Sansung Blackjack released (SGH-i607)

Now that Cingular has unveiled the Blackjack, reports are starting to trickle in.

PhoneScoop (among many others, see below) has published a preview/review of the Blackjack, aka the SGH-i607, aka YATQKWMS (Yet Another Thin Qwerty Keyboard Windows Mobile Smartphone), and overall they seem pretty happy with it. The standard by which all these devices are compared still seems to be the MotoQ and though the Blackjack does beat the MotoQ in battery life, it's nothing to write home about.

The BlackJack is also known as the Samsung i607. Like Samsung's other recent entry into this category, the i320, it is narrower than the Q, Dash or almost any other QWERTY phone. Thus despite its rectangular shape, the BlackJack fits nicely in the hand. The edges along the left and right sides are slightly rounded, increasing the comfort factor. It is easy to wrap your hand around it if you are using it one handed

If you're really pumped about the smartphone, there's also a video of the Blackjack in action over at Cingular's PR site.

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