Samsung screen capture utility coming soon? [Homebrew]

One big issue many people have with Windows Phone 7 is the inability to take screen-shots of their device to share with others, something we're all too familiar with here at WPCentral.

Of course, it's not impossible for WP7 to do this, it's just like most things, there is no access to the API/driver for developers as it is being held under wrap and key (much like socket support, live camera access for scanners, etc.).

Rafael Rivera, one for the co-developers of ChevronWP7, has evidently discovered a screen capture utility on the Samsung Focus, enabling that feature. No word on plans for release to the homebrew community, though we wouldn't doubt it with his track record. Oh and that's just it, while this will work for developer or ChevronWP7 unlocked devices, there's little chance this will be in the Marketplace for the rest of you. Nor is it unclear if this would work on non-Samsung phines. But hey, it's a start until Microsoft gives us a real solution.

Source: @withinrafael; Thanks A, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • This sounds interesting and very helpful.
    Personally I'm waiting to hear Samsung porting Swype to WP7 Now that would rock!
  • I wonder how an app called Spell It (Scrabble KIRF) can take screen shots (in-app) of the game board and save it to the phone?
  • Same goes for Morfo. Takes a screenshot of the image you created and saves it Saved Photos. I think the issue is an app can only create a screenshot within it's own app because of no multitasking. Once that changes (hopefully soon) screenshot apps should be possible.
  • Thats a very intriguing development Hopefullh it will get out to all wp7 devices In the meantime its one more reason to get a samsung focus.