Reader Poll - What do you think of the Nokia Lumia 925?

Okay folks, it's time for another quicky reader poll! Today's topic: the Lumia 925.

We can already tell this one is causing some divisions, with those thinking its not a worthy Lumia 920 upgrade (even though it's not positioned as such) and those who finally have a reason to get a flagship Nokia (or even the opportunity, hello T-Mobile!).

Which camp do you fall into: hit or miss? Take the poll and let your voice be heard.

Daniel Rubino

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  • I will stay with my 920 plus some software updates for the camera & an amber update is also coming with fm radio enabled,although not for 620.
  • +1   My Red Lumia 920 is gorgeous and has the same features as these T-Mobile and Verizon variants.  The update will add the new camera features and FM radio reception.  When my contract ends on AT&T, a new Lumia with truly advanced features will be available and I will ugrade to THAT.
    But I am quite happy that the 925 and 928 are being released.  It all serves to increase Windows Phone marketshare.
  • Great for Tmobile, love the change on design, but without Instragram not being announced, this is not the game changer for our platform. More of the same with WP8 treading water in the market.
  • I'm tempted to use T-Mobile's any time upgrade but for 16gb? I think I'll just get the 920 now and wait to see what happens with the new phones. I really love the design too. Its a pain they messed up in that area.
  • Vodafone has 32 GB exclusive...
  • Instagram is for idiots when you have the same filters and twitter on your phone...
  • i thought i read somewhere that MS was going to announce instagram themselves today. it could've been just some idiot in the comments section spewing random nonsense, though, which happens a lot in comments sections where blowhards try to come off like they know everything.  hopefully he was right, though.
  • Microsoft usually gives their announcements closer to mid day Pacific time. However I do not see them announcing an instagram official client today or anytime soon no matter how badly people want it.
  • Instagram is a fad that's already cooling down. Not that big of a deal. The phone looks great, and I can't wait to get one!
  • It looks really nice, but compared to my yellow 920 the lack of built in wireless charging and smaller storage makes me wanna hold out for EOS. May feel differently after seeing it in the flesh but that's my first impression.
  • +1 the lack of wireless charging seems to be a significant omission
  • And just to add, for anyone that doesn't have a 920 with wireless charging. Wireless charging changes everything. You don't even need to think about charging, its always charged. On the pad, in the cradle, on the pillow, wherever u put it down its topping back up. No need to have a habit of charging, and grab it or take a call without having to remove the leash. Simply, it rules. Right there next to the camera as the best feature of the best phone.
  • It has wireless charging, with the inclusion of a case. Just like the GS4
  • Which is a poor compromise. If it isn't native, it is worthless. That cover is ugly. At least with the 800 series it replaces the whole shell and looks good.
  • They may have more cases, I'm almost sure of it considering this one blocked the speaker grill. Worthless? That's a stupid hyperbole.
  • I never use cases. An addition that changes the look or aesthetic of your device is not a valid replacement for a built in feature. Even if you did like cases, it greatly limits your choices. With your mentality, may as well just buy an iPod touch and get a mobile phone sled instead of an iPhone.
  • I feel the same way about cases, but OEM cases from Nokia slightly changed my mind especially for the L8xx series and the L900. But this wireless charging case is just plain ugly, and the color just doesn't match with the aluminum.
  • My logic? I don't think you read my comment as intended. I was correcting someone who said "lack of wireless charging", it doesn't "lack" wireless charging, it just "lacks" the ability to do so without an additional case. I would rather it be included as well, but considering 'most' OEMs don't even go as far as to include or make an optional wireless charging case I would still say 'we' win.
  • It's not worthless because it's still an 'addition'. 0 + 1 = something lol
  • In other words, one can say the iPhone has wireless charging - just add a case. Same thing for NFC - just add a case. 
  • Exactly. If it ain't built in it doesn't count. I avoid shells and cases like the plague. A good phone is something to show the world.
