Leading Hindi newspaper from India, Punjab Kesari releases a nice-looking app for Windows Phone

Punjab Kesari is a leading Hindi-language newspaper published from many states in north India. With over three million daily readership, the publication has now arrived on Windows Phone.

The beautifully designed app for Windows Phone 8 devices brings you real time news on national and international affairs, sports, entertainment, and religion. The app also features videos and photo galleries for a broad multimedia offering.

The app allows you to share the articles on your social networks or via email. You can also save articles to read later. Incidentally, the Punjab Kesari is a neat and functional app and it actually beats several others from leading publications and news outlets.

There’s a small bug though. If you already have 15 apps allowed to run in the background on your device (the Windows Phone limit for background tasks), the app throws an error - BNS Error: The maximum number of ScheduledActions of this type have already been added. You can hit OK to continue, and it’s not a showstopper but I’m hoping it’s taken care of in the next update.

The Punjab Kesari app, developed by Converse New Media, has a clean, modern user interface, and if you read Punjabi Kesari or other Hindi newspapers in print or online, this is a must download. Grab it free from the Windows Phone Store, while we raise a toast to the year where many marquee apps arrived on Windows Phone in India.

Here’s a year-end bonus: If you prefer to read in Punjabi/Gurumukhi, you can download the official app for Jagbani, the Punjabi-language newspaper from the same group that publishes Punjab Kesari. It has the same neat user experience, and is a treat for Punjabis across the globe.

QR: Punjab Kesari

Abhishek Baxi