Satya Nadella poses for the camera with Surface Duo in hand

Surface Duo unfolded on display
Surface Duo unfolded on display (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Satya Nadella recently showed off his Surface Duo.
  • Nadella was captured demonstrating the Duo for Yahoo Finance's Brian Sozzi.
  • Surface Duo is expected to launch later this year alongside its PC sibling, Surface Neo.

We're still months off from Microsoft's Surface Duo hitting store shelves, but we're sure to see more small teases of the upcoming folding Android phone ahead of its release. Over the weekend, it was none other than Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella who offered another peek at the Surface Duo in the wild. During a chat with Yahoo Finance editor-at-large Brian Sozzi, Nadella showed off his Surface Duo and it was helpfully captured on camera.

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We already saw plenty of the Surface Duo during Microsoft's October 2019 Surface event, during which the Android phone was unveiled. However, this new photo gives us another look at just how thin each side of the device is. Moreover, it should give you an idea of how "pocketable" it will be.

Surface Duo is just part of a two-prong approach Microsoft will take with dual-screen devices later this year. The company also has Surface Neo, a dual-screen PC that will run Windows 10X, set to launch at the same time. Both eschew the folding display tech that we've started to see from devices like the Lenoxo ThinkPad X1 Fold, instead favoring two discrete displays.

Surface Duo and Surface Neo are expected to launch during the holiday 2020 timeframe. However, should Microsoft hit any snags in the run-up to launch, we could always see that launch time delayed.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Hopefully, they've figured out how to address the 'I received a call or notification or text but don't want to open the phone' use case. I think a lot of people will be leery about leaving the phone with screens facing outward on both sides in their pocket. A tertiary screen like on the galaxy fold (but nicer) would be really useful.
  • I've been wondering the same thing. I also have been thinking about what if you want to take a quick picture. How will that work? Would i have to have it open to take a pic or a selfie??
  • I'll pass. This is not the device I'm looking for. Not even close.
  • Its ABSOLUTELY the one I've been looking for.
  • Ok cool story
  • I'd love to have one of these
  • A Microsoft executive actually USING their Microsoft phone? This has to be a marketing ploy. 😝
  • Don't get your hopes up, it's a Google Android phone with Microsoft hardware.
  • You'd rather it the other way around? MS make some of the best hardware, its just a shame its got google spyware running through its veins.
  • I am sure it will have Microsoft's spyware too.
  • Should have known bleached would show up to troll, some things never change.
  • How am I trolling? I just stated two facts. It is a Google Android phone and it will have Microsoft "spyware".
  • A single post is not trolling. 500 posts under every article, mostly negative in most readers of this site's view, is however trolling. If people on a website named windows central wants Windows OS on their phones, why post 500 times trying convince them Android is better? If we wanted to have this piece of **** OS that is Android, then we'd be over at Android central. We don't care what you say, stop repeating it, the horse is dead.
  • Except you didn't state two facts. When people talk about a "Dell PC" or the like, do you jump in to correct them and say that its a "Microsoft Windows PC"? Of course you don't, because that would be moronic. A PC made by Dell is a Dell PC and a phone made by Microsoft is a Microsoft phone. No one called it a "Windows Phone", so don't pretend like you're just making an innocent, unbiased comment. As for the other "fact", you misspelled "opinion". It is a fact that that is your opinion but we all know that your opinion on anything Microsoft-related is always negative. That's how you're trolling. The actual fact is that you don't know what will be on the phone. There will undoubtedly be telemetry gathered, as there is on any digital device these days. That's not spyware, however hard you want to pretend that Microsoft equals bad.
  • If Apple made a Windows PC, I would certainly jump on someone saying they are using an Apple PC. Dell and Windows are synonymous, your example doesn't make sense.
  • And google spyware, so getting spied on by two different companies and what ever holes are in it for the NSA and GCHQ.
  • Don't forget your ISP spying on everything you do, your messages, and your location. Also, whatever third party trackers are out there like Facebook or Amazon.
  • ... Which was all made perfectly legal to do and then sell off to 3rd parties regardless if it is something private like medical information. Thank you US government lobbyists.
  • Microsoft doesn't have the same monetary incentive for your data as Google (I'm sure they wish they did but they don't).
  • Straw dog argument. Doesn't change the wow factor at this point.
  • Well, it runs Android with it's Play Store.
  • What a damn shame it won't be running Windows Phone.
  • @mythos13 I'm sure the tens of people crammed into the phone box agree with you.
