Rudy Huyn leaves Dropbox to focus on UWP, .NET, and WinUI

What you need to know

  • Rudy Huyn announced over Labor Day weekend that he is leaving Dropbox.
  • Huyn will focus on UWP, .NET, and WinUI in his next role.
  • Huyn will stay with Dropbox for the next three weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

Rudy Huyn announced over Labor Day weekend that he is leaving Dropbox after working with them for over five years. Huyn will join a new company shortly that has not been revealed at this time. In his new role, Huyn will focus more on UWP. Huyn is one of the most recognized developers within the UWP community.

Huyn will stay at Dropbox for the next three weeks to ensure a smooth transition. We reached out to Huyn, and he shared that he wanted to "focus a little more on UWP, .NET, [and] WinUI." His new role will enable him to do this as he will "work mainly on UWP." Huyn also added that the departure was "very friendly."

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A report on the web claims that Dropbox deprecated its UWP app and implied that Huyn's departure is connected to the deprecation. Huyn responded to the report by clarifying that Dropbox has not deprecated its UWP app. He also added that his departure is not connected to any app deprecation, which makes sense as the Dropbox UWP app has not been deprecated.

Huyn is one of the most recognized and respected developers within the UWP community, so many will be happy to see that he is focusing on the platform. His next role should be announced in the relatively near future.

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  • I guess Rudy didn't read Tom Warren's latest Tweets about UWP being dead.
  • Yes he did.
  • This is awesome. Rudy's software was the best on Windows 10 Mobile
  • I miss Windows Phone!!! (posted from my Note10+)
  • This is how to properly write an article. Thanks Sean
  • I still rely on 6tag when I'm on the couch to keep track of what I follow. I love taking an individual person/tag and pin it to the start menu....all with a dark theme.
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