Review roundup: The NVIDIA GTX 1070

GTX 1070
GTX 1070

Even though the GTX 1080 was the main focus at NVIDIA's recent big launch event, towards the end the "one more thing" was the GTX 1070. Slightly less powerful than its bigger brother, the GTX 1070 was still given some pretty serious talking up, especially comparing to current generation of best graphics card options.

The first batch of reviews have been trickling out so we've rounded some of them up for you folks that are keen on the GTX 1070. All signs point towards it being pretty fantastic in its own right, but we'll leave you to make the final decision.

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PC Gamer

"For the performance conscious, the custom (non-FE) versions of the GTX 1070 are the cards to beat, as they'll handle everything up to 1440p Ultra without too much trouble, and they're better at 4K in most cases than the previous generation heavyweights (980 Ti and Fury X)…but you'll still need two cards in SLI if you want to consistently break 60 fps. AMD's Fury X beats the 1070 in one instance, and it's a Gaming Evolved release at that: Hitman, in DX12. Even if all DX12 games were to follow suit, there just aren't enough of them right now to balance out all the clear wins in DX11 games."

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Tom's Hardware

"The short of it is that, in every test we ran, GeForce GTX 1070 is as fast as, or faster than the $1100+ GeForce GTX Titan X. It's not always quick enough to beat AMD's Radeon R9 Fury X, or even the vanilla Fury. But in those cases, Nvidia's previous-gen cards lose by an even larger margin."

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"With a 12-23 percent delta between it and the GTX 1080, the GTX 1070 certainly isn't as fast as its big brother, but it also costs roughly 36 percent less. When you compare it to the Titan X, it's up to nine percent faster and up to 55 percent cheaper. That's a crazy good deal. Sure, the GTX 1070 makes some concessions against the GTX 1080, but, for the most part, it performs admirably where it counts."

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"I was blown away by the Founders Edition GTX 1080. But in many ways, the more affordable GTX 1070 is even more impressive. Like its more powerful sibling, this is a slick piece of tech — a quiet beast of a graphics card that delivers more for less in almost every way possible."

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"Nvidia have also placed a focus on technologies to improve the VR experience. Simultaneous Multi-Projection provides performance for new display technologies. The GTX 1080 GPU can simultaneously render to unique viewports that are designed specifically for VR headsets and triple display users. Lens Matched Shading improves pixel shading performance by rendering up to 16 viewports that will better support the design of the latest VR headsets. This helps to avoid rendering pixels that would be trashed before the final imagery is sent to the VR headset."

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And for those who appreciate their reviews in a more visual format:

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