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Realarm updated with a handful of new features and fixes on PC and Mobile

Realarm, a solid alarm app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, has been updated with a handful of new features and fixes. In the latest update, Realarm has added smoother animations, new options for alarm notification times, and more. There's also the usual helping of general bug fixes and improvements.

Here's a look at all of what's new in Realarm 2.4.2:

  • You no longer need to wait until saving is completed, it's done in background
  • XAML animations in time picker converted to Composition animations for smoother experience (more to come in following updates)
  • Number in time picker now follows your finger as you drag so that number is not covered by your finger
  • You can now start dragging anywhere on circles in time picker
  • Added more options for next alarm notification time (6, 7, 8, 9 hours)
  • You can now enable sound for next alarm notification and use the notification as go-to-bed reminder
  • Removed message about Quiet Hours as it's been fixed since Creators Update
  • Removed AppStretch link from app
  • Fixed bug that Vibrate only button is deactivated after zooming out in Sounds page
  • Other minor code improvements

Realarm has been a mainstay on the Windows platform for some time, as well as an all-around solid alarm app. If you'd like to check out the latest version, you can pick up Realarm for free for Windows 10 PC and Mobile at the Windows Store.

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  • Nice one
  • Sweet! I'll check for updates.
  • These new animations s*ck. The previous ones looked much smoother, this likes to flicker...
  • Hmm, doesn't flicker for me.
  • No problems here. New ones work really well. Now, if only they would get rid of the "extra taps" required when setting alarm time. Have to tap twice to get to the "time wheel" and extra tap before you can save your chosen time
  • Wish he would port this to Android.... miss this app.
  • I miss this one and Veather
  • I like the refined UI.
  • Yeah, i love Realarm!
  • Yeah, and are also a handful of permissions it wants just to start a sound. Nope, thanks.
  • ReAlarm is a great app. I only stopped using it because I no longer have need for more than one alarm at a time, but for those with a busy, daily or weekly schedule I can highly recommend this wonderful tool of a time-controller :)