Is the Samsung Focus a couch potato or is this a glitch?

There's little debate whether or not the Super-AMOLED screen on the Samsung Focus is nice.  The 4" screen looks good and is very receptive to the touch. 

While the screen gets high marks, we are hearing rumblings that there may be a glitch with the touch sensativity.  It seems that if you lay the Focus down on a cushioned surface (e.g. a couch) the responsiveness of the screen goes from really good to really bad fast.

In testing out this phenomena, the screen works fine in the hand but when you lay it on a sofa cushion, swipes becomes taps and eventually the screen ignores everything. Place a hard surface between the Focus and the cushion, everything returns to normal.

There's nothing official from Samsung on whether or not this is a glitch, an odd characteristic with the capacitive touch screen or an odd safety feature to help prevent pocket dialing.

I wouldn't call this a problem but more of an oddity with the screen.  If you're experiencing similar, feel free to share in the comments section. If we hear anything more on this, we'll pass it on.

Source: XDA Developers Thanks goes out to Saad for the tip

George Ponder

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