Samsung rumored to announce Windows Phone 8 Ativ-S (aka Odyssey) today

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File this under: Expected.

Currently the IFA show is occurring in Germany right now and we have our team on the ground for live coverage throughout the day. As somewhat expected, Samsung is presumed to be showing off a Windows Phone 8 device, specifically the Ativ-S.

The name Ativ-S was revealed yesterday as the new lineup from Samsung for forthcoming Windows Phone 8 series. The name Ativ (which is oddly ‘Vita’ backwards) looks to be the codenamed Odyssey that T-Mobile US is rumored to be stocking this fall.

Featuring a 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual-core CPU and 8MP rear-camera and 2MP front-facing camera, the news from the Verge actually adds very little, just confirms what we have previously known. In other words, Samsung did indeed take the Android-based Galaxy S3 and swap out the OS for Windows Phone 8--not exactly a shock.

The device is rumored to be unveiled later tonight during the Samsung press conference. We’ll have a live blog of that event so make sure you tune in live for our coverage (Samsung will also probably announce new Android wares too).

Our quick thoughts? This is exactly what we expected from Samsung and is of little surprise.

Source: The Verge

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  • Awesome lets see what they got :)
  • I tell you what, I most likely will end up with this phone since I'm with T-Mo and Nokia is only showing us mid-range love.
  • +1
  • -1 booooo..... ur a retard.... GO NOKIA!
  • Reminds me too much of an iPhone.
  • Wow! I can finally say bye bye to my Lumia 900 ne when this comes out.
  • You have no idea what carrier will carry it (probably T-Mobile), let alone buying it unlocked.
  • Lol Mr. Rubino be gettin' em :P
  • I'm just saying, everyone should be a little more cautious on (virtually) committing to a device ;-) Lots of WP8 devices are coming, let's see where the chips fall. I don't mean to slam Samsung, I'm sure this will be a great phone and yes, I'll get one (for obvious reasons) but I'm not ready to declare any device the winner so early in the game.
  • I know what you meant lol I'm jk. I'd like to be able to review phones lol don't know where to start. :( would be awesome to get early access to some of the awesome phones I see you have :D
  • Ever heard of the game "That's my Car"? This is kind of what it is and will be done on every leak.  nothing wrong with dreaming. ;)
  • Daniel, you're absolutely right. I'm waiting for all the WP8 OEM's to make their announcements to make a more educated choice. We seem to be having a bit of a problem (a good problem!) in that it appears that all OEM's are going to be releasing some serious kick ass Windows Phones! LOL Choices choices...
  • Would love to get lots of WP8 devices like you do Daniel :\
  • I know what the obvious reason is :)
  • Wait for nokia's new thing, coming on AT&T. Nokia in my opinion, is way better than Samsung.
  • Silly rounded least Nokia knows how to complement the OS with the lumia 900 design.
  • That's 1 PM EST.
  • I'll take one in White please! :)
  • As a T-Mobile customer all I have to say is that Nokia better be bringing something sweet to T-Mobile or this will be my next phone.
  • My sentiments exactly. Nokia better be reading this.
  • I totally agree!
  • There not. Mid range only. Nokia's lips are squarely planted to ATT's azz.
  • Maybe Sprint will get this since Nokia is not in their near future.
  • I hope everyone on sprint gets some windows phone 8 love you guys have suffered sprints indignities with the iPhone enough :P
  • I hope so too. Unfortunately Sprint put all their eggs in one basket (iPhone) and I have a feeling they will end up regretting it big time.
  • Haha funny joke. Sprint doesn't care about windows. Name three wp7 devices from sprint?
  • Wasn't it Stonewall Jackson that said, "Give me a keyboard or give me death!" Something like that. Screw all these thin phones. I want a keyboard and I want it now, goddammit.
  • I would also like a physical keyboard but you see less and less of those as time goes on. Hopefully they'll be at least one WP8 with a physical keyboard.
  • Patrick Henry, you were only off by 90 years.
  • No, it was Stonewall Jackson. Patrick Henry was happy with soft keyboards.
  • I used to share your sentiments. Glad physical keys are gone ever since the WP7 soft keyboard :-)
  • Now I'm confused. Does this mean will see the full version of wp8 later today?
  • Probably not. There's a good chance they'll just show the hardware with a "do not touch" version of the OS on it.
  • Not into clones, no thanks.
  • The Galaxy SIII is on all carriers. Does Nokia have the 900 on all carriers? That's why I like Samsung. Their smart enough to put hero devices on all carriers. When they get this sexy beast on all carriers Samsung will rule W8. Nokia will never do that as long as their head is up ATT's butt. Cloned or not side by side let the software do the talking. W8 on this beast will melt that ice cream sandwich :)
