is doing an AMA on Reddit right now

My homeboy, William Henry Gates III, started Microsoft back in the mid-1970s. While he stepped down from full-time work over 6 years ago, he’s still Chairman and all around badass. Right now if you mosey on over to Reddit he is doing an AMA – mostly about his current work with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, but he’s also fielding Microsoft related questions. Bill also posted a video asking a few typical questions before hand, check it out after the break.

So what is an AMA? AMA stands for "ask me anything" and it's a forum where users on Reddit can ask questions to who ever is running the AMA - in this case Bill Gates. Popular questions are voted up by the community and usually get answered. Watch the video below to get an idea and follow the source link to check it out in action.

While no video of Bill Gates can top him jumping over a chair, it's refreshing to see his sense of humor hasn't changed. Since the AMA just started on Reddit, hit up the source link below to ask Bill some questions!

Source: Reddit AMA

Sam Sabri