Qik video streaming gets a UI overhaul

Qik, everybody's favorite live video streaming application that never was crippled on Windows Mobile (oooooooo, feel the burn), appears to have gotten a bit of a user-interface upgrade.

Version 4.2 for WinMo brings "a cool new look, much improved sharing to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and better performance and frames per second, especially on the Samsung Omnia series phones. It also provides an easy way to upload existing videos on your phone to qik.com and share it to other networks."

Get your download on here (CAB) and see whatcha think.

Qik via @WMDev

Phil Nickinson

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  • That CAB download link leads people to a VERY old version of Qik, not version 4.21 FYI. Send people to http://m.qik.com for the CAB (use Pocket Internet Explorer, not Opera!), from your phone folks.
  • LOL! I thought something wasn't right when I installed from the linked CAB last night. It still worked, but it sure was ugly.
  • I received an email from Qik yesterday regarding having to install a new version to my Treo 800w. Doesn't seem to work. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still doesn't work. Anyone having issues? No issues before "new version".
  • You have to love the dedication these bloggers have. It's been proven that the link is bad (linking to an old version) and they don't even bother correcting it. Funtastic! - VDubb