Samsung kills audio hack for Windows Phone 7 via update

Update: False alarm. It appears Samsung didn't disable it, they just changed the code.: *#0002*28345# Now instead of a '6' a the end, use '5'. Thanks, malteahrens, for the info

Looks like Samsung does not want you messing with your audio settings as they have disabled access in their latest Diagnosis app for our phones.

Late last night, the Marketplace pushed an update for Samsung's Diagnostics app bumping it to version 1122 (see above pic). While not mandatory, we took this risk to see what would happen and while most menu items are still accessible, we can confirm that the audio settings used to boost sound (covered here) are now disabled.  Typing in the code results in nothing, no error, no message, just nothing.

On top of that, there seems to be no benefit to the update so if you have yet to install it, we suggest you don't.


Daniel Rubino

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  • I thought this as well, but actually it *has not* been removed. You just need to use the code: *#0002*28345# (note the 5 on the end) instead. This was pointed out by Nick in the WMPoweruser comments ( ). I can confirm that this code works with the Samsung Omnia 7 and the Diagnosis app ver.1122
  • UPDATE: I have tried it with the guide from: and the sound certainly is noticeably louder (through the speakerphone - I haven't tested it via the headphones yet). One thing is though - the loudness doesn't seem to persist through a restart (the settings do, but I needed to always Start & Stop again to get the 'loud' volume). I am not sure if this is because I am doing something wrong, it doesn't work on the Omnia 7, or it has something to do with the update.
  • You didn't mention it, so I'll ask. Does this update disrupt the tethering?
  • I personally don't have tethering enabled, but the menu (*#7284#) is still there with the tethering option, in the updated Diagnosis app (ver.1122).
  • How did you guys get the update? I'm on Roger's in Canada and there is barely any support for the phone as it is.