Reports of serious power button issue surface after installing theChive app for Windows Phone

Chalk it up under coincidence or perhaps a real serious bug after all, but after numerous tips and a few forum threads, users are reporting finicky behavior after installing – and using – theChive app for Windows Phone.

TheChive is a new official app from the website of the same name. Although it jokingly bills itself as the "probably the best app in the world" many users seem to think otherwise.

One instance of a user with problems noted the following:

"I go to lock my phone and it does nothing. Still powers off if I hold it down, but won't lock screen. Also all of my quick toggles disappeared from my notification center. Just left blank grey spaces. Tried setting them up again, but no go, still blank spaces. Restarted phone and that didn't help. Hard reset is completely out of the question."

The common denominator appears to be theChive and possibly the new 5 Minute Home Workout app released earlier this week. The shared problem is reportedly an unresponsive power button. Perhaps the worst part is uninstalling the app and soft resetting the phone does not appear to fix the problem, at least not for everyone. A few users have reported that they needed to do a dreaded hard-reset with an early restore from a backup.

Of course, before shaming theChive app, some other users have suggested Glance or the new Gestures Beta app may also play a role. Forum member GoodThings2Life, who is an IT admin, thinks the problem is related to theChive's browser:

"My suspicion is a bad implementation of "keep awake" for their media browser."

Needless to say, things are a bit cloudy at this time, so it is probably best to not install theChive at this time until what is causing the problem become clearer.

