Report - Samsung cozying up to Windows Phone, trying to depend less on Android

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As the fallout from the Apple v Samsung case is being realized, there is a lot speculation as to what that decision will mean for the likes of Microsoft and Windows Phone. Opinions range from it will big big for Microsoft to it won’t matter for them at all.

The Korea Times, a paper with a mixed reputation on these matters, has gone on record in saying that Samsung is looking to form a stronger relationship with Microsoft as a result of the Apple decision. But is it accurate?

The paper doesn’t quote anyone from Samsung directly, in fact they make the comment almost in passing, not even focusing on the ramifications of such a decision:

“[Samsung] is also closely partnering with Microsoft (MS) to cut its dependency on Google Android, according to officials Wednesday.”

That is all that the paper has to say on the matter and we do want to express cautious optimism here. For one, while we can rationalize such a decision by Samsung as being in their long-term interest, it’s a bold change of plan to move away from the success of the Galaxy S3 into the arms of Microsoft, who so far has not exactly paid Samsung’s bills when it comes to mobile.

Second, despite Samsung’s patent and design issues, the S3 is not part of that controversy. While legacy devices may have some problems in the next few months, Samsung is focused on the S3 and whatever comes next.

The ATIV S - Sign of Samsung's new commiment to Windows Phone?

Third, although Samsung did surprise people with the ATIV S yesterday, they spent all of 90 seconds on their one and only Windows Phone 8 device. Meanwhile, we’re going to take a guess that Nokia will spend at least 30 minutes talking about their new Lumia phones next week. Just a hunch.

We do believe that Samsung, like other Windows Phone OEMs, do see a much bigger opportunity with Windows Phone 8, but we’re hesitant to see them dramatically change strategy due to one court decision, which they are surely going to appeal.

Then again, we did hear an earlier report similar to this one about Samsung. That one alleged that Samsung would focus more on Windows Phone due to the discontinuation of Bada and Tizen not being ready until 2013--so perhaps there is some truth to this after all. We just haven't seen what it actually means yet.

What do you think? Is Samsung going to put a renewed focus on Windows Phone 8 or will they take it slow and steady, seeing where the market takes them while pushing Android?

