Satya Nadella poses for the camera with Surface Duo in hand

Surface Duo unfolded on display
Surface Duo unfolded on display (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Satya Nadella recently showed off his Surface Duo.
  • Nadella was captured demonstrating the Duo for Yahoo Finance's Brian Sozzi.
  • Surface Duo is expected to launch later this year alongside its PC sibling, Surface Neo.

We're still months off from Microsoft's Surface Duo hitting store shelves, but we're sure to see more small teases of the upcoming folding Android phone ahead of its release. Over the weekend, it was none other than Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella who offered another peek at the Surface Duo in the wild. During a chat with Yahoo Finance editor-at-large Brian Sozzi, Nadella showed off his Surface Duo and it was helpfully captured on camera.

We already saw plenty of the Surface Duo during Microsoft's October 2019 Surface event, during which the Android phone was unveiled. However, this new photo gives us another look at just how thin each side of the device is. Moreover, it should give you an idea of how "pocketable" it will be.

Surface Duo is just part of a two-prong approach Microsoft will take with dual-screen devices later this year. The company also has Surface Neo, a dual-screen PC that will run Windows 10X, set to launch at the same time. Both eschew the folding display tech that we've started to see from devices like the Lenoxo ThinkPad X1 Fold, instead favoring two discrete displays.

Surface Duo and Surface Neo are expected to launch during the holiday 2020 timeframe. However, should Microsoft hit any snags in the run-up to launch, we could always see that launch time delayed.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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