Qype coming to WP7 (Update: It's already here)

Update: App is already out, look at that! You can grab it here in the Marketplace. (Thanks, @hellboy552000 & Oli, for the correction)

Wait, we didn't say the stream of official apps was over did we? Good, because it seems Qype is in line to come to Windows Phone 7 too, scoring a deal with Microsoft. A huge brand in Europe, being the largest consumer review website, and is an extremely popular app on iOS, Android and RIM with over 1 million downloads accumulated.

With Mango coming up, Qype will be able to take advantage of some great features being introduced to developers. The app will make use of Bing's geo-location feature to locate the best places across almost 1,000 categories and provide you with instant-use vouchers. Neat, eh?

Combine this with Local Scout (should it be appearing outside the US) and we'll have a winner in your pocket for travelling. The app wont be limited to only basic Qype features too as check-ins can be published via Twitter and Facebook, reviews can be written and photos uploaded. We'll also have some exclusive-to-WP7 features as Ian Brotherstone, CEO of Qype, explains;

"Exclusive to Windows 7, users will be able to track their friend’s check-ins on a location map, filter searches even further and view important information and tips on the Windows Panaroma Screen. The apps’ big advantage is personalised recommendations; “Someone who has a passion for certain types of bars in London for example, can receive recommendations for similar places in Paris, Hamburg or Buenos Aires."

Frank Fischer, Director Mobile Communications at Microsoft Germany, said:

"More and more smartphone users are accessing the web for local recommendations and Qype is leading the charge in this area. With the innovative local services of the Windows Phone our customers will now be able to access this information whenever and wherever they want to."

Some may see what Microsoft doing is "buying" brands, but I see this as an excellent strategy to build solid interest on the platform and bring big brand apps (which are used by most smartphone users) to customers.

Source: Rooster PR

Rich Edmonds
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