Source: Windows Central Forum 1, 2

Daniel Rubino

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  • I had the same problem on my L1520 and had to reset my phone to fix it
  • That's why it's the best app in the world.
  • I have the chive installed and don't have this problem
  • The app was working fine but having lock issues.. Auto restart my phone and not able to receive call due to black screen... Nothing works so finally uninstalled it aakhri did soft reset
  • After reading this article I can confirm it was chive. I had this problem 15 minutes after installing Chive. I had to factory reset my L1520.
  • i had a same problem lumia 1020 needs factory reset
  • Lol ...ahem ahem there seems to be problem with navimi too anyone?
  • Same here, I thought it was because of my memory card, but it seems to be this. Lumia 620
  • We need to report this app. Why is it still up?
  • The best app in the world to ruin your phone. I tried installing this app but strangely it would never finish downloading,so I cancelled it. Now I see I was very fortunate.
  • You're so lucky!! In the reset I lost apps that were pulled from the store!! :'( now I can never get them back
  • Same here. Even the status tiles was pulled
  • I don't know if you noticed it but status tiles is back in the store. I just saw it and thought I should tell you
  • Who said? Try to dev unlock your phone and deploy whatever app you want through app deployer from Windows SDK. There are so many websites for the apps. Use Bing as your friend. Nothing is impossible, man.
  • Dev unlock your phone and install cracked xap/appx bundle manually.
  • I installed the app but forgot to try it. I guess only after we launch the app the problem starts because I installed and there was no issues till now.
  • How odd!! I also faced same issue...for a sec I thought power button broke but after a restart is working fine
  • Everything about windows phone is a damn beta.
  • I've had this problem over the last couple of days as well. L925 with theChive installed. In fact the app was running in the background when the issue surfaced.
  • I've been dealing with this thing all day today because of that app. I guess it's not the best app in the world anymore cause I'm going to un-install right after this comment
  • "The Best app in The world"??? Breaking all users phones?? This is the biggest joke of this year!
  • I found possible fix... for my Lumia 1520 it worked. I disabled and uninstalled "Preview for Developers" app, restarted the phone and everything is back to normal. Hope it works for others... let me know.
  • Same with my 1020. After using the chive app my button wouldn't work and would auto start if I shut it down. I had to hard reset my phone and reset up everything.
  • Happened to me (1020), I just reset my phone this morning!!! Geez..Never installing that app again!
  • i had the same problem too on my L820, i had to hard rest my phone to fix it. i had same problem before too(after i installed some app), but i was not sure if it was the app OR coincidence. weird bugs keep popping up on (my) windows phone every month.... :(
  • I had this exact issue with the "5 Minute Home Workout" app earlier this week. The only fix that worked for me was a hard reset.
  • I also face the issue after installing "5 minute home workout"..even uninstall the app won't solve the problem..have to hard reset my phone
  • Like back to factory, or just reboot?
  • Reboot won't help. Soft reset neither. I hard reset my phone through "settings->about->reset your phone"
  • Same as you guys.  After 5 minute home workout, got the same issue.  At first I thought it was the Glance update... After hard reset, (without this app installed), the power button works again.
  • Yeah, me too. First I thought it was the Glance update or the Gesture Beta apps. Then, I check what app did I just install before the problem. It was "5 Minutes Home Workout". I uninstalled the app but that won't help. So, I hard reset my phone.
  • Exact same thing here, had to hard reset... Lumia 925
  • I had the exact same problem on my 1520.3 on T-Mobile, I reset my phone and was surprised that it gave me Lumia denim early
  • You don't have Lumia Denim early. It's a bug with Extras + Info that can be replicated by disabling Preview for Developers app.
  • Hey dude, if I may ask... Which RM # version is the L1520.3? I'm thinking of upgrading my 521 on T-Mobile, but not sure if the factory unlocked version of the 1520 I see on Amazon will get Lte support
  • Same problem on the Icon. I was troubleshooting this morning trying to figure the issue. It all appeared after installing theChive app
  • Thanks for the god that the internet goes down while downloading the 5 minutes app
  • Hmmm. I've had the problem twice now. Glad it's not the phone, guys I'll uninstall the chive until a fix is in place
  • Has this fixed? I've also unistalled it..
  • So... What if I have theChive already but haven't had the issue? Uninstalling sounds like it does nothing, so do I just stay the course?
  • That's the hard thing to answer here as data is all over the place. Don't get me wrong, those with the problem are adamant it is theChive and calling this "the biggest story of the year", which is a bit hyperbolic, but clearly there are some not having this problem at all.