  • I have to agree with this. Wireless charging has made my life much easier.
  • It wasn't supposed to make you want to 'upgrade'. It's a VARIANT.
  • +1
  • True.  But I'm seriously tempted to sell my 920 for this.  If the camera performance in daylight is significantly better, I'm sold.  Need to see some 920 and 925 comparison shots.
  • Then why make a big event for a variant?! Verizon was just like "hey look we have a newer less colorful buy it." And this just seems like a big parade for a "variant" don't ya think?
  • Because they NEED to build awareness..
  • Exactly!!!
    People want Nokia to create Aladdin's magic carpet.
  • This you're right on.. Should be considered a variant of 920, nothing more. Silly us for expecting more.. Back to holding our breath until the real 2nd gens.
  • Wireless charging don't mean crap to me. If you use a W8 phone for gaming you better have a wired charger handy. The deal breaker is that wimpy 16GB. There is no way to save game data to SD memory / cloud. So if you game you're S.O.L.
  • Still want a 940 and a Guinness...
  • I'm not entirely sure about the design of this product yet. However, I do love the internal features. If the reviews of this product are on-par with my expectations, I'm probably going to replace my Lumia 800 with this one. (and buy a Nokia CC-xxxx Soft Cover to cover up the looks).
  • I like it alot, I was disappointed over wireless charging seeing how it us a flag ship but I understand I had to buy the door for my 810 a none flag ship. Also the camera design is ridiculous & looks silly so my only problems are cosmetic
  • Two steps forward, two steps back. It looks nice and lost some weight, which is good, but too many tradeoffs to get there. For starters I absolutely hate camera bumps, and losing wireless charging sucks. Also, why drop the memory to 16 GB? Not worth it. The 928 on Verizon is a far superior choice, and frankly, if I didn't already have the 920, I'd still opt for it over the 925. Disappointed.
  • There will be 32gb. options, it does have wireless charging when you put the case on, this is supposed to be a 920 VARIANT, not necessarily better just tweaked.
  • I don't want to put a case on my phone, and its been over seven months since the 920 released, I would expect a variant to be better, not worse.
  • In some ways it is better, but, if you feel otherwise don't buy it. Problem solved.
  • I don't plan on it, and its unfortunate that Nokia may push people away with this poor compromise of a device.
  • To be more precise - this is a @tmobile variant!  This is not meant as a replacement for the ATT 920.  It is for those of us over here with red hair living with our drunk step dad.  The screen is very nice but as someone pointed out the camera looks ridiculous. Gone is the elegance of the Lumia 920 and the beautiful colors.  I can only assume that the US version will come with (at least) 32 GB otherwise it will be DOA. As for for thinner and lighter - I don't give a crap.  The 920 is just fine.
  • Everybody should stop calling it a new flagship if its a variant. All the reviews will position it as a new flagship that lags behind. I really dislike the design choice. The aluminum bad is very Samsung (although real metal). To me the 925 looks like another generic Droid. I hope EOS is closer to 920 design. I'm still not sold on Al because you can't get bold colors with anodizing. And I really really hope they don't use the 925 design with EOS. It must be unibody.
  • Where are the buttons for voting? Are the buttons not available on the WP app?
  • Maybe in v4??? Huh huh
  • View links > external > polldaddy website
  • You can swipe over to More and View In Browser. It'll show you the poll there.
  • Thanks. Would be nice to have the feature for voting in More section though. :)
  • Subpar internal components recycled into a new shell with the same old software that doesn't support screen orientation lock or separate volume control - how exciting
  • Same old software? Is WP8 two years old yet? Move on...
  • Why would you come HERE to complain about the software of Windows Phone 8? This is clearly a hardware discussion.
  • The feature set is old. How annoying is it when messaging app rotates when typing?
  • Mine doesn't do that...
  • Since it's not coming to ATT, the wait for the EOS is on. My quantum is still going strong with 7.8, the EOS will be a true upgrade.
