Review: SPB TV 2.0

SPB is a class act among Windows Mobile developers. Their applications such as SPB Mobile Shell and SPB Backup are some of the best selling and most well known applications available for Windows Mobile.

Originally released in March of 2009, SPB TV recently made the jump to version 2. For the rundown on new and improved features, hit the jump.


SPB TV version 2.0 offers some additional key functionality and builds on the foundation of previous versions. The notable new features are channels specifically offering Video-on-Demand content instead of only channels based on pre-scheduled individual streams. High Quality streams using h.264 streams are also supported, and Hardware video acceleration support is improved.


Any application built by SPB is going to excel in the usability department, and SPB TV is no exception. All navigation is intuitive and easy to use. Choosing content is very similar to the experience of operating a DVR or similar system. Channels can be scrolled through quickly and easily. Some functionality does however depend on what the specific channel supports. Features such as the ability to view the upcoming schedule may or may not be available for all channels.


Don’t go into this application expecting to get all of the premium channels from your cable connection, but there are some channels that give some value to the user. In particular there are several local channels that cover some of the larger cities in the US. Much of the channel selection is based outside the US however, and therefore features different languages. For a full list of the available channels, look here (Warning: PDF link). Additionally, SPB allows you to suggest channels that you would like to see added to SPB TV.

A word of caution, this application counts on the fact that you have a robust data connection (read: 3G or WiFi). Also, streaming video consumes a large amount of data; be aware of your monthly data limit.


As far as pricing, SPB TV 2.0 costs nothing, which is always a plus. The application is supported by ads that display whenever you switch channels; very unobtrusive.

My only real hangup with SPB TV is that much of the available content is not of value to me personally. However, SPB is obviously working on partnering with content providers, and the content that has been added since version 1.0 has definitely taken a step in the right direction.

Definitely give SPB TV 2.0 a try on your device and see what you think. Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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Ratings (out of 5)Features: 4Usability: 4Content: 2Overall: 3.5/5 ProsHigh Quality TV looks great Price is right!ConsContent selection still needs to improve
  • Nice review - think I'll give it a try. Also, you have copied your two opening paragraphs, and pictures in the review...
  • That was bizarre. Fixed.
  • Interesting review regarding the SPB TV 2.0 its boost the market of the windows mobiles and more features are amazing,the cons part of the product content selection still needs to improve.
  • What an absolute waste of a download this was! There's little English and no UK content and what there was, was crap. Thank God it was free!
  • I will agree with Steve.... The review is written nice and sweet, but, I am a bit sceptical regarding the written to be true. Plus it got beaten up by Mobile Online TVx
  • SPB TV is no loger a leader software for watching online tv. Fully agree with april_forshee: "it got beaten by Mobile Online TVx". Besides, SPB developers betrayed their customers who've bought their software before, because it's freeware now (let alone ads). SPB is gone forever....
    I think making the software freeware was a must for developers, because they couldn't compete with Online TVx.
    Now the leader is Online TVx and it is recognized by WM giants such as XDA-developers. I'm happy to have Online TVx in my HTC.
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  • Looks like the program is growing nonstop!
    New version is released-Mobile Online TVx 2.1.1-G snesored enabled and even more inclusiv with added new features, one of those is that you are able to remove the adult genre from the genre's list with just one click and much-much more...
    The update for new version is FREE.
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