Readit goes universal for Windows 10 Mobile

One of the most popular Windows Phone Reddit clients - Readit - made the leap to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) a few weeks ago on Windows 10.

Thanks to the UWP, Readit is now available for Windows 10 Mobile, fully optimized for phone use.

Readit's developer, Caleb Keith, informed me that he was able to bring Readit from Windows 10 to Windows 10 Mobile in under a week. It speaks to the potential of the Universal Windows Platform for an app as complex and feature rich as Readit to become mobile compatible so quickly. Caleb also stated that further development on the Silverlight-based Windows Phone 8.1 app will cease moving forward unless a bug arises that prevents it from functioning.

The changelog for Readit's latest version ( for Windows 10 Mobile is as follows:

  • You can now vote from the post viewer
  • Gifs now have preview images
  • Moved settings from hamburger menu to the subreddit/main appbar menu for space consolidation
  • Back button no longer closes the app, just minimizes it
  • Back button will now close the sidebar instead of minimizing the app
  • Subreddit list stays open when closing the hamburger menu
  • Every font size has been adjusted
  • Fixed swipe view bringing up front page posts even in a different subreddit
  • Fixed viewing posts/swipeview in search/profiles
  • Fixed appbars on small screens being cut off
  • Fixed web pages sometimes having transparent backgrounds
  • General bug fixes

Caleb has various feature updates planned for the near future, including scrolling image live tiles, and the ability to link a subreddit's image feed to update your lock screen and start screen backgrounds automatically.

..."Adding/Removing Friends and Composing messages from inbox & profiles are coming in the next update. I will also be updating the Desktop application with the next update after this one. I will also add an option for loading comments while viewing a post's content (or before scrolling down) which will be turned off by default (for mobile devices) for performance reasons."...

Readit for Windows 10 Mobile functions very similarly to its Windows 10 counterpart, with some important differences. Readit has the hamburger menu at the bottom of the screen to enhance its one-handed usability and retains its signature swipe-view - also slated for Windows 10 on tablets and touch-screen PCs. Readit on W10M benefits from capabilities new to the OS, such as the ability to stream videos over your home network and the ability to reply to messages from the notification banner without launching the app.

As Readit is on the Universal Windows Platform, it's already capable of leaping across to HoloLens, and Caleb has expressed a desire to bring it to Xbox One should Microsoft open up the console to independent app development. If you haven't downloaded Readit already, you can try it for free with ads. You can also remove the ads for a very reasonable in-app purchase.

Download Readit from the Microsoft Store (Free)

QR: Readit

Have you tried Readit? What do you think of its W10M version? Let us know in the comments!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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