Review: SureCop

SureCop was recently released by 42Gears Mobility and is a security application for your Windows Phone that allows you to activate security features remotely via SMS messaging.

SureCop will allow you to locate your Windows Phone, lock your Windows Phone, wipe your data clean, remote callback, remotely alarm, and recieve notification is the SIM card is changed.

We took SureCop out for a test drive recently and just follow the break to see how it measured up.

Installation and Set-up

Installation was easy and straight forward. When you first launch SureCop, you will be prompted to establish a system password. This password will be used in remotely activating features, disabling alarms and accessing SureCop's settings.

The main page of SureCop's application has tabs for Actions, Settings, and About.  The Actions Screen allows you to send your location via SMS message and wipe your Windows Phone (hard reset).  The Settings Menu consists of General Settings, Manager Settings, Set Password and Disable/Enable SureCop options.

You can't send SMS commands from any phone so, before you can use the remote features, you will need to go into the Manager Settings tab to establish a partner phone(s). From the Manager Settings menu, you choose to add a manager then select a partner phone from your contact list. Save, close, and you can start remotely controlling your phone.


Remote commands are sent via your partner phone by SMS message. The command strings are basic and after a little use, easy to remember.

A quick break down of the commands are:

Locate your phone: Using your Windows Phone GPS or cell tower information a SMS message will be sent to your partner phone with a link to Google Maps that will give an approximate location of your phone.

Remote Lock: This locks your phone and displays a custom message. You can have the message display anything ranging from your contact information to reward information. To unlock the phone, you'll need to enter your SureCop password.

Remote Wipe: This is basically a hard reset. It will wipe not only the data stored on your Windows Phone but also any expansion cards in the phone.

SIM Change Alert: No command necessary on this one. A SMS message will be sent to your partner phone when your SIM card is changed out. You can also set SureCop to lock the phone in the event the SIM card is changed.

Remote Callback: This command will have your Windows Phone silently call back the partner phone so you can ease drop on any conversations taking place around your phone.

Shout Aloud: This is an alarm feature that initiates a loud alarm on your Windows Phone. This feature will work even if your phone is on silent or vibrate and is a good tool to locate a phone you've misplaced.

Additionally, you can wipe your device manually through SureCop and send your location to other phones through the application. If you need to meet someone and need to send them a map of where you are at, the latter feature could come in handy.


I had good results in testing the remote commands. In sending commands to lock the phone, sound an alarm, and have the phone call back these features worked fine. It took just a matter of seconds for each feature to activate and they performed as expected.

The one feature I had to hold my breath on was the remote location command. I've seen similar products take forever to send out the phone's location. I entered the SMS command into the partner phone and in just under two minutes, received a reply that had a Google Maps URL for my phone's location.

I also tested sending my location and the SMS message was recieved just as quick. Both instances, the GPS placed my phone within twenty yards of its actual location.

Overall Impression

SureCop is a simple security application that will help you secure lost phones. The features that are designed to prevent someone from accessing or using your phone worked nicely.

The features designed to locate your phone worked just as nicely and very accurately. Everything about SureCop worked as advertised and if you are looking for a simple security app, Surecop is worth a look. You can download a trial version of the application at SureCop's website and give it your own test drive.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.