  • If you're still rocking the LG Quantum, anything is an upgrade at this point, especially the 925.
  • Unfortunately I can't hold out that long since my focus is shitting out. Looks like I'll be upgrading to a 920
  • Nothing wrong with that :)
  • I was hoping to replace my Lumia 900. I guess I'll keep waiting.
  • I'm waiting for EOS to replace my 900. My upgrade should available when EOS is released.
  • No real improvement over the 920. Not enough to get excited about, especially with smaller internal memory and no SD slot.
  • Thinner...check
    6 Lens instead of 5...check
  • Sure, improvments but, minor improvements, nothing major. It's just a rehash of the 920 with less memory and in a smaller case. Just like the 928.
  • Exactly, now your getting it ;)
  • Considering @TMobile doesn't have ANY good phones this is an improvement...
  • 16gb of memory? Check. Nokia missed it here.
  • 7gb. of cloud storage....check ;)
  • Nokia 920 and 928? Check. 32gb of storage? Check. Me compromising to get the 925? Check, I guess...
  • Admit it people, if you weren't holding your awesome 920, you'd be getting this one in a heartbeat.... ;) T-Mobile folks.... It's your time to show some aluminum Lumia love.....
  • If I didn't have a 920 or 928 or 8x available on my carrier, sure...but I would take any of the aforementioned three over this.
  • one moment here, u would take an 8x over this (the lumia 925) ??? sounds prettyyyyy wierd!!
  • Why? I've owned both the Verizon 8x and the 920, and was pretty torn between the two. Ultimately went with the 920, but the various degradations from the 920 to the 925 would be enough to push me over the edge. The 8x was a beautiful phone, I loved the physical build and size.
  • This I agree with! However very tempted to sell my 920 and get the 928, if it comes global unlocked, just for the penta-band UMTS support. Straight Talk T-Mobile is so much faster and more lenient when it comes to data. Just my $.02.
  • I'm so glad they've released these two and not the eos, I've got another year and half on my 920 contract ;)
  • 920 <3 simple!
  • I love it the 925. Its the 928 that I'm not really feeling...but with that said I'll be sticking with my 920. I have a feeling the next Lumia at&t gets, will be the one everyone goes crazy for!
  • Yep and one the T-Mobile and Verizon customers will be standing on the sidelines pretty upset over if Nokia makes it an exclusive....AGAIN!
  • Me gusta. Better than the 928. I do miss that built in qi charging though.
  • Frankly, I don't really like the design of either this phone, nor the Lumia 928. The speakers in these two phones are on the back, compared to the 920, which has then on the edges. It looks alot more cooler with the way they are in 920. Also, the curved design of the 920 give it style. It is what makes the 920 stand out from other phones. I think that the 920 may still be the more popular of the Lumia phones after the release of the new lineup.
  • +9
  • Sony Xperia Ion was curved...
  • The speaker of the 928 is on the curved edge of the back and amplifies bass when its back is down.
  • +920
  • I hope that the nokia will start producing much smaller devices, like iphone. The new flagship devices from nokia just way too big for me.
  • They already do... look at the 521 or the 810.
  • Yes I know, but i meant smaller Flagship devices... 
  • Unfortunately, the vast majority prefers bigger screens and it doesn't look like it's getting better anytime soon lol.
  • Are you kidding????? That's all they have are puny little crappy phones!!! The 9xx series are the only ones with a meger 4.5" display.
  • Yeah, but I think they were saying they want a 4 inch type device with the same internals as the 920.
  • Perfectly nice handset, should have been the 828 though. Nokia overhyped the announcement and underwhelmed with the actual product, not a flagship and not worthy of being in the 9XX line... It's a cut-down 920, and thus should be treated as such, and not billed as a new flagship.
  • Good call. Agree. Its a great phone to anyone that doesn't already have a high end wp8. But for most of us here that do, we wanted more. They need to keep pushing the envelope. Specs need to relentlessly march on..
