Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone stops by the FCC, Verizon next

Samsung has an upcoming Windows Phone handset. It’s the SM-W750V, but will most likely be known colloquially as the Huron. We first heard about the device last month and it’s now decided to stop by the FCC. Details below.

The Samsung Huron was expected to be a high-end Windows Phone with a 1080p display. Reports are conflicted at the moment on the size of the display. 5-inches is the most probable rumor at the moment, though some reports suggest 4.3-inches as the display size.

Samsung SM-W750V Huron

However, the FCC filings suggest the battery will be rated at 1,500 mAh, which is not very high-end when you consider the Samsung Galaxy S4 packs a 2,600 mAh battery. We are seeing the cell bands that suggest this device is indeed destined for Verizon. Edit: It's late at night, sorry guys. The wasn't the battery capacity listed. The 1,500 corresponds to the milliamps. 

We’ll keep poking around and see if we can learn more about this device. Let us know below in the comments if you notice anything interesting in the FCC filings.

Source: FCC, Via: Engadget

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