Registry and File system access on HTC & Samsung devices: done

The other day, we mentioned about running native, unmanaged code on Winodows Phone 7. The achievement was illuminating since it showed that advanced "rooting" can take place on WP7and that modifying system software was feasible. A milestone, indeed.

A minor, but important, advancement was just accomplished by the same developer, Chris Walsh, who just tweeted that he has managed to get "registry and file system access" on an HTC and Samsung device, noting that the LG was next. This is good news because it shows that this type of work is device independent--something we would assume to be the case, but as the Samsung/LG tethering tricks show, sometimes there are device level differences after all.

Daniel Rubino

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  • If this lets you customise things a bit more I might do it but we don't know what the drawbacks are. MS could ban rooted phones off of Live and Zune, two things I use. In that case it's not worth it imo.
  • After reading the article I just got flash backs of xda forum members asking how to revive a windows mobile device that just bricked after rooting the device. I'm staying away from any moding or hacking and keeping my Windows Phone reliable, safe, and under warranty.