Quick Windows Phone Tease for Monday

Why, is that a 40 ft Windows Phone being put up in Herald Square for this Monday?

Thanks, Jim Hayes, for the pic!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Cause windows phone is awesome
  • Is that the 32GB model? Yuk, yuk, yuk. That's pretty big, though I hope that's not the "big" surprise they were talking about
  • Have a feeling they will be giving out a ton of Windows Phones, wish I could be there darnit...
  • Here's to hoping for a TITAN release date...
  • The phone actually looks closer to 60ft tall - you only were measuring the screen's height.Also, looking at the top corners of the 'phone' and the placement and design of the ear piece it looks like it's the Samsung Focus S. Looks like that phone is big enough for the Nutty Professor and then some. ;) Jeez! I wonder what the diagnal screen size is on that baby?! :)
  • Wow...That is an impressive phone. How many people pass through this square an day?
  • bet it gets awesome receeption
  • Heralding the coming of Galactus???
  • Not so sure WP7's default 480 x 800 is going to look to good on that sized display ;)
  • Now that, is a Titan.
  • I believe that they had a similar display in New York last year; mayhe not in the same location (Times Square), but they had a huge display in NY last year.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD8n-jddrCw
  • Ahhh, the reference to BIG (the movie)! Remember the big piano they play by standing on the keys? I bet this is a working Windows Phone... or a screen showing what's happening on a demo WP.
  • I hope we hear some details about what they're working on with Windows Phone 8 (or at least the update between now and then)
  • I hope that the HTC Titan because I'm getting tired of waiting. I keep asking and no one bothers to comment. What is going on and why so secretive about it? By the time we get it, it'll be old technology already.
  • Why would Microsoft use a huge chunk of their money to promote an HTC device? It's HTC's job to promote their own devices. Microsoft is promoting Windows Phone here. They had a similar display in Times Square earlier this year, and it was for Windows Phone, not for any particular oem.
  • For some reason, I'm thinking it's either going to be a surprise new flagship phone announcement (a new Nokia model that looks like the Lumia 800 but has better guts inside it such as FFC, more storage, 4G support, etc.) or it's kicking off a major new marketing campaign, possibly involving a float at Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.
  • I'll be there. When they say free drinks, they better mean alcoholic beverages. Only reason i'm showing up.
  • Hope they got a permit to keep it up there till Thanksgiving. If so, most of the the US will get to see it during the Macy's parade. Will definitely create a bunch of chatter.
  • RT @BILLCOX When we said we were doing something big at noon today in NYC's Herald Square, we meant BIG. #windowsphone https://t.co/drLZOfEa