  • Some specs are OS limitations, so what would you have really wanted?
  • Thing looks like some Huwei Android phone. Not at all in line with Nokia design principles. And then the lack of features compared to the 920, I will definitely be waiting for something good before I switch to T-Mobile.
  • Nokia X7, Nokia N9, Nokia C8 Do these all look the same? No, Nokia would be just like Samsung if they just used the same casing over and over again only making it 'thinner'. Diversification is good in this case.
  • This.... For some of us, using an 810, this is a welcome upgrade for tmo....16gb is fine for some of us tech nerds;).. And the design is not bad at all... I will upgrade..and if a newer flagship comes out ...will upgrade to that..later on in the year... Luckily tmo provides its users with that choice, with its new plans....those of us that don't see the added benefit of the 925, should just wait..especially if you already have a 920... A win/win for everyone...especially Tmobile!!
  • wpc can u add a option e which should be .. Good but not better than the 920...i want to pick that option and i am sure there are 920 more people who want to do so
  • Poll is limited.
    I think it looks good. But I don't think it will do well.
  • Agreed!
  • I think it was a sarcastic poll :P
  • 928 is better. However, this phone will appeal to "Galaxy" and "I5, bro" owners.
  • Here's the thing... it's more attractive with the full picture than I expected. I don't particularly like "humps" on the back, but it's subtle, so it's still pretty slick. I love that it's lightweight!
    I feel like a lot of people are being whiners about this in terms of camera/specs, because they were somehow expecting the next generation of hardware which we all knew wasn't really coming. Shame on them for expecting otherwise when we don't even have a new hardware spec from Microsoft.
  • On T-Mobile!!! I'm getting this phone! I do understand why some are disapointed though... if I was on AT&T rockin a 920 I would have been disappointed too. Dont think this phone was ment for you, youll get the EOS. Time to ditch my HTC Trophy!
  • I have the now-discontinued 810 on T-Mobile. Disappointed because while the 925 has the great 920-style camera we've been wanting, it doesn't have an appropriate amount of storage to utilize it! My 810 has 40 GB storage if you count my SD card. This is frustrating.
  • But at the end of the day.. This phone allows for 16gb of onboard storage of apps that the 810 didn' if a maps application doesn't allow for storing maps on an SD card..your screwd with the 810... I wish they could have added an SD card.. But still a step up and the alternative is the great 920 which we could still get or an unlocked ATIV from we still have some options..;-)
  • Does anyone know how many megapixels the 'Blink' app produces its photos in?
  • I'm on T-Mobile & I like it . I didn't like the 810 but I really like this one . I will get it.
  • Really like the look of this, depending on the price I will be buying one to replace my 18 month old L800.
  • Im not really a fan of the design. I do absolutely love the design,of the 928. I hope Nokia announces the 928 for Canada tomorrow. I would replace my 920 for it. But I think that it'll be the 925 announced for Canada. The 928 is the best looking phone I ever seen in my life. I really wish the 920 looked like the 928 from the begining
  • Good that networks are buying into the platform with some handsets they are more likely to push. Not enough for me to consider upgrading my Lumia 900 though!
  • I really dont think it should a 92X it should be a 825 or something. The 920+ should have the same base features then approve upon them as the new models come in so for it to lack storage is really frustrating atleast its an improvment over my 810. I'll just get the international one if its T-Mo compat
  • Why does WP Central keep crashing today?? Everytime i go into it
  • When I saw the first images weeks ago, I thought it was a hoax...that is seriously one butt ugly back of a phone.
  • its a nice phone for people doesn't like the weight of Lumia 920 to me  its a refresh version of 920, if anyone expecting higher end phones then they should wait until GDR3
  • I think it's kinda crazy to see this as an upgrade to the 920. Seriously, people were considering it ? Anyways, nice looking device, it's different.
