Ridiculous Marathon nails the endless runner game basics on Windows Phone

Ridiculous Marathon is a recent release in the Windows Phone Store from the incredibly-talented development group Game Troopers. The endless runner game may be the oddest game they have released where you guide a half-alien, half-gorilla pet through the Amazon forest.

There are plenty of power-ups, customizations and Xbox achievements to unlock throughout Ridiculous Marathon. The game's graphics are bright and colorful and gameplay is challenging. It's an interesting game, to say the least, and in playing the game over the past several days, it comes across as a fun game to pass the time.

Ridiculous Marathon is a free app available in the Windows Phone Store and does support low-memory Windows Phones.

The backstory has an odd-looking pet celebrating a birthday, as alien/gorilla hybrid monsters are apt to do. During the party, the pet swings to bust open a piñata filled with candy and ends up hitting its owners. To avoid punishment, the pet begins his endless run through the Amazon forest.

Ridiculous Marathon

When you first launch Ridiculous Marathon, the first run will be tutorial in nature that covers your gaming mechanics. Once you finish the tutorial, the game will launch to the main menu that offers options to jump into gameplay and access to:

  • Daily and Weekly Challenges
  • Gaming Missions
  • Settings (sound, music, language options)
  • The Game Shop (for power-ups)
  • The Game Leaderboard
  • The Cosmetic Store (for character customizations)

Gameplay is not unlike other endless runner games. You swipe at the screen to move your pet left or right, to make it jump and to make it roll under obstacles. You have gold tokens to collect and green gems to collect that can be used to purchase power-ups or customizations. You will also have power-ups and mission items scattered about the endless course that can be collected. You even have a rocket-powered surfboard that will let you fly above the dangers.

Ridiculous Marathon

Power-ups include items such as magnets to collect more tokens, jetpacks and double jumps. As this is an endless runner, there are plenty of obstacles to avoid, including include barricades, jungle vines and logging trucks. In addition to the power-ups that can be purchased or collected, there are piñatas that can be earned and used to make your pet invincible.

Ridiculous Marathon

Gaming missions and challenges are set up with specific performance goals such as scoring, distance, or the collection of tokens or special items that are scattered around the course. Completing these missions and challenges will earn you tokens.

Fun game but not enough separation

Overall, I enjoyed playing Ridiculous Marathon. The game has the basics of the endless runner genre nailed down rather nicely. Gameplay is challenging with graphics/animations nicely drawn-up. The customizations are nice (I really liked the tree costume) but are a bit on the pricey side. Even the selection of power-ups is nicely crafted and the Xbox integration will appeal to many.

The biggest challenge Ridiculous Marathon may have is standing out in a crowded field of endless runner games. The game is strongly similar to Subway Surfers and if you are burned out on endless runner games, I don't know that Ridiculous Marathon has that one feature to make the game strong enough to rekindle that interest.

Don't get me wrong. Ridiculous Marathon is a fun game to have tucked away in your Windows Phone gaming library and a nice addition to Game Trooper's portfolio. It is definitely worth trying and those who are new to Windows Phone will find it to be an entertaining game. However, the more seasoned gamers may see it as just another endless runner game, and they wouldn't be wrong.

If you have given Ridiculous Marathon a try, let us know what you think of things. Ridiculous Marathon is a free, ad-support Windows Phone game with support for low-memory phones. There are several in-app purchase options, including a $2.99 purchase to remove the ads.

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  • Thanks for the review George!
    Good to see that somebody here is doing Game Troopers and their great work justice.
    Game is pretty fun overall, nothing special.
  • I am done with endless runners... Thank you so much.
  • Another runner. There is no shortage of these games...
  • I wish "Daddy was a thief" will be republished. Miss "Wreck it ralph" too.
  • Got bored with these windows phone games
  • Never bored if it is Brave Frontier.
  • This, im addicted to that game. GoR too.
  • it is a good game but similarities with Subway Sufers are obvious. Although in W10M i cannot see the Subway Surfers app so this one make up for a good entertainment :).
  • The only endless runner I want to see is.. ..the main character is The Flash, and the challenge is to chase Professor Zoom. Power ups can be speed force, lightning bolt, etc. Skins can be all kinds of flash eg normal, future, any of the flash (earth 2, jay garrick, wally, etc), reverse flash,
  • Why this hasn't happened yet I have no idea.
  • Nice addition in ERG, but simply nothing special except the Xbox integration.
  • Im still playing Sonic Dash sometimes, maybe I'll give this a try but wont be spending much with it. There's just ao many endless runner games already.
  • The game is OK, at best. Honestly, its plagued by basic bugs... such as dying when you really shouldn't (switching from one log to another in a perfectly acceptable area). Some of the power-ups are worthless. I avoid the double jump now as I've never found a use for it when I actually have it. If you could pick it up and activate it at your choosing, that would work much better. Then I could get to some coins that are simply unreachable without it. Same goes for the magent power-up... the best power-up by far but I often find I get it at a place where its simply not that useful (ie. only one path of coins, which are easily picked up) The surfboard is decent, but I often regret getting on it when a palm tree token or a daily candy wrapper passed by under me.