Rudy Huyn confirms new Dropbox job, will continue to work on his Windows Phone apps

Rudy Huyn, one of the most well-known third-party Windows Phone app developers, has confirmed he will soon be working full-time at the Dropbox cloud storage service. However, he added that his Windows Phone app work, under his 6studio label, will continue during his off-duty hours.

Huyn made the announcement official on his Twitter account:

"Starting 09/28, I will be Tech Lead at @Dropbox, my role will be to provide the best W10 user-experience ever. Dropbox teams are awesome, it's a pleasure to work with talented and passionate people, this is why I move to San Francisco to join them. About 6studio, during the last year, I've developed official apps during the day & my apps during the night. So nothing changes, except I will be part of the Dropbox team to create some crazy new features/projects."

Huyn was already working with the Dropbox team to help develop the official Windows Phone and Windows 10 apps for the service before now, so obviously he will be able to work even harder on those apps as a full-time member of the business. Fans of his many third-party Windows Phone apps, like the Tinder-based 6tin and the Instagram-based 6tag, should also be happy that Huyn will continue to develop and update those creations when not working at Dropbox.

Source: Rudy Huyn (Twitter)

John Callaham