  • I hardly think it's biggest story of the year, lol, but I saw one poster that thought so calling it malware. I just think it's a bug and want people to avoid hard resting their phones for no reason.
  • i didnt haver any issues for the first couple days, now i cant lock the phone and nothing but a hard reset to fix the problem, on my 930. I have it installed on my 1020but no issues.
  • No I have this problem only after installing Chive. I did soft reset it brings back me back out of black screen but all quick settings icon are blank.
  • What model device do you have? Can you tell us if you have Glance and/or the new Gestures Beta app installed?
  • I haven't install theChive but I face the issue too. Sorry but, I don't think it only was this app, it must be the 5 Minutes Home Workout app too. On that day, I install the Glance update, Gesture Beta and 5 Minutes Home Workout. Some guys face the same problem after install all those three app as I am. Refer some comment above. I had to hard reset my phone after failing to solve this problem with reboot my phone and soft reset my phone. After the setup, I install the Glance update and Gesture Beta. There is no problem at all. So, IMHO it was the 5 Minutes Home Workout as I never install theChive.
  • Yes same here had to uninstall the app restart the phone and all are good now on my L1520
  • Same.
  • I got same problem in my Lumia 730 after installing chive
  • Had to soft reset my Icon first time in months! Damn you Kim Jung Un!
  • Squidbillies for the win.
  • Ha! I watch that show too. It's funny isn't it?
  • Those without knees kneel before no man...
  • Heard that and removed app for now.
  • Its same with 5 minutes workout app too.
  • Chive deleted ...problemo solved :D
  • Not for me :(
  • Try to reset ..
  • I've done soft reset, but after 2 hours the problem happens again
  • I installed the app but never used it...thanks to daniel for this info, I deleted the app soon after reading this article.
  • Power off to reboot... Not just reboot (volume+power).
  • Also uninstall 5 Minute Workout.
  • Had this problem yesterday on my 920. Stupid app. Had to reset the phone.
  • I had the same problem on 920, but it has not happened more than 1X after restarting the phone. I haven't removed the app or performed a reset.
  • In my Lumia 920 ..also this problem occurring.. Lock button stop working when phone is ideal.. Please fix.. This I also done hard reset.. But it won't effect..
    I uninstalled chive ..but still lock button doesn't work..
    Please Microsoft how can I fix this issue..
  • My wife had the same issue with 930. It turned out to have water condensation on the motherboard. Try to be careful when you sing in the shower. :)
    Yeah, we had to take the phone to repair.
  • There is no way that the Chive app can do this, it doesn't have OEM interop privlidges. I suspect the glance app.
  • I don't have glance enabled (don't think you even can on a Lumia 930) so it's definitely these apps.
  • I suspected Gesture Beta, but after unistall it the porblem is still there
  • I think its the extras+ info update. Poor chive was in the wrong place at a wrong time. Okay may not be wrong place..
  • Except that Chive is gone and Extras is still on my phone... no more problem, and I can reproduce the issue by simply installing and opening Chive. :)
  • Some devs have said that some of the APIs in WinRT have bugs which can send phones into a reboot frenzy. Even the ProShot dev said in the forums that this is the reason he's sticking to Silverlight for now (though he's promised a WinRT version in the next update) till Microsoft fixes it. So in all probability there could be some implementations which can take control over the phone despite being sandboxed. Devs would probably explain it better.
  • Yes, it's The Chive for sure. Only app I installed yesterday and same thing happened. I uninstalled it but still had to factory reset and restore my Icon.
  • Run Field Medic to diagnose the problem. You may get to know of any crash with that data.
  • Yeah, I wiped the phone fresh with Lumia recovery tool even started a new backup. everything worked fine, reinstalled thechiveapp and bam its back after allowing it to run in the background, had to recover it again. Never tried the workout app. Gestures works fine each attempt.
  • Thank god I didn't find interest in this app.
  • So, it's the "the best app in the world"...
  • Me to I had to do a hard reset. Restored to factory settings.
  • I had to use Lumia recovery tools I had sound and video issues too...
  • Good that I didn't get the time to open the app even though I did install it earlier today. Deleting till a fix is reported to be running perfectly :D
  • Had this on my 1520. Didn't put together that it was the Chive
  • The Gestures App has given me no problems, I have NOT downloaded thechives or 5minute work out.
  • The Gestures Beta app may not cause the problem on its own.
  • Just for clarity, I'm an IT admin not a dev. But yes, that is my guess. Many media apps use the function to keep the phone awake when media is playing. My theory is that it is not shutting the function down, isn't stopping when app is closed, and/or triggering an OS bug. Maybe some combination. I'm curious to know if it affects everyone on 8.1 or just dev preview users.