  • I wouldn't call it smart enough. The carriers, Sprint and Verizon, chose NOT to get the Lumia.
  • If only this was coming out sooner, but not know carrier is just as bad as the wait.
  • No thank u
  • Too big for me, I want a 4", 4.3" tops, device. Still, it looks good.
  • Yes I prefer 4 inch. Who wants a 4.8 it can't fit in your pocket, it very awkward putting in your ear. I guess that's what a speaker phone is in good use. Stop making it too big screen just keep it below 4.3
  • Gorillas want a 4.8 screen. I agree with you. What's next tablets replacing phones. I remember when cell phones where huge & the goal was to make them smaller now there going backwards to see who makes the biggest screens
  • I have to agree. I am getting sick of this "bigger is better" mentality from the handset makers. I have a Lumia 800 and for me it is the perfect size. I would like to see the OEMs build a premium handset with a 4 inch screen. Most of the upcoming premium WP8 handsets I've read about seem to be 4.5 to 4.8 inches. That's riduculously bulky. Even 4.3 is a little large for my liking. Do people really want bigger screens? Or do people reluctantly buy phones with bigger screens because that's all there is? Or do people think they want a bigger screen, buy it then regret it?
  • People want bigger screens. as people do more with their phones they want more real estate to see things easier. the manuf. will push the limits. I dont think we will ever see a 6 inch screen phone. I think the phablets are pushing the limit. but then again what if it is pared with either a bluetooth headset or headphones with a microphone? then size doesnt matter because you dont hold it up to your face anymore. personally I have big hands so big phones dont bother me. big guy, big phone! but I can understand where people dont want it. I think they will release a smaller screen phone with all the bells and whistles but because it has a smaller screen it will be cheaper so it will be a mid range phone. people just need to realise that cheap phones are not necessarily cheaply made at least with Nokia. manuf. also look big screen phones because they cost more :D. 
  • I don't disagree with your assessment. I think it's good that OEMs make phones of different sizes and specs, because everyone has different needs and tastes. My point is that not everyone who wants a premium phone wants a big phone, and vice versa. I think OEMs should offer a little more variety. Let's get some premium hardware into a smaller chassis and let's also see some more value-oriented phones with big screens. I realize not every OEM  has the wherewithal to do that across their whole line, but hopefully OEMs will look to fill holes in the market. For example, HTC might make a phone along the lines of the Incredible 2--4 inch form factor with premium innards. Hopefully, Nokia will make a successor to the Lumia 800 while keeping it about the same size. I guess I can dream, right?
  • Awesome windows phone 8 will have many cool phones to choose this fall. At least apple can't say infringement hahahah
  • Great size, just too bad some guy with a S3 will think I also have a Galaxy. Kinda blows the whole "differentiating" principle. Why yes they do look exactly the same.
  • The front looks like an iPhone, sorry Galaxy S. Is this a Samsung iDroid 8?
  • I really can't hate on Samsung for reusing the GS3 design. It is a proven seller for them and it really is a nice looking phone.
    It is good to see T-Mobile (possibly) getting some highend WP devices. Nothing wrong with the Radar and the 710, they just aren't flagship phones.
    Can't wait to see what the "Big 3" bring to the party. I do expect though, that all 3 will be reusing previous designs and just slightly tweaking them and bumping the specs.
  • Nice lets see what HTC brings to the table hopefully an HD8 with a killer camera
  • Now this I would love to see!!
  • The S3 is well speced device and apparently the Odyssey is too, but i just dont't like the feel of the latest Samsungs, I am still looking forward to the Nokia event.
  • If I was planning on getting a wp8 device at launch I wouldn't mind this one. I actually like the gs3
  • This is what I was waiting for! Finally I can sell my old Samsung Focus and save some money for this phone
  • T-MOBILE we need this
  • It looks elegant and classy. Good to be brought into professional environment. Too bad it is too big. It will look too obvious to others even though the users may have big hands. Mostly not for sold in asian countries or will fare poorly.
  • Hahha laugh of you saying it is a back cover plastic WRONG newbie's it's a Metalic Back cover so yes way better than nokia. Have feeling many will get it
  • I've wanted an SIII since they announced it, even went to the Montreal lauch party, but I dislike Android with a passion. Now I can finally get my wish XD