Just when you thought we had heard the last of Microsoft's Kin One and Kin Two, they find a way back into the news.  Even after their death, we saw not only one update but two updates.  Now it appears their absence may be short lived.

The Kin is listed as coming back as early as this quarter on a Verizon device guide, identifying the target audience being young adults/teens. Could this simply be an attempt on Verizon's part to liquidate the KIN inventory that's collecting dust in a warehouse or an effort to revive the Windows Phone?

If it's the latter, Verizon will have to work on device and service pricing. The units will be harder to sell to the younger crowd if they are priced along side other smartphones. We felt that the Kin phones were nice but not for everyone. A step above featured phones but they didn't rise to the level of what we expect from a Windows Phone.

If Verizon can market and price the Kin with that in mind, they might actually sell more than handful of units this time.

via: Precentral.net and thanks to ericn32 for the tip!