  • BTW, I do think people are preemptively jumping into a hard/factory reset without needing to... Uninstall and reboot by powering down first. Then, if problem persists, consider hard reset after a backup. No sense losing time and data over this.
  • I uninstalled the app "5 minutes.." as soon I noticed the issue, 2 days back. Also I have tried multiple soft reset after that, that wont work permanently.
  • Many can't even get to the point to uninstall. The phone is not even usable because the touch screen barely works. Minutes later the device will reboot and the blue sad face will appear.
  • Hey, dev here! GoodThings2Life has a good point but as far to my knowledge apps are heavily sandboxed on Windows Phone. Especially 8 and above. I tried reproducing it my self by making a app that tried to do this but once you hit the Start Button the app is sort of "paused" in laymen's terms. I think this is a weird mixture of a rare bug, its odd. Best course of action is to not launch the app if you really fear this... Edit: I'm NOT the dev for theChive app I'm just a regular WP Dev
  • Yeah, without being a dev myself and picking the app apart, I can't prove it... I'm just stating what I think is logical based on what the app and OS can do. :)
  • Hard reset solved the problem, didn't back up anything . . Lost everything. This is the worst app in store!
  • Thank god I didn't downloaded the chive app
  • Same thing I did not also download it. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • All my explorer pins on home screen became invisible, they were there but completely invisible, and my 1520 and the wife's 520 both gave a SD card error, tried to fix, seemed to erase everything then after a reboot and the systems repeated fix attempt it all came back, scary.
  • Same here! But those problems I've been experiencing for much longer than 1 day and a hard reset doesn't solve anything
  • Same here, display is all black!!! I have to connect my Nokia to the laptop - by USB - in order to see my lockscreen/PIN code! p.s. Uninstalled theChive about 12 hours ago :(
  • Reboot.
  • Happened to me. Icon, DP. Had to hard reset. The phone literally went nuts. Other issues besides just the power button. Mobile data issues, huge lag, and burning hot!
  • I had cellular data issues few days back. Had to restart the phone couple of times. Not sure what caused the problem. Was it Vodafone or the phone? I ran Field Medic for two days and submitted the report.
  • I just had the same problem after installing the chive, would've been nice to if I read this couple hours ago before doing the hard reset
  • It affects everyone on 8.1
  • It definitely seems that way.
  • Is this even possible? Aren't non OEM apps don't have that much privilege to actually damage system function?
  • No, they certainly shouldn't. However, I think this is triggering a function in the OS that may be badly handled by app or bug in OS.
  • I think the issue is caused by multiple factors such as Glance or Gestures Beta app. I can't seem to reproduce the issue on my Lumia 625 without glance or gestures app.
  • I uninstalled the chive app but I'm still having the same problem. Will there be a fix for this?
  • Reboot by powering down.
  • Hard reset will solve the problem, tried soft reset 3 times, but no luck, make sure u back up everything when u hard reset ur phone( I didn't!)
  • Keep calm reset phone
  • You win the internet for today.
  • I have the gestures beta app but no chives nor the other app mentioned in the article and my phone is working normal. I have an 830.
  • Great, that's what caused me to reset and lose so much...
  • Happened to me after installing and opening chive as well. But uninstalling and a soft reset corrected the issue.
  • Same experience I've had in two devices... 1020 and 1520.
  • Guys 5 minute workout is the real culprit
  • I've never heard of it installed that app, so no. It might also be problematic but not exclusively.
  • 5 minute home workout is the real culprit. I installed only this app.. Even MS has pulled down this app now.
  • Both are poorly coded and to blame. I never installed the 5 minute workout, but did install The Chive. Had to run Lumia reformatter program. Lost everything. Nice work guys!
  • May be the issue is only for preview for developers
  • Doesn't seem to be the case.
  • Same problem for cyan too on my 720
  • I don't hv pfd, still had to reset the phone
  • @Daniel,
    I have not installed theChive, but "5 minute...". Still I face same prob. Also I can now see "5 minute..." App is now pulled down from store. Do you think Microsoft will release a fix for this? As backup-reset is a painful process, I will end up losing some apps which are not available now.
  • The Chive... The hiding spot for 45 year old perverts.
  • installed and uninstalled after using chive app after few seconds. Now this problems happened. Power button doesn't work. Everything is super slow. Cant view Email. Cant install other apps. Phone is charging but seems not working. I need my life back! Help!
  • Power down the phone... Press and hold power works, just not quick press.
  • I'm experiencing the same phone charging problem
  • I'm pointing my finger at theChive. It was the last app I installed on my new 735 before that issue hit me. Fortunately for me, as I'd not finished final configuration on my device it wasn't a great issue to reset and start from scratch, without theChive second time around.
  • Has to be the chive. Its the only app listed I've installed and I had the issue. Uninstalling fixed the problem for me.
  • Had to do a hard reset this morning for this very reason
  • Nothing to do with glance, I have a 930 and have had to hard reset 2 times in 2 days. Once after 5 minute workout and once after chive. Uninstalling does not fix it. You think it has and it will re appear. Hard reset is the only way I know so far!
  • Did you have the Gestures Beta app?
  • I think this is a bit premature. Obviously the people with errors are more vocal, but did WC talk to the dev? Do we want to scare away new apps with conjecture? Forum to news in one day? How many times has out happened to the staff? Dvp? Phones? I just think it's odd to call out an app, maybe I should read the forum post, but I shouldn't have to either at this point of WC making it news. My comment, I don't like this post as is.
  • Yes, why don't you go ahead and read the comments on the thread and the comments here. :)
  • I shouldn't have to read the thread. The website and forums are different. Hence why comments on news don't need to stray, we have two places for a reason.
    I think it's a coincidence. We have hive mind, a lot of us downloaded the app yesterday because it was featured here. Yet I have a video of this happening to my brother on his 925, when using musictube, yesterday. Could be OS related to time. It very well could be the app... But we are starving for app parody and blaming a new app, two new apps, when all we have is... Very little evidence. Obviously a discussion is important to find the problem, that is why we have the forum. Bringing it to the readers, who might not be super techies before we have lots of evidence is not good "reporting" imo. In quotes because this is a blog.
  • this issue arose within hours of that app being advertised. All users had installed Chive. No coincidence. 
  • Time correlation is not causation. It happened once for me. I have chive installed. Didn't uninstall, no issues today. My brother doesn't have any of those apps installed, had the same lockout issue. His issue could be coincidence, blaming the chive could be coincidence. All I'm saying is that it's a little ridiculous to blame an app so quick. Maybe blame the API in the title of the story.
    Oh well, I don't have any skin in this besides liking this site and liking Windows. Hopefully it gets figured out either way.
  • If it was coincidence, MS wud not have removed "5minute home workout" from store.
  • MS pulled it? That's what the devs said?
  • A lot of users reported that app. So MS might have found something fishy. Else the developer might have found the bug he left in the app ;)
  • Fwiw it hasn't happened to me and I wrote the announce post yesterday. But, it is seemingly happening to a lot of people.
  • Install The Chive bro. It will wreck your phone.
  • I'm on dp, up to date, 1020. Have chive. Thing is, I've had my power button act up before, happened yesterday too. Only thing that would work is holding camera to launch camera out of lock. Like I said, I just don't want people jumping to conclusions.
    But it happened right now when viewing chive again, when I locked straight in the app. Hmmm, still got out with camera button, must be resume state... But it happens with other apps too. I wonder what's different?
  • Seriously i too have faced it....!!
  • I had the same problem on my 920. Didn't happen when I installed 5 minute workout, but it did happen after installing The Chive.
  • Need a hard reset. All pulled games, local data ađnd payment i payed in games disappear. ******* app
  • Exact same thing happened to me but I didn't make the correlation. Removed the app cuz it just ain't that funny and who needs boobs on their home screen all the time. Tasteless and a phone breaker. Good riddance
  • Chive was the only app installed today. Uninstall won't help. Did the Soft and hard reset. Still the problem won't go and not solve. This never happened to my 1520 before since I bought it. Seems most of you guys had the same problem. I'm buying a new 1520.
  • I have neither the fitness or gestures apps. Don't use glance.issues started within an hour of downloading, trying and uninstalling the Chive app. Resets do nothing. i refuse to hard reset unless I truly have to, although at the moment my phone(l925) is useless   chive devs should be ashamed     
  • Thanks for the info!
  • I had this issue yesterday, deleted a few apps including official theChive app (it was time for a clear out) and a soft reset and working fine. Installed official theChive app again, no issues, was on it few minutes ago and power button won't lock the phone. Think I'll have to ditch that app until later. It's a Nokia Lumia 930.
  • Thanks for further validation. That is my experience on a couple devices as well.