  • Lol, in superman costumes
  • I would prefer if it had a single screen but I can't deny that this looks WAY more slick than a foldable phone.
  • Unfortunately I couldn't care less. I was already forced to switch to Android by Microsoft and I am not a billionaire, I buy a phone for three years or so. Not that this device is offering anything I need and I got used to or liked in Windows 10 mobile or Windows Phone 8.1. Checking out what Microsoft has to offer on Android is two steps forward and one back. But man, how much I miss that one step taken back! Luckily it is still better than what my iPhone had to offer for the last year as a trial phone. I don't care about UWP or MS Store, but seeing what can be done on Android by 3rd-party apps I am really disappointed almost hitting disgust when seeing Microsoft Launcher. I am sorry but MS could have easily make Android a superior OS emphasising all the advantages of Windows 10 and not only it killed Windows 10 Mobile but for some reason kills its innovation blending in completely to the Android-ecosystem. Useless and counterproductive. I am one step away from giving up MS services as well after the OS and then there will probably be no reason to keep them on my desktop either. Surface Duo is too little too late. And I am pretty sure that Neo will be postponed to 2021. I wish Duo and Ms all the best for this device, but why should anyone care? The only reason I see, is that it's Microsoft. But that reason has sailed. Surface team is awesome, but this is already late as a hardware as well.
  • Wow, those are a lot of words for someone that claims not to care.
  • @uxo22 Lol, it's such a shame his keyboard doesn't have an enter key too.
  • I'm pretty sure that after having counted the words, the message came through that I care about things, they are just not this device that costs way more than what I am willing to pay for a mobile device. And even if you'd consider me caring about this device, my opening thought referred to Satya posing with it. Since I am not to buy it, probably won't have the chance to see it in life ever, even if I owned one, would not give me anything more than what I need and already have in an Android device, I couldn't care less if Satya is posing with it and is finally showing some dedication in a Microsoft mobile product. All I care about is the mobile experience I am provided with and that comes down to completely other things than what the Surface team and Microsoft in general is currently working on in the mobile space. And I see your point, but also strictly speaking, "couldn't care less" does not mean I don't care, it means I will never care less about something than how I care now.
    And here is a new line for people starting to shake when reading a paragraph longer than a sentence.
  • I guess your keyboard really is missing the 'enter' key.
  • Microsoft just did you a favor and released the first iteration while you don't need a new phone. then in a few years when you are suddenly wanting one they will have an improved model ready to go.
  • Iphones are fine,, they are not my cup of tea, but they are fine, just a bit expensive, but then that is the same with a lot of Android based phones.
    I normally buy phones for around the £200 mark and make them last as long as i can, the one i have now is coming up to three years I think and still running fine, the last one was 4 years, the battery started to fail which is why I had to get a new one. i think too many people changes their phone too often.. Windows mobile died because no one wanted it, or very few did, that is the way things are, the windows phone got into the market too late and had very little support. Will the duo do any good, I do not know, i expect the normal crowd of we must have the latest thing will snap it up, that will only keep it going for a while. a phone with Microsoft name on it is not what they call cool, no matter what OS is on it.
  • It is much thinner than I thought it'd be. I'm interested but I'm afraid of what the price will be lol.
  • the price is designed to make your wallet as thin as the phone
  • That is a problem, my wallet allready fits one card only. If it gets any thinner I'll be using mobile payment only...
  • I wonder if Launcher 10 or Square Home will work on this?
  • it should, after all is android what's is working underneath it. the Developers pf Launcher 10 are very commited and have been improving the launcher for years.
  • Well, that is great but I am allready heavily invested in Samsung Galaxy S10. Why in earth would I go for this device with the long history of badly supported phone like devices Microsoft has? The idea is good but I burned my hands on the Lumia 950 XL... So no thanks Microsoft. I will pass this time and likewise with your other Surface products
  • MSFT is continually updating its software on Android and iOS. The duo will be no different than the support the Surface brand of devices supported by MSFT. Obviously if no one buys the Duo or Neo or X, then MSFT on ARM will be a tough burden for MSFT to carry. But MSFT is committed to iOS, Android and ARM. They are committed to the Surface line of devices. Will dual-screen devices be a big or small segment of the market? If they are big then more App Developers will tailor their apps to the dual-screen. If not then the utility of the dual-screen will be limited. In any case, spending $billions to support W10M was a waste of money. Those resources went to Android and iOS app development for MSFT ecosystem (office, onedrive, etc.). MSFT is now using more resources to keep pushing MSFT ecosystem onto ARM with the hope of having a good device that the market accepts using a MSFT OS.
