Well, it was their turn, right?

Samsung's WinPho 7 (can we say that?) prototype has made a sneaky, teaser appearance from Microsoft France as they gear up for ReMIX. We've seen a WP7 offering from Samsung back when WP7 was announced.

Turns out yesterday was a big day for some lucky Microsoft PR types as they all received the latest WP7 devices on their desk.

Officially, we know LG (Panther) and now Samsung have working prototypes floating around to demo the OS but no such luck spotting an HTC device, which is odd. We give it 48 hours.

Back to Samsung, not much is known in terms of specs or really anything. But if we had to guess, this is just the same old Omnia HD running WP7. See above comparison shot. So nothing to get too excited about.

[via MobileTechWorld]