Reports of serious power button issue surface after installing theChive app for Windows Phone

Chalk it up under coincidence or perhaps a real serious bug after all, but after numerous tips and a few forum threads, users are reporting finicky behavior after installing – and using – theChive app for Windows Phone.

TheChive is a new official app from the website of the same name. Although it jokingly bills itself as the "probably the best app in the world" many users seem to think otherwise.

One instance of a user with problems noted the following:

"I go to lock my phone and it does nothing. Still powers off if I hold it down, but won't lock screen. Also all of my quick toggles disappeared from my notification center. Just left blank grey spaces. Tried setting them up again, but no go, still blank spaces. Restarted phone and that didn't help. Hard reset is completely out of the question."

The common denominator appears to be theChive and possibly the new 5 Minute Home Workout app released earlier this week. The shared problem is reportedly an unresponsive power button. Perhaps the worst part is uninstalling the app and soft resetting the phone does not appear to fix the problem, at least not for everyone. A few users have reported that they needed to do a dreaded hard-reset with an early restore from a backup.

Of course, before shaming theChive app, some other users have suggested Glance or the new Gestures Beta app may also play a role. Forum member GoodThings2Life, who is an IT admin, thinks the problem is related to theChive's browser:

"My suspicion is a bad implementation of "keep awake" for their media browser."

Needless to say, things are a bit cloudy at this time, so it is probably best to not install theChive at this time until what is causing the problem become clearer.

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Daniel Rubino

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