  • Unless they go to your home and physically destroy your phone, you'll be fine (unless Google suddenly leaves the mobile space)... Don't compare apples and oranges.
  • Microsoft doesn't have to support it after release. It is Android, Google has systems to update portions of the system in the background. It isn't like Windows phone where you were totally dependent on Microsoft and OS updates.
  • I have a Galaxy S10+ and can't wait for this phone to come out! What do you mean "heavily invested"? It's a phone! I do admit I like the One UI interface. And Samsung does include some good software (if Google fans actually tried the Samsung apps, they wouldn't be so against it but then again, Google fanboys swear by everything Google). But a lot of people swear by pure Google so I'll adapt.
  • I am wondering what is the point of it? you can not really have anything stretched across the screens, like say a video as it will have a gap in the middle and without a proper keyboard you are not going to use it for any length of time to write your latest newsletter.
    I am sure MS fanboys will think this is the greatest thing ever, just like Samsung fanboys will think Samsung folding phone will be. But I just do not see the point. To those that say the Windows phone Os should be on this, that failed, so why would MS put a OS that could not compete in another device? It is going to hard enough for them to sell this to to the masses, so sticking Windows OS on it will kill it dead. i wonder what the price will be for this? No doubt over priced like Most MS products, i am sure they think they are Apple. i would not have one, I want a phone that I can just grab a look at if I get a message, without the hassle of opening it to see what is happening, we have gone past the days of the flip phone.
  • The target audience is obviously NOT you. The target audience is corporate. Running 1 app on one screen and another on the 2nd screen, that's where the productivity advantage is to be found. Not in watching videos, playing games. Example. You have OneNote on one screen and outlook/emails on the other to jot / cut paste ideas, info, drawings etc. The phone capabilities is just there... to make calls. Despite the fact the keyboard will be virtual we finally get a productivity tool comparable to the Nokia Communicator 9500 but this time with agile software and better OS / app integration. And trust me corporate will also embrace the Neo, finally we get the MS Courier.
  • Spot on! Agree! 😊👍
  • Why didn't they go for the Axon M or LG 8X? Has all the same capabilities as this at likely half the price. Why didn't previous dual screen Android phones catch on?
  • Because of the implementation. Axon M is heavier and thicker than most phones out there, while G8X's second screen being totally optional. There's also something about branding too, since neither LG or ZTE have the same impact than a new "revolutionary" Surface device.
  • I agree the hardware is much nicer, but the use is the same. It is still a dual screen Android phone. I think the advantage, as you mentioned, is how thin the Duo is. You can likely fold it into a single screen phone and it will identical to any other phone. The second screen will just available when needed.
  • The Software (Android and apps) and hardware (the SoC) just are not quite ready for primetime. Maybe they are getting closer. Who knows. Further, the use case (productivity apps) need further improvements. Plus industries need to change/adapt their processes to take advantage of cloud based services. I can clearly see a significant improvement in my industry from CRM/cloud based services. I have reduced my back office time in half. But using this software on my One Plus phone is cumbersome (too little screen space to work efficiently). What would need to happen? Well Appfolio would need to recognize if I am on my Phone or one my Computer and adjust the web pages accordingly. As it is right now, the web pages are best used on a computer screen and somewhat useful when I am on my phone. But if the phone as two screens then the touch interface can be quite nice. This would take AppFolio a bunch of time to improve which would come at the expense of the continual improvement of the software capabilities. We fully understand you are a skeptic Bleached.
  • How is the SoC not ready? It will be a standard Qualcomm chip. They are quite mature. Sounds like some terrible and niche software you are talking about. If it hasn't been adapted for mobile devices yet, it probably never will be.
  • it has all the advantages of the folding phones too. like it can act as one big screen (albeit with a bezel splitting that screen).
  • Why go people for a Porsche rather than a Toyota sports car or whatever non Porsche brand?
  • Strangely enough I do not play games on my phone, there is not one game on it and i may watch the odd you Tube video, but that is it.
    ok, you can run two apps at a time, that is if the processor is powerful enough to do it, how small is each screen? If they are too small then it will make things difficult, also how solid is that hing? There must be some weakness there and if there is electrical connections.
    A virtual keyboard will take even more screen space away. i think there will be some people who will buy it, but I have my doubts that it will be a big seller, but I could be wrong.
  • Processors, especially the high-end Snapdragon, are more than capable of running several Android apps at once. Two is easy.
