Report - Samsung cozying up to Windows Phone, trying to depend less on Android

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As the fallout from the Apple v Samsung case is being realized, there is a lot speculation as to what that decision will mean for the likes of Microsoft and Windows Phone. Opinions range from it will big big for Microsoft to it won’t matter for them at all.

The Korea Times, a paper with a mixed reputation on these matters, has gone on record in saying that Samsung is looking to form a stronger relationship with Microsoft as a result of the Apple decision. But is it accurate?

The paper doesn’t quote anyone from Samsung directly, in fact they make the comment almost in passing, not even focusing on the ramifications of such a decision:

“[Samsung] is also closely partnering with Microsoft (MS) to cut its dependency on Google Android, according to officials Wednesday.”

That is all that the paper has to say on the matter and we do want to express cautious optimism here. For one, while we can rationalize such a decision by Samsung as being in their long-term interest, it’s a bold change of plan to move away from the success of the Galaxy S3 into the arms of Microsoft, who so far has not exactly paid Samsung’s bills when it comes to mobile.

Second, despite Samsung’s patent and design issues, the S3 is not part of that controversy. While legacy devices may have some problems in the next few months, Samsung is focused on the S3 and whatever comes next.

The ATIV S - Sign of Samsung's new commiment to Windows Phone?

Third, although Samsung did surprise people with the ATIV S yesterday, they spent all of 90 seconds on their one and only Windows Phone 8 device. Meanwhile, we’re going to take a guess that Nokia will spend at least 30 minutes talking about their new Lumia phones next week. Just a hunch.

We do believe that Samsung, like other Windows Phone OEMs, do see a much bigger opportunity with Windows Phone 8, but we’re hesitant to see them dramatically change strategy due to one court decision, which they are surely going to appeal.

Then again, we did hear an earlier report similar to this one about Samsung. That one alleged that Samsung would focus more on Windows Phone due to the discontinuation of Bada and Tizen not being ready until 2013--so perhaps there is some truth to this after all. We just haven't seen what it actually means yet.

What do you think? Is Samsung going to put a renewed focus on Windows Phone 8 or will they take it slow and steady, seeing where the market takes them while pushing Android?

Source: Korea Times; via PC Advisor

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