Samsung releases MangaCamera and Paper Artist for Windows Phone

Samsung is an interesting Windows Phone OEM and has shown support for Microsoft and its mobile platform, as well as proving to be distant enough to focus on its Android products. Today we've learnt of two new exclusive apps the company has released for its Windows Phone hardware. MangaCamera and Paper Artist are now available for those who own Samsung Windows Phones.

If you're not familiar with Samsung's offerings for Windows Phone, the OEM has the Samsung Zone available for its customers to check out exclusive content not accessible to all Windows Phone owners. With the two new apps released, what can you look for on the store? The two new offerings are image editors that offer unique and cool effects that can be applied to shots captured while on the go.

Both Paper Artist and MangaCamera require Windows Phone 8 and are only available for Samsung ATIV hardware.



As the images above suggest, MangaCamera is a new app from Samsung that turns photos into cartoons. If you're one who enjoys playing with filters to create cool cartoonish effects, this app is for you. The awesome part about MangaCamera is that frames are displayed real-time while you're looking at taking the perfect shot. Additional frames are also available for download to further personalise photos. It's also listed in the lens menu.

You can download MangaCamera from the Samsung Zone on the Windows Phone Store (version - only listed for Windows Phone 8).

QR: MangaCamera

Paper Artist

Paper Artist

Paper Artist is a similar app to MangaCamera, but offers more filters to play around with. It's a fully featured image editor with live previews when taking shots. Art styles can be selected from the bottom menu, while photos can be imported or taken live with the previews. Once you've finished with playing around with the options, it's possible to save the image locally and share with social media and other accounts.

You can download Paper Artist from the Samsung Zone on the Windows Phone Store (version 1.4 .11.0 - only listed for Windows Phone 8).

