Satya Nadella talks about cricket, Microsoft Band and Windows Phone in latest interview

On the occasion of his first-year anniversary as the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella sat down with ABC News to talk about a wide range of subjects, including his passion for cricket, Microsoft's work in the wearable segment, and of course Windows Phone.

A few highlights from the interview:

  • Nadella wakes up at 7AM.each morning.
  • He likes to cook, with his favorite dish being Hyderabadi Biryani, a rice-based dish unique to the region rich with flavor and spice (as a fellow Hyderabadi, I concur. Biryani is incredible).
  • When asked about naming an individual he would like to spend time with, Nadella mentioned Don Bradman, an Australian cricketing legend.
  • Nadella thinks that fountain pens won't stick around for another ten years.
  • Microsoft isn't throwing in the towel with Windows Phone.

He also shared details about his upbringing, including his move to the U.S. way back in 1988. The two videos are well worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of Microsoft's current CEO. Do note that ABC uses its own platform for media playback. Sorry, no YouTube here.

Source: ABC News

  • good to hear that he also likes Hyderabad Biryani like me
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  • That CEO is not your brother... :P
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  • He likes cricket. But no proper cricket game for WP -_-
  • :(
  • So much this. Why isn't Stick Cricket on Windows Phone yet?
  • Yeah!!!
  • +1000 for stick cricket
    I have been constantly asking them on facebook page but till now no update! They seem to give priority to iphone as usual :(
  • Just send a question to Joe Belfiore, you'll hear... crickets
  • Try to play cricket in ground!! :-) No use of playing in phone!! If u r playing it in ground, try to play some other games in phone which u cant play in ground!! ha ha :))
  • this ^
  • Asphalt 8 probably!
  • Exactly !
  • True, by Don Bradman 2014 Cricket game launches Feb 15th on the Xbox One & PS4. Good Times....
  • Good to know he sleeps in til 7
  • He indirectly telling the truth that , "in order to show one's potentiality,no need to make calculated timetable"(restricted time table).brilliant people doesn't need to follow time. So he can had his own sleep time.
  • 7 is considered "sleeping in"?! O_o
  • To a lot of us, yes. Normally up around 4:45 here. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • I'm rarely up before 8 to start work at 9 haha :P
  • Yep, for me anyways. I'm already hard at work at 7:00.
  • For CEOs, yes. Kevin O'Leary gets up at 5am or earlier every day, for example.
  • As a lifelong night-owl I find it weird that people would want to get up that early! :P
  • What does mean "sorry no YouTube here" ABC news doesn't upload videos to YT..!
  • That's exactly what it means.
  • "Microsoft isn't throwing in the towel with Windows Phone"
    What can I make of this statement?
  • Microsoft is working hard on windows phone!!
  • That there will be WPs in the future :)
  • Shocker lol wasn't he against the acquisition of Nokia's Devices. Hope he doesn't change his mind.
  • MS won't let WP users down, I suppose.
  • Any more than they already have, at least. I hope.
  • Hell yah ♡.♡
  • There will be even more low end Windows phones. And Android and IOS will come first. :/ sorry I'm just really disappointed in the past year.
  • I don't think we will be disappointed when those low end save the platform. As much as I want a flagship, I would rather have the platform live on to be able to bring us a flagship.
  • They need highend and advertise them like they are doing with Surface line. It will bring people to low end too. They need to make the Lumia name a bigger brand than it is now.
  • ....Yet.
  • Hyderabadi Biryanii
  • Indian rock everywhere
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  • instead of Star as the main sponser would love Microsoft to be the main sponsor of indian cricket team.
  • Nice idea ! I too love to see it, but some where in my heart Sahara will be the most missed ....
  • Yes
  • They rock? With dress pants, tucked in shirt, man bag, oiled/combed hair.... in a concert!
  • Hyderabadi biryani is brilliant..i absolutely relish it
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  • He's wrong, fountain pens will never disappear...
  • I hope not. I think they've done all the disappearing they were going to do already. Now those who know what a nice pen is still use them, and everyone else has moved on to other kinds of pen.
  • I have wanted to use fountain pens for a long time. I'll try one, then see how long that time will be
  • Go for it. It's like vinyl records, for the past 30 years people kept saying vinyl will disappear. Well last year was the best year for vinyl records, over 8 million were sold in US alone. I still have all my beloved vinyls and a very high-end turntable to play them on as well.
  • Just bought two last week. Very hard to find these days, especially the ones that you fill ink in. I'm not talking about the ones with ink cartridges.
  • Hard to find? Just go to the markets in China, there were hundreds of fountain pens there that cost just as much as regular pens. Fountain pens are much nicer to write with IMO. Also you can buy the cartridges that allow you to top up from an ink well separately, I bought one with my Lamy pen so I could use my Parker ink
  • I love my fountain pen, but I'm not sure if its because it writes well or because it makes me look "sophisticated". That, and watching people borrow it then struggle
  • All I cared about was WP not being quit on.
  • He's my fav now ! ProudToBeIndian
  • if India alone, support Windows Phns and they get rid of their iJUNK and Android phns, windows phns will be back on top of the list. just think ""1 billion+"" Indians go with Windows phns.................OMGosh.  If Indians love him and truly support him, they will switch to an AWESOME windows phns then, and truly show their support, not just saying it. So pass on the words to friends and family in India. India can change and help Windows phn's future very easily.
  • From the posts here, I feel like I need to find a place that has Biryani and give it a try.
  • U r from?
  • I'm in the US.
    Looking on Yelp there's a place with good ratings I'll stop at one of these weekends: There's another closer to my office that has biryani, just not labeled as Hyderabadi. I'll give that one a try too:
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  • Same, I love paradise biryani ^_^
  • Yeah I had the privilege to taste their special biryani when I was on a business trip last year. I still cherish those moments.
  • Great guy. Absolutely Indian by heart.
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  • Actually, the fancier hotels don't get it right. I had some at The Oberoi once, and it was very bland. Smaller hotels like Bawarchi and Cafe Bahar are way better.
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    The so called Hi Fi restaurant may or may not get it right. Some restaurants are owned by chefs. Those have a chance. Some are fancy restaurants with chefs hired after the restaurant gets built. Stay away from those.
  • So, where are these restaurants bhai? Which city?
  • WOW he gets 8 hours of sleep....I never expected this...
    Proud hyderabadi !
    Thanks for the article Harish.
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  • I'd go for Bombay Biryani. Not the one that people make in Bombay, the one Pakistani makes but calls it Bombay Biryani :)
  • I advice you to try Hyderabadi Biryani in an Indian restaurant
    Not in pakistani restaurant
  • I advice you both to just eat biryani and enjoy it.
  • Yes, you are right.
    Sorry for my racist comment
  • It's ok. You weren't being racist. You were just voicing your opinion.
  • There is no Indian restaurant in Pakistan..
  • Ohh, sorry.
    I thought you are living in Saudi Arabia, by your name.
    Sorry again bhai
  • I have a south Indian friend who actually likes the Pakistani version of Biryanis. He says that Pakistanis user Sella Rice. While Indian restaurants use plain Basmati or other regular rice. Also, Indian version is oilier and has more spices than Pakistani version, which is fluffier in hand and less spicy. Yeah, like any south Indian, he doesn't use utensils.
  • Biriyani.yummy... Being an Indian not mentioning god of cricket sachin :bad:
  • I don't like cricket, oh no...