Ubisoft’s Roller Champions gets May 25 release date

Roller Champions
(Image credit: Ubisoft Entertainment SA)
  • Ubisoft has announced plans to release its upcoming multiplayer roller derby game, Roller Champions, on May 24, 2022.
  • Roller Champions first launches for free on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and Windows PCs, with Nintendo Switch, cloud streaming, and mobile versions slated for a later date.

Ubisoft has settled on a release date for Roller Champions, its upcoming multiplayer derby game, headed to console and PC. The free-to-play title launches on May 25, available first on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and PC.

Roller Champions hinges on a simple premise — two teams of three race around a velodrome-style arena, fighting for control over the ball. Teams complete a lap with the ball to score in the hoop, while two or three trips around the stage multiply the available points. Players can also pass among their team to execute advanced strategies, though losing possession of the ball resets your chained laps and their associated points.

Ubisoft first unveiled Roller Champions back in 2019, capitalizing on the success of Rocket League with similar arcade sports gameplay. We described the game as an “unexpected highlight” of its E3 showings, leveraging its high-stakes rules to create a constant game of cat and mouse. While quick to enter community testing, the project suffered multiple delays between its alpha and beta trials, with the publisher now committing to a firm release date.

Roller Champions is only a few days away, first launching with various maps and modes, plus limited-time content tied to its inaugural season. The kick-off season includes a 30-tier battle pass, split between a free and paid progression track, rewarding players with various items for customizing their skaters.

Roller Champions also hooks into the Ubisoft Connect service from day one, enabling cross-play in matchmaking and cross-platform progression. Ubisoft plans to bring the game to Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and mobile devices at a later date, with the same cross-platform features extending to all platforms.

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