  • i still prefer the 920 design but then 925 may appeal to more matured/traditional people who want to get the pureview camera right now but hold off by 920 size and colour
  • What is a lumia 928? 
  • Muy bello ese celular lo unico que veo malo es que Nokia tenia que lanzar esa edicion meses atras y ahora presentar la competecia para los telefonos inteligentes de nueva generacion ej: Samsung Galaxy S IV, o por lo menos ponerle un procesador un poco mas rapido y comercializarlo como una version mas potente. Yo tengo un Lumia 920 y no me quejo para nada de mi celular me gustaria tener el 925  el 928 porque la estetica es mucho mas aparente son mas elegantes pero no me afanare porque mi 920 sigue siendo una maquina.
  • Love the 925 but why such lack of storage??
  • Will stay with my red 920... Wish that Nokia comes with BIG screen...
  • So much angst over whether a commenter is legit or not. Who gives a shit? Stop throwing straw men up, comment on the phone, and move on.
    This phone looks nice, and is a great WP8 option for Tmobile, but as someone who is about to offload their HTC Trophy and move to the 928 on Verizon, I'm glad this wasn't more than it is. 
    Still, I do think Nokia needs to start showing some more forward progress soon.  Of course, I say this at a time when Nokia has like 75% of all WP sales, and WP market share is increasing, so maybe they're doing exactly what they need to..
  • Here is my observation:
    1. Not positioned as a successor to the 920, so those with 920 can feel good about the choice they made and not that they need something more on AT&T. Most comments I have read fall along those lines.
    2. This is designed to be T-Mobile's flagship as the 928 is Verizon's. Lately, I was worrying that Nokia was only positioning themselves for the low-mid-tier devices. Leaving many of us looking all too seriously at other devices or even platforms.
    3. People who buy their phones outright unlocked and sim free have been waiting for these announcements. I am thinking in some form or another, all three (920, 925 and 928) will be available in other markets sim free. Now I get to choose whether to finally go for a discounted 920 or wait a little longer for one of these.
    4. As for the 925. The 16GB is a waste of time. No device can now be called a flagship with lesson than 32gb. Windows Phone has far too many compromises. If you want expandable memory or even more than 32gb, you must lower your expectations for screen, or camera, or abandon PureView. If T-Mobile is only getting a 16gb model, that is not good enough. Apple drops their older machines to bargain status, and their top player has 2-3 levels avaialable from 16 clear to 64gb. 2011 saw a single Windows Phone with 32gb and until the 920, it has basically stayed that way. Even the Ativ S, which was touted as getting a 32GB model w/MicroSD expansion has been no where to be seen.
    I currently sport an HTC Titan. 8mp camera, 16gb storage. While I understand moving up to Windows Phone 8, wireless charging, dual core make a difference, not enough to jump at a WP8 device, or I would have popped for an 8X. Dual core means not nearly as much as more memory. I am bumping my head on that ceiling, and going anything less than 32gb is a waste of time and money.
  • It's cool...
  • 1) 16GB is fine for almost everyone. Keep that in mind before you blather on about how "no flagship can be less than 32GB blah blah." The iPhone 5 is absolutely a flagship and the #1 selling model is 16GB. 2) AT&T exclusivity is over with. There have been a lot of people waiting for a 920 variant on their carrier and now it's here. Expecting anything more from the 928 or 925 announcement was foolish. 3) Most phones come in one color. Feel special you can pick from two colors. Most people (target market) will put some nasty, shitty case on their phone anyway.
  • Stop speaking for everyone. 16gb is not fine for me. I have paid for a lot of apps and have to uninstall some to install new ones. This is totally unacceptable. Don't forget the other storage issue and big 2gig games are a big factor for not buying a 16gig phone. Stupid Nokia. So angry.
