Samsung joins the Windows Phone party

It's not all software at MIX10, as Samsung has slipped a slate Windows Phone into the mix. It's the second actual device we've seen Windows Phone 7 Series on (we're not counting the ASUS prototype device), following the LG slider.

We don't really know what's inside this Sammy phone -- it's said to have a great camera and screen. But the exact specs of either (is it a Super AMOLED screen, perhaps?) aren't known. Check out the video after the break. [via Neowin]

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  • Iphones in big trouble.... On one side it is the nexus 1 and on the other its the windows 7 phone
  • Samsung has just joined the Windows Phone 7 party by revealing its still unnamed Windows Phone 7 Series. Samsung is the third vendor who reveal its Windows Phone 7 Series after Asus and LG.