Source: Korea Times; via PC Advisor

Daniel Rubino

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  • That's good news bring all your best hardware to windows before Android & they could be back in the game.
  • I don't give a rats ass what Samsung wants to do. They can continue to support Android until Apple takes all their money or they can just do a regular Android layout and we don't know if Apple will come after Google too.
  • Tbh i want Nokia to be THE only windows phone oem  even if that means less sales and less phones. Eventually Nokia wil dominante in THE coming months. This way we can associate only Nokia with Windows phone. If they keep up with 3 or 4 phones à year that would be great. Cus how fast is an android outdated? 
  • That will never happen. 3 phones by one oem will get the platform nowhere, especially if ATT get the better of the devices. The 900 was the only lumia that interested me but I'm on tmo and it work with the data service no there was no point in unlocking one to tmo. Now if every carrier got their own versions instead of this exclusivity nonsense....
  • Really? 1 phone by 1 OEM works well for Apple
  • But it took Apple a while to get on a carrier other than at&t.
  • Only because AT&T invested in iPhone before it was released so they had exclusive contract. It is not like Apple could not get to other carriers. AT&T owned part of the original iPhone.
  • Cus carriers have so much influence in  the us doenst mean Thats THE same everywhere.
    Carriers should compete on other things not phones.
  • Why would you want that? Not good for anyone at all. Of course I already knew the Nokia fanboys wanted that anyway.
  • I almost agree... except I want Samsung and HTC on board (I believe HTC will go bust and be purchased by some other company in the coming years but right now they are important). More device makers are not any good for WP especially since all devices are so similar but Samsung are just too big to ignore and HTC command geek users' mindshare.
  • WHat if it turns out that nokia gets 80% marketshare. Nokia brings some uniek design where as others just have android look à likes. There needs to be à clear difference between android phones and Windows phones. Take THE new Samsung wp and turn it off place it next to androids ppl wont see THE difference. Where as everyone can identifie à iPhone or lumia .
  • Chances are Samsung are going to have some pretty cool tech. It may be displays, processors, or something else. They are the biggest device manufacturer in the world and this makes them extremely effective because of economy of scale they can invest in R&D and produce good tech for less money. Dropping Samsung is not wise. It is not like dropping LG.
  • They can just buy THE parts from Samsung. And Samsung inst THE only one with big R&D there is Sony LG and others.
  • That's buffoonery man. For us to get equal treatment from app developers, banks, stupid zynga, etc... We need MARKET SHARE. And you get market share via Samsung, Nokia, a healthy HTC, huwai etc etc etc. Competition always benefits the consumer.
  • No way so only there best devices goes to AT&T NO I will take the sammy on T-MO
  • I sincerely hope this is just a joke.
  • Lol "less sales and less phones" means less apps and more of our dumb apple and android phones laughing at is being the only one in the group who can't play their reindeer games. No thanks, you nitwit.
  • Yea cuz googles gettn ya sued lol
  • I think a good majority of early adopters have a sour taste for Samsung but it doesn't matter. They're going to bank on future customers who haven't experienced the lack of enthusiasm by Samsung for their purchases.
  • Early adopter? I had smart phones since the pocket PC windows 5 & Samsung has done a great job with smartphones currently my favorite because of the best screens out there.
  • My first Samsung phone is my Samsung Focus and it has been awesome. I have a 16gb card installed, with internal 8gb memory and works flawlessly. The screen is brilliant with real blacks. It has worked smoothly for all the games I have. I have even tethered with it without a problem (and no extra monthly fee).
  • ATIV is a good start. Samsung gave the best it could considering the market share WP has. As the WP market grows Samsung and others will push it further
  • I actually would go and get the ativ if confirmed for tmo. So, does ativ stand for something?
  • ATIV S = Sony VITA?
  • Ah-teev. Only explanation I've heard so far is vita backwards (vita=Latin for life) don't know why you would call it that. Kind of says windows phone turns your life upside down? :-P jerks...
  • Speak it. 8eev
  • Lets hope they are successful, their new devices might catch the eye of Samsung android users, more converts to our flock.
  • I hope Samsung Seriously Advertizes this phone.  They cant do what they did with the Focus brand.  Samsing Needs to make a splash with this phone.  Microsoft Should do everything in theyre power to help samsung achieve this.  Like maybe give them back the money for android licensing fees to advertize theyre product.
  • Hope it works out in our favor #WPFTW #RAW
  • I'm not sure why people are saying the phone is blasé... Its only a Samsung galaxy s freaking three as in the newest and beat thing out that happen to get 10 million preorders in July. I think Microsoft would be okay with a taste of that love from consumers...
  • Completely agree. all the articles have been "meh, its ok looking." ok looking? Brushed metal back (read not cheap plastic like the s3) and looks sharp as hell. I hope it's the odyssey for tmob as I'll def get it (even though I want the Nokia exclusive apps. Nokia needs to allow those apps for a fee on other oems.).
  • Nokia "needs" to sell phones and exclusive apps helps them do that. One of the reasons I got a Lumia was for Nokia Drive. Good for them. Samsung needs to step up and bring some new stuff to the table ir Nokia will devour them.
  • who bit the cable ?
  • Who else, ma kittehs, lol
  • As long as Samsung goes with more than one OS, consumers benefit with more choice.
  • Wp8 Note Now Plz!!!
  • Would be interesting to know how much MS pays to Apple for the patent licenses. Is it the rumored 30$ per device? Because most of the software patents in the Samsung-Apple case are also applicable for WP (like double tap to zoom, bounce back at the end of content, etc.).
  • MS pays Apple $0.00. They have a perpetual cross licensing agreement that goes back years, since Apples troubled times. That's why they never sue each other, they have access to each others patents. It wasn't ever a secret, most people just weren't informed on subject.
  • haha funny how people are just finding out about this.  It was common knowledge for most people in the IT field....heck just as a hobby even.  It will be interesting if samsung partners with microsoft, how the legal battles are gonna pan out.  SUE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!!! MUAHAHHAAHA
  • Bring it on the more the merrier
  • Too late Samsung. They focused on Android and even when I had Samsung (Focus and Focus S) I had to stop following them on Twitter because they only pushed Galaxy. They never, ever mentioned their Windows Phone devices and their software support sux. They STILL have the vanishing keyboard problem. They pretty much turned their back on WP until they had no other choice. F'em...I switched to Nokia and I'm staying.
  • I'm a lumina 900 guy but Samsung innovates like no one else and they manufacturer their own parts how can we do anything but be thrilled
  • If Sammy gets a bit more serious with WP, that would be a huge boost for the platform. When you get down to it, Samsung is in a much more recognized player in the market, and it would create a sort of synergistic Samsung-Nokia double play in the market. Then if the plan failed, they could fall back on Android. Unlikely, though. Besides this nasty lawsuit, Samsung's tactics have been quite successful thus far.
  • Well. They are less depending on android now. They are now distancing themselves from google. They are now close partners with ms. And with the hardware they gave to the ativ s. I do think they are dead serious about wp. I have no doubt they'll market it. More like the galaxy s3 like ads
  • Its this simple if the ativ s does well they will give wp more attention truth be told almost all the people I talk to (with the exception of ifreaks) have there manufacturer of choice Samsung is a big name right now and WP needs them to succeed along with Verizon on board will go a long way here in the states.
  • The main "big thing" for Windows Phone 8 is to get Verizon on board. And do it with top end hardware not low end junk. That means LTE connectivity, Krait for the CPU, HD resolution SLCD or Super AMOLED+ and a nice big battery. Also high end build quality. In other words, a true "hero phone". 
    If Samsung wants to be that OEM more power to them. This ATIV phone meets all the criteria except the LTE (and for all we know there could easily be an LTE version as it appears to use Krait as the CPU and Krait comes with LTE on die). If not I hope Nokia or HTC (A WP8 implementation of the One X would be a killer) do so.
  • God I'm happy I don't live in the us. In Europe, you actually can stay with your carrier and choose whatever phone you like. I've been with my carrier sine 1994 and had phones from all the major manufacturers.