  • Uhh he said almost since you are not in the almost everyone category, he wasn't speaking for you... If this isn't your cup of tea... Get something else or wait for the new flagships.. Its that simple... I am getting it.. And will work 16gb just fine .. Its all we have right now... Unless they actually decide to release a 32gb in the states... Or we can get the vodaphone variant
  • It is still a rather bold generalisation to speak for most people. How can one person know the preferences of another? I don't want to switch network just to get more storage. If only Microsoft allow installing apps to SD card in a future update.
  • Maybe #1 selling iPhone model is 16GB, but #2 selling iPhone model already has more than that. At least they have options.
  • @honestabebread...+1, and well said!
  • ^^this!!!
  • Never have liked camera bumps... Makes the phones look incomplete to me. That, and I have no idea what I'd do without wireless charging!
  • I will be getting the 928 & have to say. This device looks great. I can only imagine what future Nokia devices would look like in terms of aesthetics. The specs will come but right now Nokia is just trying to feed the masses w/ flagship devices. Once these two new devices do well, you can almost guarantee a solid device is to follow. Great to have more Nokia options for other carriers/users. C'mon Son! Don't knock until you've tried it.
  • I think it's a great phone and now every carrier have a flagship phone.
  • Where's the "meh" option?
  • This phone isn't meant to replace the 920, but a 920ish option for T-mobile. Like the 928 for verizon. I left verizon because they wouldn't carry a nice windows phone, they came too late now for me but verizon now has a nice phone for windows phone. It is nice to see more carrier support for the high end devices, this is a great step for both Nokia and Windows phone.  I expect a 920 upgrade end of the year for at&t which will likely be the 41 mp beast. At&t will have the new stuff before the rest, and they earn that for supporting the platform from the start.
    Verizon regretted not going with the iphone when apple approached them and it ended up going to cingular. I think the same may be true for windows phone ... only the future will tell.
  • Funny to read that AT&T earned anything, because AT&T had the worst support out of any carrier when it came to WP7, despite having more devices. Even Sprint supported their one WP better than AT&T before WP8. Props to them for turning things around for WP8 though. I didn't expect that.
  • Aluminium ? No, I still prefer the colorful polycarbonate 920 (especially the yellow one)
  • There is no way I am downgrading from my 920 for a device that doesn't have wireless charging built in and micro usb back to the top, what were Nokia thinking? Sorry Nokia I won't be handing over my hard earned cash this time around, lets hope there is something better next time.
  • Micro USB at the top was really dumb to me. Who does that? And only 16gb? What? But I'll be picking mine up
  • Aw crud, micro USB at the top? Seriously?! Totally missed that part up til now. Damnit!
  • The Lumia 920 just came out about 6 months ago!  Why would you change phones so soon anyway?
    It wasn't Nokia's intention for Lumia 920 owners to dump their 920's and purchase this 925; Nokia's intention was to give T-Mobile users a variant of the Lumia 920!
  • I'm on T-Mobile and indifferent right now. I need to see how it feels. Design looks premium though.
  • Love it! 
    I hope this is the future of the Lumia line. I like the idea swapping out the charging covers. I'm always hestitant to buy a phone in a bright color because I figure I would get sick of it. This is a great alternative... 
    Much better than the 928 and I'm kind of surprised that VZ didn't pick this up. Hopefully the next AT&T flagship will be an updated version of this design with new internals.
  • Looks good but on t mobile network ....meh
  • The camera is ugly looks like the phone had a pimple that was squeezed!
  • T- mo I am in
  • Sadly we got socked with the 16gb but I think you're right. I'm in too!
  • Finally!  Jabtano, been reading your comments a while and you've been interested in Nokia bringing a great device to T-Mobile.  Nokia finally came through for ya!
    Hope you enjoy your new device :)
  • This phone is downright ugly compared to the 920 & 928
  • This phone is so beautiful but with 16gb it has compromise written all over it. But I might be first in line at T-Mobile compromising with a smile on my
  • The back looks like an HTC One at first glance good looking phone though!
  • I voted success. On Tmobile, I'm not sure though.
