File this story under odd, but the Nokia Camera app is nowhere to be found on the Windows Phone Store. A handful of tips this morning pointed out the missing app to us as users are looking to set up their phones.

Usually, such complaints are trivial, as the app just cannot be found under Search – a standard issue. However, in this case, when using the direct link to the Store, the app is 100% absent suggesting something a little more odd is going on.

Being a Sunday, we are not very confident that Microsoft will respond to inquiries, but, hopefully, the popular app will come back soon. As an alternative, people can download Nokia Camera beta to their phones until the regular version comes back online.

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Update: Looks like it is hit and miss for people, depending on the phone's hardware. Our Lumia 530 sees the Nokia Camera just find, while our Lumia 1520 has an 'Item Not Available' message.

Thanks, for the tips, everyone