Report: Halo Infinite gameplay reveal set for E3 2019, xCloud more powerful than Google Stadia

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: 343 Industries)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's E3 2019 media briefing takes place on June 9.
  • According to a report, Halo Infinite gameplay will be showcased.
  • Project xCloud is also rumored to be more powerful than Google Stadia.

Microsoft's E3 2019 media briefing is only a few days away, but it seems like certain aspects of the show may have leaked. According to a report by Brad Sams on Thurrott, the company will finally showcase Halo Infinite gameplay, and discuss its Project xCloud game streaming service.

While we haven't heard anything concrete about Project xCloud being showcased during E3 2019 or how it's supposedly is more powerful than Google Stadia, we can confirm that Halo Infinite will be part of the show. Sams said the following when discussing the reveals.

For Halo Infinite, this will be the first real showing of the next-generation game. Microsoft will be running the demos from a PC with an Xbox controller as they don't want the first impression of the new game to be running on the now-dated Xbox One hardware... But the darling of the event will be the company's xCloud service. Microsoft has been talking about this service for about a year and at E3, we will get a new look at the offering... I have heard that it does best Google's previously announced 10.7 teraflops.

While Microsoft may not provide exact specifications for Project xCloud, the company should make it clear that it's more powerful than Google Stadia. However, only time will tell as to how the company wants to approach the reveal.

What are you looking forward to most from Microsoft's media briefing on June 9? Let us know. Hopefully Halo Infinite will be confirmed as an open-world game that lets you explore an entire Halo ring. That's what we all want more than anything else.

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  • I stand behind this. Microsoft has been working and demoing prototypes of xCloud for years. It was powerful already since when they ran Halo 4 on mobile, and that was pretty solid. Still, any Cloud gaming service needs to gain popularity fast to survive and focus should be about making it accessible for Countries where Internet is lacking, this is where "the battle" should be about.
  • I think Apple just jumped on the bandwagon by allowing xb/ps controller support starting with apple tv.
  • Apple have a leg up, they will be out first and are promising a wealth of exclusive content. The downside being they are locking down in their own products, so for other users it's an Apple TV or nothing.
  • "the darling of the event will be the company's xCloud service"
    Ouch. Me who wanted them to mostly focus on announcements of new games...
  • Well, you knew that wasn't going to happen. There are too many hardware and services in the works. It will probably be half and half on games and other stuff.
  • Gaming life changing feature (for both devs and consumers), xCloud.
  • It's a 2 hour press conference, there will be plenty of game announcements.
  • 4 Xbox One S console's combined into one server blade. 4 Xbox One Andaconda's @ 12+TF each? 48TF @ 2020 official launch release? Hmm 🤔
  • I thought that supposedly Google said 4K and Xcloud only said 1080p? Is it more powerful by allowing more users but not better graphics?
  • I don’t think xCloud has made any definitive statements.
  • Yeah, you are right by the looks of it. I guess I just remember people discussing it. Probably assumed because it's Xbox One S in the blades and not X.
  • I keep forgetting that teraflops are the only thing game companies can talk about these days ever since the PS4 Pro pushed it's "Staggering" 4.2TFlops. Nobody gives a crap, graphical fidelity is based on features not FLOPS. An example of this is do you know how often Nvidia and AMD discuss the metric for their GPU's? Basically never, because it isn't what's important.