  • I am on AT&T with a L920, so this is not for me, but I am happy that people have more to choose from, and that is always a good thing for the platform, Nokia as well as existing customers like me. Obviously, Nokia is listening to feedback that there is interest out there for a thinner device with metallic finish. All devices are not meant to please everybody.
  • Nokia is listening? The number one complaint is that there's no SD card on the 920. Seems they weren't listening on that front.
  • Elegant... :-) i think it will b most suited to Business Or High class people :)
  • The phone looks great, they made it thinner and had to leave the camera hump. Big deal, I'm sure this is going to cost less on release, I would guess $400-$450 range. And if you add the wireless changing plate the hump seems to disappears from what I can see. And this is a big win to TMO and Nokia. The 710 was a hit for Nokia and I'm sure the 925 will do just as good. I held off getting the 810 or whatever number they gave it for the 925 and I'm happy I did. Can't wait.
  • Adding wireless charging just as a option is the main reason I won't buy this phone. What is the win if you have to add another cover instead of plugging in the cable? Nothing! That also bothered me with the 710. BTW the 925 really looks akward with the wireless charging cover on. Seen it already?
    Either you integrate wireless charging in a single removable cover or you just leave it out. I am waiting for the successor of the 820 which failed on me for other reasons but was the closest one of all lumias.
    I use wireless charging since the first Palm Pre and am not gonna give it up.
  • I think it looks good(except the white 1) but it really should have been 32gbs all around. T-mobile buyers are gonna be pissed. And hope they master the new design by the time of the EOS release with more colors.
  • Apparently the market didn't like it or too many people were calling this the new flagship phone that it made the stock go down. I hope there's a true flagship in the works for this year.
  • Really annoyed with Nokia for downgrading to 16gb. Fail. Fail. Fail. What with most high end games now over 1gig in size, space will be severely limited now especially with the "other storage" fiasco. Yes i know about the clean storage app. I was hoping to go from my Samsung Ativ S to the 925 as 16gb is not enough for me for apps. Never again will I buy a 16gig phone. Also the charging port is on top of the phone. WTH?? Not only does this look unsightly but if you want to charge it in a third party dock you have to charge it upside down. What the heck were the designers thinking?? Bad Nokia! :-(
  • It's nice, I like it and if I hadn't already bought a 920 last week I will buy one
  • My 920 is perfect, I'll stay right where I am.
  • Why so little storage my 16gb focus s is maxxed with pics and apps and music (Xbox music) 16gb is laughable. I can see only having 16gb on board if there was a microsd slot. Its kind of ridiculous.
  • Hot and will do well... I know my fellow T-Mobile customers will agree when I say it's about TIME we got a high end WP device!
  • Yeah...its totally ugly. Even the ugly 928 is prettier than this one. I'm seriously concerned about the way Nokia is heading with the designs. It brings bad memories from Nokias past...(remember that phone that literally looked like a gigantic lipstick?)
  • No need to upgrade from my Lumia 920. I'm waiting december 2014
  • As long as they kept the pixel density , the screen size, the camera , the processor the same , i think nokia made it fair its all upto the users to choose between a thin and light body --> 925 or 928
    A sexy beast which is kind of heavy but bright and eye-catching --> 920
  • Its a nice edition for t-mobile. Now 3 of the 4 big carriers have a flagship Lumia. This will help add market share.
  • I'll wait for the next Lumia on ATT, plus without wireless charging and less memory it isn't such a great step up
  • I like that it's a sleeker design.
  • The only reason for the 925 and 928 is because the US Carriers are playing nasty and asking for and getting exclusivity on devices.  Both these new devices are essentially 920's if you look at the major specifications.  My contract has been up for months but I have not upgraded because AT&T had a strangle hold on the 920. 
