Reddunt for Reddit takes the best of Baconit and adds a little extra spice

If you're a fan of Baconit, a popular Reddit app for Windows, then a new app called Reddunt may be worth a look. As a "forked" version of Baconit, Reddunt is based on the former's open source code. As such, both apps currently share many similarities, but Reddunt has already started to differentiate itself with Feedback Hub integration and more.

Reddunt Desktop

Here's a look at what to expect from the Reddunt's latest patch notes:

  • I localized the whole code, and that's mean we can now translate the app to other languages. Right now, just PT-BR, but contact me at @vitorgrs if you want to help the translation to other languages.
  • Full Screen Mode! Go ahead and tap on the 3 dots and tap on Full Screen button.
  • If you are on Anniversary Update, you'll notice better battery efficiency.
  • Integrated with Feedback Hub. Just tap on the 3 dots, and then it will open Feedback Hub. You can give feedback there, and we'll see it!
  • Fixed bug that the medium tile wasn't showing Reddunt's logo.
  • XAML bug fixes
  • Optimized for Hololens!
  • More coming soon!

Reddunt is currently available across both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, and is definitely worth a look if you're already a fan of Baconit. Be sure to give it a shot and let us know what you think in the comments!

Download Reddunt from the Windows Store

QR: Reddunt

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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