Is the Samsung Focus a couch potato or is this a glitch?

There's little debate whether or not the Super-AMOLED screen on the Samsung Focus is nice.  The 4" screen looks good and is very receptive to the touch. 

While the screen gets high marks, we are hearing rumblings that there may be a glitch with the touch sensativity.  It seems that if you lay the Focus down on a cushioned surface (e.g. a couch) the responsiveness of the screen goes from really good to really bad fast.

In testing out this phenomena, the screen works fine in the hand but when you lay it on a sofa cushion, swipes becomes taps and eventually the screen ignores everything. Place a hard surface between the Focus and the cushion, everything returns to normal.

There's nothing official from Samsung on whether or not this is a glitch, an odd characteristic with the capacitive touch screen or an odd safety feature to help prevent pocket dialing.

I wouldn't call this a problem but more of an oddity with the screen.  If you're experiencing similar, feel free to share in the comments section. If we hear anything more on this, we'll pass it on.

Source: XDA Developers Thanks goes out to Saad for the tip

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  • WOW i cant believe its not just me ! haha ya def noticed this like day 3 of having my Focus and like you i cant tell if this is a safety measure or what, but yes mine def does that.
  • I've got the problem also. It's almost as though the screen is locked. Very annoying.
    Other annoyances with the Focus:
    -Recording video using the camera doesn't record audio, it's either silence or clicks and pops. Apparently a reboot solves it but I haven't confirmed.
    -Marketplace is finicky, sometimes it won't load and just kicks back to the start page. Reboot solves it.
    -Music & Videos sometimes won't load and just kicks back to the start page. Reboot solves it.
  • This is a known bug on the marketplace and I heard that MS is working on a fix that hopefully will be included on the first update.
  • Yep, count me in as well
  • Sorry, but I do not have this problem. I own 2 Samsung Focus'. I tried the couch. Pillows. Hell, even the comforter on the bed. I couldn't make either of them reproduce this. I do know that I had very weird issues with my first Samsung Focus, which I promptly exchanged it for a new one. No problems. Also, for those that have a MicroSD card installed, I would suggest only using Sandisk or Kingston Class 2 or 4 cards, as others tend to make the OS behave weird. Again, from my own experience.
  • holy crap i just held my phone up in my shirt, just to simulate a cushion, the second i did that, the touch screen wouldnt work at all, i couldnt even slide up the unlock. The second it touched my stomach and lay on top of me and not the floating shirt... it worked instantly.
  • My Focus doesnt have this problem but the marketplace is slow sometimes.
  • I was about to reply saying I don't have this problem, but then I re-read about the soft surface, and tested it on my couch, my focus does indeed behave this way on a soft surface, odd. Works fine on my table though!
  • If you think that's bad you should see my droid2 its unresponsive unless I hold it in my hand. It registers swypes as taps when trying to type it registers touches in the wrong region and that's on a hard surface. Gets worse when I put it on the couch
  • My Omnia 7 does the same thing. It's not a big deal, just a bit odd really.
  • Ill have to test this out on my Focus but I remember my Evo having the same problem and it was corrected with an update so let's see what happens.
  • confirmed... and it was also true on the zune hd for me as well.
  • I just tested my Focus on a desk, on my bed with the quilt, and on my bed pillow and it works perfectly on all three surfaces. Perhaps its an issue with a certain screen manufacturer or a production lot that made it through QA by error?
  • this is funny because I noticed that my touch screen does not respond that well when I have it in the cradle in my car some of the time, I thought it was because I had the grippers to tight and it was putting pressue on the screen but it could be this issue that I still don't think its a big deal
  • try just lifting up the front of your shit, and placing your focus on the hanging "hamak" between your chest and your hand - my screen does not respond at all.
  • I prefer the Android based Samsung Galaxy tab. For me yes, it's worth. It has a 3.5mm headphone port, for media and handsfree kit connection, with a 30-pin plug on the bottom rather than a microUSB adaptor.
    Muscle X Edge
  • This appears to me as a static electricity issue, usually found in surfaces like a fabric couch, in dry, cold weather, and could cause issues with capacitive screens. I have a Samsung Focus myself and could not reproduce the issue not even when trying hard, because I live in Miami and humidity is high here.
  • Its a weird "problem". Another weird problem I've noticed is that when I bought a cheapo car charger, it came with a wall charger also. When I used the wall charger, I could got not get the touch screen to work while the phone is being charged. Very weird (as it works well when using the car charger).
  • I have the same problem Jomon! Anytime I plug my phone into the wall/car/or usb port I have issues with the touch screen becoming unresponsive. It takes forever to actually get the screen to do anything!
  • Issue with capacitive touch screen not working on some surfaces is due to how a capacitive screen works. I have it happen on my iPhone 3GS just as much as my Focus. When it is not working on those surfaces you can just touch the phone with your other hand (or a different finger on the same hand), and it will work just normal...
  • I tried this as soon as I saw the video. Bed - no glitch, pillow - no glitch, comforter - no glitch. Strange.
  • I'm having the same issue with by brand new Focus right out of the box. Funny thing though, if you put one finger from your other hand on the chrome strip around the edge, then it works fine.
  • I have the issue where the touchscreen becomes pretty useless when it is laying on my bed or something.
  • I also have this problem and it's pretty annoying. I can't even get the start screen to swipe up. In general I find the touchscreen to be problematic though. Either too sensitive or not sensitive enough.
  • I don't have the problem, but I have my phone in the Case-Mate red protective case sold by ATT, which has a firm backing & rubber grips on the side. I'd think a case would be a good investment for anyone who expects to leave their phone lying around on couches. I agree with those who suspect a static issue. I'd highly recommend the case to protect the phone from possible damage, especially for people who will be leaving the phone on surfaces like couches or beds.
  • i took my battery out for a few seconds put it back in and powered it up while on a surface that it had trouble with and i couldn't replicate it again. a day has passed and it seems to work fine on any surface. anyone else wanna try and report back?
  • I don't have the problems you are all having.  My problem is the touch buttons at the bottom of the phone don't work.  If I am using the camera for example, I cannot go back to say Marketplace.  I have to shut the phone off and do it that way.  Does anybody else have this problem.  Nice phone, but I am not liking what is happening now.