Reimagining the web with Internet Explorer - "a web you can touch and feel"

Microsoft wants you to step onboard and reimagine the web with Internet Explorer 11. In a recently released video, the company revisits various interactive experiences from the past and asks you to imagine an internet that “did things you didn’t think were possible”. Along for the ride is Microsoft’s Surface Pro to really immerse users “in a web you can touch and feel”.

The first revisited experiment is “Everest: Rivers of Ice”, which allows users to get up close and personal with one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. Described as “a web so beautiful it’s transformative”, you can check out the site here.

The next highlight features “a web so immersive, there are no boundaries” with Red Bull’s Rampage interactive webpage. Follow a biker as he races down an insanely step hill – at the same time, adjust the camera and track his exact position. You can try that experience out here.

ATARI’s Arcade “takes what you know in the real world and brings it to life”, you can even relive Windows 95 and the cult classic game, Hover, with the latest version of Internet Explorer.

When you want to jump into modern day hits, Microsoft shows off the stunningly beautiful game – Contre Jour. If you are only going to check out one of the above experiences, this is by far the one to have a blast with.

Contre Jour Experience

Microsoft doesn’t have the upper hand with every one of their products. Words like Vista, Internet Explorer, Kin, and Zune still provide a negative image for many despite how good (Zune) or bad (Vista) the products actually were.

Microsoft’s Rethink Internet Explorer Campaign is another way the company is trying to improve brand image, and it sure is a beautiful advertising maneuver. To view every single Internet Explorer experiment, you can visit the new campaign website by clicking here.

Do you use Internet Explorer or are you using a third party browser?

Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault