Revamped Yahoo Messenger desktop app reminds us it still exists

Yahoo has revamped its desktop Messenger app for Windows and Mac platforms, adding features such as "liking" posts and support for GIF images.

Yes, it is true: Yahoo Messenger is apparently still a thing even though it had reached its height during the George W. Bush administration. In a blog post, Yahoo tries to convince us that the rebooted Messenger app is cool again:

Want to share photos from your latest vacation or simply spice up a message? Save precious time with our drag and drop feature to share multiple photos at once. Then, spread the love by "liking" any posts or images that stand out to you. If you'd rather reply with a GIF, you can easily search and send GIFs to your heart's content. Pro tip: play GIF roulette and type /gif + any search term. With Messenger's desktop notifications, you can multitask at your computer without having to worry about missing an important message from family, friends, or coworkers again.We are also introducing the unsend button – one of our most beloved Messenger features now on desktop. Sent that message too soon or caught a last-minute typo? Now you can take back a message, photo or GIF (yes, even after you've pressed send)!

If you are still using the older Yahoo Messenger app, be aware it will be discontined on August 5.

Download Yahoo Messenger for Windows and Mac

John Callaham