QR: Paper Artist

via: Windows Phone Italy

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  • Just got back my iPhone 5 today returned my Lumia 925 , no way imma put up again with so many apps and games missing , that's like buying a car with the a/c to be release when there are cars with it already , I have lost all my hope with wp8 no even gonna mention what I think about windows rt.
  • cool story bro
  • List of WP devices I have own hd7 , HTC radar , Lumia 900,Lumia 920, Lumia 925 ,I'm just done with trying real talk , no real racing 3 , now the new asphalt 8 is coming , flipboar, YouTube,instagram , and the third party apps always getting blocked f...... That .
  • Cool story bro.
  • Lol
  • really cool story bro. who cares about your whining. get the phone you want and be happy with it without crying to others. People who have WP and keep getting WP phones are ones who are happy with it. 
    PS: Cool story bro
  • +920 this! It's not like we are gonna die without the official instagram client. Ha!
  • Inteller had the only good reply to this.
  • What are you missing that you can not find? Enjoy your apps, I think that is all the iPhone has going for it right now. And what does a Lumia phone have to do with Samsung anyway?
  • I feel your pain, but iPhone? That's for girls :) I love my ATIV S so I'm gonna checkout these apps.
  • Wow, only one comment in and already there's mention of a Nokia device. Well done.
  • I love my Ativ S, & this is funniest comment of all :)
  • The funniest comments are the Nokia Fanboys claiming Samsung doesn't support their devices .... on articles like this one that show Samsung does support their devices.
  • They didn't for my Gen 1 focus, Gen 2 focus flash, or focus 2.....I'm Outta the Samsung game. I was once a member of their fan club, but I'm out!
  • Well two apps.. and you call that support?? don't get me wrong they are pretty decent apps but I don't see HTC or Samsung trying to push WP8 to the forefront.
    Granted WP will only play second fiddle for Samsung and HTC since both heavily reliant on Android as well, as the fact Nokia's survival now depends on the success of WP8. Heck Samsung is the only OEM making cash out of Android. The reason because most people say is Nokia is better, simply put it is the only OEM that is actually pushing WP the increase in market share which is purely thanks to Low End Lumias along side the middle and top tier range.
    Furthermore they go beyond just shipping stock updates, they want to add value to their updates hence why Lumia's see all these new features and exclusive apps i,e. changing the vibrancy of the screen, glance screen, storage check, the here suite,  (nokia was the first oem to to enable people to clear out temp files) which in turns adds more value. In addition to this Nokia bought several key partnerships to the table - I can simply can go on.
    Articulate on facts and evidence on how exactly Samsung and HTC are supporting their devices (they have may done so in the past but that is gone now and the present + future is what matters) before slamming people as Nokia Fan boys (even some people slam WPCentral as Nokia Central.. absolutely ridiculous).
    It irks me when people just slam people without justifying why they are feel so inclined to do so. It appears they feel the world simply revolves around them and no one else. Here is awake up call, the world revolves around NO ONE. If all of humanity was simply to perish. The earth will simply continue to spin.
  • It is actually more than "just" two apps. There have been other articles released in recent weeks about changes to other programs and settings that Samsung has released, but judging by your response, I'm going to guess that you didn't bother to read those. There is evidence on this very site. Oops.
  • Oh Gee maybe I should stop going to my doctor for advice /sarcasm. As you clearly were able to make a assumption just by reading a comment. I read those articles, those app updates were fairly minor it seems as no change log was reported, the only settings update was text messages. I was refering these two apps as new apps. In addition I have done search incase I missed something but nope - I haven't
    However I would say OEM is supporting a platform when a) there is issue they address it b)are constantly adding functions that add value.
    In this case:
    a)samsung could release / add settings that enables ATIV S and variants to be able to install apps on their SD card, like how Nokia added "move maps" to SD card with their storage check app for example.
    b) port over some of their S4 features as apps / settings or something - whats stopping them from asking MS to help port these functions? After all it would mean improved market share as it will make the Ativ S and variants more enticing prospects.
    Anything that helps push WP out to more people will always be beneficial. It's simple as, greater install base = higher developer interest.
    Furthermore the recent app announcements - app folders - now that is addressing an issue as that would enable most people to tidy up thier home screen therefore adding more options for personalisation.
    So yeah never make assumptions without facts at hand, you will only end up making an ass out of yourself.
  • My own personal experience with the ATIV S shows updates to apps and settings once to twice a week. On top of that, your latest post seems to acknowledge that there is more happening from Samsung, so that more or less discredits your own argument about how there was "just" the support by adding two apps. Whether or not you yourself believe the changes to be significant is irrelevant; these are still updates being pushed out by Samsung, and that's a pretty good indication of support. You wanted evidence? You found it yourself. I don't know who the ass is, but it's certainly not me. Have a pleasant day.
  • In terms of support this was in comparison to Nokia is pretty much lack luster to date, so yes it appears I was not clear enough.
    Also it appears you don't understand that people look at things from a different perspective instead of being just blind to what they only see.
    In regards to the App folders App this is the only App that is the only creative solution I have seen from Samsung but i'm sorry that still does not count as support - only when an OEM actively pushes their devices and adds value added software. However you may feel differently and you are entitled to your opinion (and i respect everyones opinion) however not everyone will agree.
    The camera apps on this article could have been made by a third party dev, whereas the app folders cannot be made by third party devs. It would be interesting to see what Samung does next - however GDR2 appears to have bought nothing new on the foreground that is visible (from reading what your fellow ativ S users are saying) , sure there may have been bug fixes in the background but that is a given.
