Samsung Omnia HD Sneaking up on Getting Official

Spotted on a billboard earlier today, the Omnia HD looks to be the final name for the previously seen Acme i9810 (the name sounded a little, ahem, generic to us too).  Now Samsung Central [via] has the official shots of the beast (it's on the left).  

We'll find out tomorrow whether the "HD" in "Omnia HD" truly means that we'll get HDMI Output, 16 gigs of storage, GPS, WiFi, and a 3.5 mm headset jack.  Them's the rumors, we're looking forward to facts.

Oh, and Samsung, just one thing -- we know you're fond of that TouchWiz interface and have been using it to run entire phones instead of just using it as a skin on top of Windows Mobile.  If you do that to the Omnia HD, we just might not recover from the heartbreak.  We'll admit to being a little nervous about it.

Update: Yep, our fears were right on. The Omnia HD's running Symbian. The good news is that our pal Matt over at Nokia Experts is smiling from ear to ear.

Phil Nickinson

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