  • You realise that nothing you stated requires two separate screens, right? In fact, it's actually more beneficial to have a single screen for multiple apps because you can control how much screen real estate is attributed to each app.
  • Whilst I'd love a Surface Duo, it'll probably be 2023 (and time for the Surface Duo X) before it reaches where I am. MS don't exactly do global hardware launches the way that Apple does.
  • remember windows phone? put satya nadella away from the duo please :-(
  • Being just an average consumer I am obviously not the target audience for this but holy moly do I want one! Seriously, I realize that not having a screen on the outside to view notifications is a bummer but I'll be honest I would get used to it not being there very quick. Not to mention, not having a screen exposed provides peace of mind for me since I have kids. I do hope they figure out the cameras; I realize it has one on the inside and once you flip the screens around you have either a front or rear-facing depending on how you hold it but that seems just a bit convoluted for me. Not to mention, one camera isn't going to cut it when you have Samsung and Apple tossing 3-4 lenses in phones these days. Either way, it looks solid to me and I'll totally jump on board when it becomes available for the regular consumer.
  • If both sides of the phone are the same material (glass), then why can't the software understand if the phone is closed (turn off) or open (turn on both screens) or opened closed (keep one screen on)? What I mean by open closed is opening your phone and folding it back on itself so it looks closed but inside out. This is the whole reason Google and MSFT are working on Android together to get the software to recognize the specific phone configuration to toggle different responses for the software and hardware.
  • I'm looking forward to the Duo. I'm not sure how much I will like it, once I have it in hand. I know I would enjoy being able to multi-task on it, without worrying about tiny screen space on my Note 8 or other phones. I don't care souch about the camera aspect, but it should feel easy and natural to take a picture. It should also feel the same, when you need to answer or make calls and texts. But, the general consumer isn't the targeted audience.
  • As much as I will miss the fact that it is not running any version of Windows OS, I will still get one. It's a beautiful device that is definitely, right for me. I'll definitely get use out of it. Finally seeing a proper flagship from MS(although it isn't running Windows) is a breath of fresh air.
  • if they can get an android launcher working with live tiles, maybe it will work.
  • Dude, live tiles came out in 2010. They were clever at the time and differentiated Windows Phone from the other mobile OS, but they also always had their problems: some people just didn't like them, some apps never implemented them correctly. Most people have moved on. The various live tile launchers for Android have fewer users than MS Launcher does. MS has clearly moved on: 10X won't use them at all and that is the OS that will be used on new devices going forward. Regular Windows 10 still uses them, but you can pretty much ignore them and I am sure most users do. It is great that Windows and Android allow user choice and don't force everyone to use the preferred UX ala iOS, so I think it is great that you can have your tile interface all these years later if you want, but expecting Launcher to work with live tiles or expecting MS to continue to invest time in that UX is unrealistic.
  • I read the title too quickly, saw "camera" and thought maybe there were more details about it. Like it will actually have a viable option for, you know, taking photos. It's odd they're being so opaque about one of the most important features nowadays, especially for a flagship.
  • Bleached can keep advocating for Android as much as he like, I don't care, I'll buy this one when somebody manages to get Windows 10X running on it...
  • I am not advocating for Android, but against whatever garbage Microsoft has shown to this point. Mobile Windows is a dead end. They need to innovate, not continue to be stuck in the past.
  • Sure you are. We all know your opinion, no need writing it another 500 times here. It's like mi going to OSX Central flodding every article with posts saying Mac should run Windows instead because OSX is garbage. It can't do the tings I want it to. And what it can do should not be enough. If it's the same OS as Neo and can run the same apps, then I'd be content. As MS contunue to push large numbers of smaller hand held devices like tablets, these dual screens and eventually phones, they are not where they were with Windows Phone. Sure, nothing happens over night, but if MS plays their cards right, brushes up their store further, and better informs people the store actually exist, MS allready have a considerable amount of users on these devices, and those numbers are growing. And unlike WP, we're talking expensive devices with people more likely to pay for apps. I don't see why devs don't consider Windows to be a potential market allready. It's just fud.
  • WC chief editor, is it possible for your site's patron to filter off commenter(s) of your articles before the patron start reading. I bet it will be an awesome feature. Example imagine if I can filter Bleached, so I can enjoy the article and other non-troll commenters.
    Note: I am not asking saying Bleached should be banned, give patrons some choices against constant trolls and annoyances.
    Just look into it as a good feature.
  • Note how wide it is thanks to 4:3 screen aspect ratio. Landscape mode will be treat to use.