    Furthermore you simply jumped to a conclusion and assumed I did not read those articles - this why I said you made an ass out of yourself - by assuming what someone did or does by just reading some lines of text.
    Lastly you can't define everything on personal experience, as not everyone will have the same experience as yourself.
  • Lol Nokia always gonna be there so get used to it htc / sammy fanboy
  • How does that make me a fanboy?
  • If you don't mind can you say which apps you found missing that you couldn't find acceptable alternatives for?
  • If I was coming from another platform I don't think I would be satisfied with "alternatives" and probably most of them would be paid apps. I'm all for WP but he is right.
  • Exactly imagine is u come phone iPhone or android to wp8 u have to learn that YouTube is metrotube, instagram is instance, flipboar, is collector , and that once a month they get blocked , I love WP and really don't thing most ppl here have had as many WP divices as I have buy why keep trying is been 3 years .
  • When you decide to change wouldn't you think whatever you're going to would be different??? Otherwise there would be no need to change. Prior to switching platforms, I research and knew what to expect...guess there's a lot of air still out there!
  • I did and I'm completely happy about it except a few bugs here and there. But most people don't and they are the ones phones should be appealing to, since they are majority.
  • Ready imma give u the list , Audi roadside assistance, flipboar,instagram,YouTube, wells Fargo, Facebook app can't upload multiple pic at the same time , vine, real racing 3 , all google services are missing , and so many other apps .
  • So leave then. Why come to a WP website & whine about switching back to iPhone. You should be happy.
  • I did but it hurt to see a company the u wanna support being so slow and and doing nothing for themselves, if there is someone, if there is a company that is really trying that is NOKIA good luck to them ,I'm out like they will ,lets all witness that.
  • Bullshit, you're a troll. Nothing more.
  • Troll is the someone who would say they hate or they don't like WP , I love WP the only problem I have is the apps and u have to be stupid enough no to admit it. , how can I make ppl come to WP when I have no answer to apps when they ask , reality is reality.
  • Although they get blocked, those 3rd party apps are better than the original ones on any platform. One that comes to mind is Rowi. Have you used Rowi for Twitter? IMO, it's the best Twitter app on any platform. It surely beats the HTML5 app that Twitter made
  • I've had my moments of ranting about Windows Phone failures too. In the end, I decided to get a 925. My main complaint with WP is not availability of apps, but leaving behind hardware and customers on important updates. I have a Nexus 7 for games and such...its a better experience anyway.
  • Yeah, and that Nokia VP complaining about lack of apps. I say he is definitely a troll. People love the platform but not afraid to talk about shortcomings of it? That is blasphemy.
  • If you read the source article, the Nokia VP of app development stated his frustration with the lack of apps, not any other shortcomings of the platform; and he certainly didn't blame MS for it. He went on to say that the app gap isn't that big anymore and should be closed by the end of the year. MS is throwing as much as they can behind it and the situation is improving. Its fine to have an opinion, but understand that others do too. You're on WPCentral, what exactly did you expect?
  • Ah, Audi driver. That explains it.
  • Lol
  • Can we get rid of these random BS posts? More like spam than anything.
  • Plus infinity man
  • But it's amusing reading through 'em :-P We could alter them to relay a different message, or would that be too mean? :-)
  • Nice story, it lacks of aliens, explotions, and weapons but nice story though :)
  • Dude... This is about WP, we are trying to get it right with constructive comments.
  • It would be interesting IF Samsung does see WP8 as the next frontier after they conquer Android land.  I'm sure Nokia has already taken note.
  • I think it is only logical for Samsung. Not everyone likes Android and if they can make a sale with another OS it is only logical and profitable to cover all bases. By the same vein Nokia should make Android phones.
  • Agree with everything except the last part. The reason Nokia is getting money from MS is to stay WP only. In the interest of Nokia, once WP is big enough, I'm sure they'll consider it, but i think it would cost them too many resources.
  • I thought the agreement had Nokia paying more to Microsoft half way through their contract. Yes, they need to stabilize their device division first by selling more WP and stopping the cash drain, once they are profitable many options open up, including Android. And as an aside the Moto X looks like a close ripoff of the work Nokia and HTC have done in WP.
  • Unless I misread something, Nokia is still getting the same amount they have always gotten. Nokia still has to pay MS licensing fees for each WP device they sell, and they obviously sell a WHOLE LOT more than they used to. So maybe by that metric they are paying more? Every OEM has to pay for windows licensing, whether it be tablet, computer, or phone.  But I believe Nokia is still getting what they have always gotten from MS.
  • I hope so as well, look at how well they've done with Android by pouring money into it. A little bit more investment by them and I think they could rival Nokia for top spot in Windows Phone.
  • These look nice. Good job Samsung.
  • so Samsung is gonna try to bring it?  hahahaha  gl you android schlubs.
  • You should want them to bring it. Competition is good for the platform
  • Hmm. I can't seem to find either app while searching at the store, nor does the page linked above give me the option to install. Has anybody else had this problem? I think the apps might be regionally restricted.
  • if you are toting old WP7 relics these apps arent for you.
  • What an asinine comment. How do we know op has a wp7 device?
  • Click on my username and tell me which device pops up. Thanks for wasting everyone's time.
  • I didn't realize the Ativ S worked on Virgin Mobile. Last I knew Virgin Mobile was a Sprint pre-paid carrier and the Ativ S did not support Sprints network or CDMA.
    Way to be a complete jack*** btw. Someone was trying to make a helpful comment. Just because it wasn't doesn't mean you should rip them a new one.
  • Virgin Mobile in Canada uses the Bell network. And Interteller's remark was more demeaning than helpful.
  • My mistake. I thought the CA was California. Normal American centric view assuming everything around is American. Sorry.
  • Tried the QR codes? Maybe give them a few hours in case the apps are stuck in store limbo.
  • i couldnt find them in Samsung Zone either. but thank God WPC displays QR links!
  • <