Samsung has been an extremely odd egg in the Windows Phone basket. The company appears to be fighting an internal struggle between two sides - one wishes to drop Windows Phone while the other becomes mildly excited when Live Tiles are in sight. Now rumours are floating around the Internet that Samsung is indeed making another Windows Phone, codenamed the SGH-I187.

Rum: 7

The company is said to be looking at a mid-range Windows Phone, with the model number fitting right at home in the ATIV family of hardware. Believed to sport a 720p display and a Adreno 305 GPU, likely coupled with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU. While we eagerly wait for GDR3 and manufacturing partners to unveil and announce quad-core, 14-inch beasts, the average consumer is currently interested in more affordable hardware that will get them through the day.

SGH-I187 Specs

Little else is known about the SGH-I187, apart from GFC benchmark scores placing this mysterious device ahead of the Samsung ATIV S, but just short of the Lumia 920. We'll keep an eye out for further details to emerge.

Source: GFX Bench; via: GizBot