  • Now that I know that Nokia still is planning to continue making traditional Lumia devices, using Polycarbonate, I really like the idea of something different like the 925... As long as Nokia still gives us our color options in a familiar Lumia design I see no harm in experimenting elsewhere... So, I'm excited about the 925. I also like the fact that WP devices are being released more than once a year. I hear the market share expanding like a balloon!
  • + Slimmer
    + Slightly improved camera (allegedly)
    - Uglier
    - 16GB
  • I'm in the "Hello T-Mobile!" camp. Was going to get the 521 to tide me over until something better came along, but now I'll just go straight for this instead....
    It doesn't seem to be better than the 920, but I do like the styling more. Definitely is a worthy complement to their existing product line. And I for one am happy to exclude wireless charging in exchange for a lighter and smaller body - as is, I think, most of the public.
    The 16GB storage limitation is a severe drawback though, with no expansion slot. Don't know what the hell they were thinking there. I hope there'll be a 32GB option available after all.
  • Ill stick to my red Nokia lumia 920 im not keen on the design of the lens aspect hope the next phone is alot better
  • Personally, I'd love a WP8 device that is mid to high end (so a 1GB RAM device), unibody or at least having the minimum of parts making up the shell (so it feels solid), and about the size of the Lumia 800, maybe a couple millimetres larger in width and height but no more.
    Sadly, Samsung have driven the market in the ridiculous direction of their "phablet" monstrosities. What happened to using a phone as a phone, in one hand, upright (portrait)?
  • Why wasnt this released earlier, I bought a 920 and unlocked it for use on T-Mobile, I would have gladly got this, but now I will not.  
  • It takes time to build, test and refine new hardware. You have a great phone, the 920, by the time you want a new phone I bet T-Mobile will have a new Lumia offering for you
  • Hit! I really like t-mobile service, prices and customer service...I will not be switching any time in the near future. This WILL be my next phone unless T-Mobile comes out with another even cooler Lumia device!
  • I am painfully disappointed with the 925. I wanted a new and better Lumia device. Instead, we keep getting iterations of the 920...
  • I completely agree.  Selling last year's flagship, but with some external design and size changes, but exactly the same features, is not progress in my opinion.  This is not going to impress anyone that isn't already a Lumia fan.
  • I really dislike the lack of color and microSD slot. Hope Nokia continues making blue, red, yellow phones. I will buy this phone on T-mobile though.
  • Nokia is smart. It has launched the 925 for those who picked faults with the 920 (weight and thickness anyone.?? ;) ) the hardware is pretty much the same as the 920, except for an amoled screen and lesser memory. I still prefer my chunky "bright yellow" Lumia 920 that I absolutely love..!! :))
  • I didnt like the way it looks. Out of the 920, 925 and the 928, I still think 920 looks the most beautiful..
  • Nothing to see here. I'd still get a 920. Aluminum is boring.
  • I like the looks of the phone.  But I dont think this or the 928 are really upgrades to the 920.  Just different flavors. I love my 920 and I am slowly converting my whole family. 
  • I'm staying with my Lumia 920 but I am glad that they are releasing these phone, because more options are always better than very few options. Keep up the great work Nokia!
  • Why are people so hung up on Instrgram. Who gives a rats ass! I made the switch to windows phone because of its built in social networking features, and email capability. I had tons of apps that I invested in on my iPhone 4S and don't care that I don't have access to them. I love my Yellow 920 and everything WP8 has to offer.
  • Protruding lenses on cameras is a signature design choice by HTC, as far as I'm concerned. My Nexus One had it and many others since. Still a nice phone and glad to see T-Mobile getting a bone.
  • Looks ok I dislike USB port on top. Still won't change my beautiful redhead 920 for 925 or 928.
  • Its a great looking phone. Nice design.
  • The 925 looks gorgeous, but I'm disappointed by its limited functionality: no memory card slot, no xenon flash, and only 16GB internal memory. I guess that's pretty much the same as iPhones, but I hoped for more.
  • If I could, I change.
  • All I wanted really was 920 hardware in a 720 body...